Umphrey’s McGee Dusts Off Pat Metheny’s “Last Train Home” In Knoxville

first_imgOn Wednesday night, Umphrey’s McGee continued their 2019 fall tour with a performance at The Mill & Mine in Knoxville, TN.Umphrey’s McGee opened up their first set with a pairing of “Le Blitz” into “Space Funk Booty”, which was followed up by an exploratory segment of “Little Gift” into “2×2”. Following “Push & Pull”, Umphrey’s brought their first set to a close with a seamless segue of “Robot World” into “Loose Ends” and a set-closing take on “The Fussy Dutchman”.Following a brief setbreak, Umphrey’s returned to open up their second set with fan-favorite “All In Time”, which smoothly coasted into a cover of Pat Metheny‘s instrumental “Last Train Home”. The Metheny tune was last played by the band during a VIP set at Summer Camp Music Festival in 2017, a gap of 256 shows. The set continued with “Rocktopus” and “In The Kitchen” before the band paired up “Den” and “Booth Love”. Following a quick pause to catch their breaths, the band closed out their second frame with “Bad Friday” into a proper ending of “All In Time”. The band reemerged to deliver a lone encore of The Beatles‘ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”.Next up for Umphrey’s is a pair of performances at Suwannee Hulaween on Thursday and Friday, October 24th and 25th. Head to Umphrey’s McGee’s website for a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and more information.Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | The Mill & Mine | Knoxville, TN | 10/23/2019Set One: Le Blitz > Space Funk Booty, Little Gift > 2×2, Push & Pull, Robot World > Loose Ends > The Fussy DutchmanSet Two: All In Time > Last Train Home, Rocktopus, In The Kitchen, Den > Booth Love, Bad Friday > All In TimeEncore: I Want You (She’s So Heavy)last_img read more

Report: Maryland Firefighter/Medic Killed During Welfare Check

first_imgThe fire fighters and the civilian all tried to escape from the front porch area (see cover photo) and ran to take cover behind the apparatus in the street. The career fire fighter/paramedic who was shot, ran to Paramedic Ambulance 823 and collapsed at the unit. He was transported in Paramedic Ambulance 823 to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The volunteer fire fighter who was shot ran to Rescue Engine 827 where he was driven to a safe area, transferred to a medic unit, and then transported by air ambulance to a local trauma center. The homeowner’s brother was taken by police to the off-site command post and later transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Two other volunteer fire fighters suffered minor injuries (not gunshot-related) during their escape from the porch and were treated and released. Initial Story via FirefighterNation:Maryland Firefighters Shot, One Killed, During Investigation of EMS CallUSFA: Maryland Firefighter Shot, Killed at EMS CallNo Charges in Shooting of Maryland FirefightersSentencing in Shooting of Maryland Firefighters Contributing Factors: Read the Report:Career Fire Fighter Killed and Volunteer Fire Fighter Seriously Wounded When Shot during a Civilian Welfare Check Key Recommendations: After arriving on scene, the fire fighters met the homeowner’s brother in the driveway and observed that all visible windows were covered. The fire fighters knocked on the front door, announced their presence several times and checked for an open door, however they did not perform a 360-degree walk around. After again announcing their presence, the fire fighters began to force open the front doors. Forcing both doors took 5-8 minutes with multiple strikes from three fire fighters using a halogen tool, axe and a sledge. The fire fighters forced the metal outer door but had trouble forcing the inner wooden door and ended up knocking a lower panel out of the wooden door and reaching through the hole to open the door from the inside. Four fire fighters, two medics and the homeowner’s brother were standing on the small front porch and the steps in front of the door. As the door was opened the homeowner’s brother entered. The homeowner fired a pistol multiple times through the open doorway striking his brother, the fire fighter/paramedic and a volunteer fire fighter. Fire, EMS, police departments, and dispatch agencies should ensure that police are the primary agency initially assigned to “check on the welfare” of occupants and that information regarding weapons in a residence are communicated to all of the responding agenciesFire and EMS departments should implement standard operating procedures requiring fire fighters and EMS providers to present themselves in uniforms that readily identify them to be emergency respondersFire, EMS, police departments and dispatch agencies should ensure important responder safety information is requested during the call taking process and that information is transferred into the dispatch system and provided to first responders. At approximately 1930 hours, the county 911 center received a call from a civilian who reported that he was outside of his brother’s house and his brother was not answering his phone calls or knocks on the front door. The caller reported that he had spoken with his brother earlier in the day and that his brother’s vehicle was parked in the driveway in front of his house. He further stated that his brother had known medical issues. He requested assistance in gaining entry into his brother’s house. Rescue Engine 827 with six volunteer fire fighters and Paramedic Ambulance 823 with two career fire fighter/paramedics were dispatched at 19:35 hours.  On April 15, 2016, a 37-year-old male career fire fighter/paramedic was killed and a 19-year-old male volunteer fire fighter was seriously wounded when they were shot after a combination fire department was dispatched for a check on the welfare of a citizen. The fire fighters were on the front porch attempting to gain entry into the single family dwelling when they were shot by the resident.  Two Fire Fighters and a civilian were shot and two other fire fighters injured when trying to perform a welfare check at this single-family residence.(NIOSH?Local Police Department Homicide Unit photo) Police were not on scene at time door was forced openFire Fighter Identification (lack of standardized station uniform) and time of eveningLack of communication of important information to responders (presence of firearms in residence)Resident did not acknowledge multiple attempts by fire department to contact him verbally and by knocking on front doorFire fighters/paramedics not wearing ballistic vests or personal protective equipment.last_img read more

Review: Zipp 404 Disc, premier aero carbon clinchers for road and cross

first_imgBike-wise we put the wheels on BH’s top-tier G7 Disc aero road bike. The same bike that was destined for a Spring Classics campaign, before the probably rash removal of disc brakes from the pro peloton, the G7 offers a stiff platform that was well suited to a mid-depth wheel and fast rolling tire. It also was developed with rough cobbled classics in mind and uses tiny seatstay to try to minimize the strain on a riders lower back that often accompanies deep carbon rims.This setup had us running the wheels with 12mm thru-axles front and rear, and tires usually inflated to anywhere between 75-90psi (5.2-6.2bar) for our 155-175lb/70-80kg testers, depending on the anticipated road surfaces. For the off road sections of our tests we paired the 404s to some Challenge Chicane open tubular clinchers, also with latex tubes. Most of our ride time was spent on a custom-built steel cyclocross bike that let us swap the end caps over for use with quick releases. The cross tires measured out pretty close to their claimed 33mm width, so you shouldn’t run into any trouble mounting up regular cyclocross tires to race.Our cross testing was pretty much limited to sandy areas, some asphalt, fine gravel, and relatively smooth cobbles, so tire pressures stayed right around 30psi (2bar).Tech Details The wheels have a claimed weight of 1715g, but our sample set weighed in at 1785g for the pair including the 12mm axle end caps and cloth rim strips installed. The clincher 404 Firecrest DB wheelset retails for $2400/2500€/£1920.Ride ReviewRiding the 404s on a disc brake bike, the first thought was that the Firecrest shape really does live up to the hype and the wheels do make you feel fast. They perform very well, especially when riding into a headwind that would otherwise feel like it was sapping your power. One of our testers even went so far as to say that in the right wind conditions it felt like they were pulling you along like a sail. The standard Swiss steel bearings also roll very smoothly and combine with the aerodynamic advantage of the rim shape and texturing to really give a sense of easy speed.That said, riding them into a crosswind is a completely different story. While a steady crosswind was manageable, the wheels make a bike scary when riding in gusty winds or on descents where the wind picks up or changes direction. Even though Zipp did a lot of pioneering in the improvement of the handling of deeper wheels with wide tordial profiles, these still resulted in several white-knuckle sections of road when we were riding at high speed.Wind was never an issue during our off-road riding. That was partially just that we lucked out, riding on more calm days, but also riding at lower speeds on loose surfaces the wind effect was less dramatic and our attention was always more focused on line choices through deep sand and over sand-covered cobbles.As with any wheel with rims close to the same depth, the 404s felt pretty stiff. They definitely are not a comfort wheelset. But we spent a good bit of time riding on a variety of cobblestones and traditional pavé, and have to say that the wheels deserve to be paired with nice supple tires and latex tubes so you can run as low a tire pressure as possible to balance comfort and grip. We managed to keep from bottoming out the tires, but the Firecrest Carbon Clincher rims do have a fairly wide and rounded bead hook that will likely let you get away with the (very) occasional bottoming with less risk of pinch flats. We had zero flats in a couple months of riding. The only downsides (beside a high price) that we felt on the wheels were mostly to do with the hubs, and in a couple of cases due to their ease of use/service. At one point we weren’t able to get the thru-axle end caps to sit perfectly straight without tools, so it required some extra effort to install the wheel and get the thru-axle through it. Once it was properly tightened down, it was fine and the bearings spun smoothly, with no more issues.The other ease of use annoyance was the removable freehub body. Much like on DT Swiss hubs, if the hub does not have a QR holding it together and you lean the wheel cassette side down, the freehub will fall off. Sure this isn’t something that will happen much on a road bike, but for cyclocross where wheel swaps are frequent, it is going to happen if you aren’t super careful. That is then compounded by the fact that the small pawls and springs like to jump off into the dirt/mud/sand and must be cleaned and relubed before reinstalling, at which point it is rather difficult to do with the cassette installed and requiring a long thin tool to help the pawls back into the hub shell. Overall the hub engagement doesn’t seem to quite live up to the rest of the wheel’s performance either.All that said the performance of the wheels certainly outperforms any nits we found to pick with the hubset. They tracked straight on both road and cross bike and really made us feel fast. At two and a half grand it’s hard to say that they offer free speed, but if you have the budget to ride them, there are few better options to upgrade your disc brake bike for improved aerodynamics,  unless of course you can commit to the tubulars to get a wider and even more comfortable tire We started out on the road with some lightweight clinchers and an aero road bike. For that we paired the 404s with Vittoria’s fast-rolling cotton tubeless clincher Corsa Speed time trial tires. Since the Zipps are not tubeless-ready, we put in some latex tubes to get the most out of low rolling resistance and to get away with slightly lower tire pressures in the 23mm tires. Mounted on the 404s, the Corsa Speed tires measured out to about 25mm which thankfully added a bit of volume for the rougher roads that were in store. We covered the tech on the wheels in depth back in April, but as a slight refresher they are composed of Zipp’s 58mm deep, 16.25mm internal full carbon clincher rim mated to Zipp’s 6-bolt 77/177D aluminum hubs. Both wheels get 24 Sapim CX-ray  CX-Sprint spokes and while the rim is not a new shape or profile specific to disc brakes, they do not get a brake track, so are disc brake ONLY.The hubs use a tool-free removable freehub body (we used the typical 11 speed Shimano body) and tool-free interchangeable end caps. Both sets of end caps were included with the wheels. Back in the beginning of the spring Zipp introduced a pair of new aerodynamic wheelsets to suit the needs of the growing number of aero road bikes coming to market. There might have been speculation at the time of really what kind of bike would pair something like their deepest aero 808 rim to disc brakes, but we’ve since seen a number of suitable aero bikes make their debut. Here at Bikerumor though, our thoughts then were mostly to a wheelset that could handle more everyday type riding, so we got our hands on a set of the mid depth 404s to see how they rolled. While Zipp has proven their aero carbon tubulars on the cobbled classics and, in their disc brake guise, on the cyclocross circuit, we wanted to see how the slightly deeper 404 in a carbon clincher could handle both, making it easy to switch tires (and axles) to suit multiple disciplines….last_img read more

Once targeted for demolition, Roeland Park Community Center now slated for improvements

first_imgRoeland Park Community Center offers a variety of programs for all ages.Two years ago the Roeland Park Community Center appeared doomed for the wrecking ball.It was saved in part because of a groundswell of community opposition. And this week the City Council appears to have come full circle when it agreed to move forward with phase one of improvements to address deferred maintenance and other functional improvements to the center. The improvements include exterior paint, improved drainage for the roof and parking lot, modifying the parking stalls, replacing tile floor in a bathroom and more.The MPR room, or large auditorium, at the community center is also expected to undergo several changes. The room, which is the largest and most frequently rented room, will receive a new display screen, projector and sound system. It will also receive a new HVAC system. City officials noted that starting work this spring – before the busy summer rental season begins – would be ideal. The existing HVAC system is believed to be about 28-years-old system and has had numerous makeshift repairs.The city also approved a feasibility study for the city engineer to study a trail connection between the community center and Nall Park. The overall work is expected to cost about $51,000. The city will pay for it by using sales tax dollars including about $60,000 that was saved last year when community center roof repairs came in well under budget.The improvements were a welcome sign for some City Councilors including Becky Fast, who sent an email to her constituents to celebrate the news this week. “Many residents have been fearful for the past two years that the Council would proceed with tearing it down,” she said.The demolition controversy started in 2013 when a developer proposed building senior housing for low and moderate income residents at the site. He also proposed tearing down the community center and rebuilding it at his expense.The plan was backed by former Mayor Adrienne Foster. However, citizens packed the meeting to protest the decision. They were outraged that the plan had been pushed through without public input or a formal bidding process.The change of heart, Fast said, shows just how powerful citizen input can be.“The governing body moving forward with improvements is definitely a departure from the past, Fast said, and highlights the importance of citizen input at meetings and through our strategic planning process.”last_img read more

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Jun 02, 2020

first_imgCefiderocol gets FDA approval for use in nosocomial pneumoniaDrug maker Shionogi & Co. of Osaka, Japan, announced yesterday that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the company’s supplemental New Drug Application (sNDA) and granted Priority Review designation for the use of cefiderocol to treat adults with nosocomial pneumonia.Cefiderocol, sold under the brand name Fetroja, is a cephalosporin antibiotic with a novel mechanism of penetrating the tough outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria and the ability to overcome resistance mechanisms used by gram-negative pathogens to evade antibiotics. It was approved by the FDA for treatment of complicated urinary tract infections caused by gram-negative pathogens on Nov 12, 2019.According to a company press release, the sNDA is based on results from a phase 3 study that showed cefiderocol met the primary endpoint of non-inferiority compared with high-dose extended-infusion meropenem in treatment of patients with healthcare-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by gram-negative pathogens.The results showed that 14 days after initiation of treatment, all-cause mortality in the modified intention-to-treat population was 12.4% for cefiderocol (18 of 145 patients) and 11.6% for meropenem (17/146).The company said cefiderocol also met key secondary endpoints of clinical and microbiologic outcomes at test-of-cure and demonstrated no unexpected safety signals.”We are committed to working with the FDA in order to bring Fetroja to more patients fighting these challenging and life-threatening Gram-negative infections as quickly as possible,” said Akira Kato, PhD, president and CEO at Shionogi Inc., the company’s US-based subsidiary.Jun 1 Shionogi press release Discharge stewardship linked to better antibiotic prescribing, study findsExpanding an antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) to ensure that hospital patients are discharged with appropriate therapy was associated with improvements in appropriate antibiotic prescribing and fewer days of antibiotic therapy at an Ohio hospital, researchers reported today in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.The study assessed the percentage of patients discharged on appropriate therapy before and after implementation of the discharge stewardship intervention, in which the discharge ASP pharmacist at Northeast Ohio Medical University reviewed patient medical records and anti-infective regimens and provided recommendations on antibiotic therapy to the medical team, if appropriate.Other outcomes included antimicrobial days of therapy (DOT) and the percentage of readmissions of healthcare visits for treatment failure within 30 days. A total of 122 patients were included in the study, with 61 each in the pre-intervention and post-intervention groups.Analysis of the two groups found that the percentage of appropriate therapy on discharge was 47.5% before the ASP expansion compared with 85.2% afterward (relative risk [RR], 0.28; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.147 to 0.538; P < .001). In the post-intervention phase, 48 recommendations were made across 40 patients upon discharge, with an 81% acceptance rate. Recommendations included change in duration (44%), followed by discontinuation (17%), change in dose (14.5%), and change in drug (10%).The average duration of therapy was 7.8 days in the post-intervention group, compared with 8.9 days in pre-intervention group (P = 0.079). Antimicrobial DOTs were also lower after the intervention than before (555 days vs 626.5 days, respectively). The total 30-day readmission rate was 19.7% in the pre-intervention group versus 11.5% in the post-intervention group (RR, 0.583; 95% CI, 0.246 to 1.38; P = 0.212), a difference not considered statistically significant. "This project demonstrated that the expansion of an ASP significantly improved the rate of appropriate discharge anti-infective prescribing," the authors of the study write. "A larger patient population is necessary to fully describe the effect on readmissions, adverse events, and treatment failure. Time spent on ASP will also be useful to determine the real-world feasibility of expanding to a larger population."Jun 2 Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol abstractlast_img read more

Dettloff Named President and CEO of SKF USA Inc.

first_imgPLYMOUTH, MI — George Dettloff has been promoted to president and CEO of SKF USA Inc. In his new assignment, he reports directly to Tom Johnstone, president and CEO of AB SKF, and is part of the SKF Group Management team. He also maintains his current position as president, SKF Automotive Division – North America, a position he assumed in Jan. 2004. AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisementDettloff brings 30 years of operational experience to this position where he will coordinate a variety of activities for the SKF Group’s US-based operations, including its automotive, electrical, industrial, service and aerospace businesses. Responsibilities include oversight of human resources, administration, legal, IT systems, finance and SKF’s shared service center. Dettloff replaces Sten Malmstrom, who is retiring from SKF after 32 years of service in various senior management positions. Dettloff joined SKF in June 2000 as president of its seals business. Prior to that, he held senior management positions with several automotive related companies, including Eaton Corp., Textron Corp. and Rockwell International. He began his career at General Motors Corp. after graduating from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University). He is a registered professional engineer in Michigan and is a long-standing member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He also earned a masters in business administration from the University of Detroit. _______________________________________ Click here to view the rest of today’s headlines.last_img read more

Inner city

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My Big Move: November 2009

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Busy Week Of DWI Arrests In East Hampton

first_imgThere were nine arrests on drunken driving charges made by East Hampton Town police through Monday morning this past week. Several are detailed elsewhere in this issue.An excessively high breath test reading has resulted in an East Hampton man now facing an aggravated misdemeanor drunken driving charge, according to police. Matthew Silich, 22, was driving a 2010 Volkswagen on Main Street in East Hampton Village early Monday morning when a town officer reported him swerving multiple times across the double yellow lines, leading to a traffic stop.The officer said Silich smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feet, and failed sobriety tests. He reportedly told police he was coming from the Stephen Talkhouse and had consumed “two Montauks.”Under arrest on a charge of driving while intoxicated, he was taken to headquarters, where a breath test to determine the percentage of alcohol in his blood produced a reading of 0.26 percent reading, the police said. That reading is more than three times the legal limit and well above the 0.18 mark that automatically raises the charge to the aggravated level.His family was in court later Monday morning for his arraignment. Carl Irace, one of two attorneys retained by the state to represent defendants being arraigned on weekends and holidays, stood next to Silich. Irace told East Hampton Town Justice Steven Tekulsky that Silich had recently graduated from college. Irace questioned the high reading, saying it didn’t seem to match the other facts of the case, such as Silich’s statement to police, and his physical appearance.That question, Justice Tekulsky responded, will have to be brought up in the future by whichever attorney Silich retains. Under the state-run weekend lawyer program, the attorneys are not allowed to represent the defendants past the arraignment.Justice Tekulsky ordered Silich released without bail, saying he had strong community ties, though he did express concern about the high reading.A 2018 Tesla allegedly moving at 87 miles per hour on West Lake Drive in Montauk led to a traffic stop, which was followed by the arrest of Antonello Paganuzzi, 48, early Sunday morning on a drunken driving charge.The arresting officer said Paganuzzi, who splits his time between Davie, Florida, and Montauk, along with other locations, smelled strongly of alcohol, and failed roadside sobriety tests.There was a passenger in the Tesla at the time. “I just wanted to show him the pickup of the car,” Paganuzzi is quoted as telling the officer. “I thought I was going like 75.” The speed limit on West Lake Drive is 45 mph. The northbound Tesla was pulled over near Star Island Drive, the police said.Paggnuzzi was taken to headquarters, where East Hampton Town police said he refused a breath test.Besides a speeding ticket and a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge, Paganuzzi is also facing a felony charge of unlicensed driving.However, Brian DeSesa, the other attorney in the weekend program, was on hand Sunday, and represented Pagnuzzi. DeSesa said that he believed the felony charge may be dropped. Paganuzzi’s license had been suspended, DeSesa said, for failure to pay a fee. That may have been a clerical error, which would eliminate the charge. “He believes he did clear that,” DeSesa said.Justice Lisa Rana told Pagnuzzi that his license was suspended for the next year for refusing the breath test, pending a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles. “You cannot drive,” she said.As she considered the proper bail amount, she asked what Pagnuzzi did for a living, and what his connection to the Town of East Hampton was, and was told he is the director of operations for LDV Hospitality. The firm runs Scarpetta, a fine-dining restaurant at both Gurney’s Resort in Montauk and Gurney’s in Newport, as well as other locations. Bail of $1,500 was set and posted.An East Hampton Town police officer following a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro she said was being driven erratically ended up arresting Juan Castillo-Forero, 28, on a drunk driving charge after he turned into the parking area west of what is commonly known as the “Smiley Motel” in downtown Montauk and smacked into a wooden barrier, early on May 23.During his arraignment later that day, Castillo-Forero told the court that, while his license states that he lives in Northport, he recently moved to Montauk, where he is working as a manager at Gurney’s resort.Besides the misdemeanor driving while intoxicated counts, Castillo-Forero was also charged with several traffic infractions. “I had two beers,” he reportedly told the arresting officer. A breath test at headquarters produced a reading of 0.14 of one percent. Intoxication is defined as any reading of 0.08 or higher.Castillo-Forero posted $250 bail.Town police also arrested Miguel Uzhca Carchippula around midnight Friday. Police said they found him behind the wheel of a 2006 Nissan Murano, engine running, at the Speedway gas station in Wainscott. He failed roadside sobriety tests and was arrested. Uzhca Carchipulla, 30, an East Hampton resident and day laborer, refused to take the breath test at headquarters.His family was in the court for his Saturday morning arraignment. His driving privilege was suspended for the next year. His family posted $250 bail for his release.William Edwards, 29, of Plainview, had the lowest reading of the week, 0.11. Police said they found him sitting in a 2010 Honda Accord stopped in the middle of the intersection of MontaukHighway and West Gate Road in Wainscott about 2 AM Monday. Cited for obstructing traffic, he was then charged with misdemeanor DWI. He was freed later Monday after posting $200 bail, with a future date on the East Hampton Town Justice Court’s criminal [email protected] Sharelast_img read more

Fresno, The Bell & Anchor Are Bright Beacons

first_imgIndependent/Jason PenneyDavid Loewenberg is known for his trio of restaurants: Fresno (in East Hampton), Beacon (in Sag Harbor), and The Bell & Anchor (also in Sag Harbor). Of the three, Beacon, which faces the water and is known for its superlative sunsets, is the only restaurant that is seasonal. It opens each year right before Memorial Day, the opening itself a bright reminder that summer is finally here. That restaurant is not yet open, and it’s hard to know what the start to our season will look like this year, since restaurants — and everything else — sit under a haze of uncertainty.Don’t let that last part get you down. Loewenberg, like so many other restaurateurs, is determined to keep you well fed for as long as he can, and so The Bell & Anchor and Fresno have been soldiering on, beacons, if you will, in a storm. During the last week of March, The Bell & Anchor launched Anchor’s Away, a take-out menu that is available Tuesdays through Sundays. Orders can be placed until 7 PM and pickup hours are from 5 to 7:30. Orders can be placed by phone, at 631-725-3400, or by email, earlier in the day: [email protected] you’ve read my articles in years past, you already know that I’m an enthusiastic proponent of The Bell & Anchor’s Sunday oyster night (Fresno has it, too), where Montauk Pearls are $1 apiece. The restaurant would, no doubt, be out of business if it offered this deal for takeout, but it is still offering Pearls on the half-shell, along with its delicious mignonette and cocktail sauce. It also has 1.5-pound lobsters, steamed alongside fingerling potatoes and haricots verts. For appetizers, the list is incredibly long. It includes (and isn’t even limited to) clam and fish chowder with bacon and cream; steamed mussels with coconut milk and Thai chiles; tuna poké with avocado, shiso, and ponzu; and shrimp and grits with crispy pork belly.The bouillabaisse, made with white fish, lobster, mussels, clams, and shrimp, is one of the entrees on offer. So is a pan-roasted Scottish salmon ramen, a lobster rigatoni with roasted corn, a vegan plate with pineapple-cashew quinoa, guava baby-back ribs with mashed potatoes, a Milanese-style pork chop with a frisée salad, a grilled flat-iron steak with Béarnaise sauce, and a traditional burger. There is a slight dessert menu, too. Down the road, at Fresno, takeout can be placed Thursdays through Mondays. Call 631-324-8700 from 3:30 to 7 PM or email [email protected] Each day, the restaurant posts additional specials, a fun respite to a world that feels anything but special right now. Recent specials have included an appetizer of sautéed wild mushrooms over creamy polenta and crispy Buffalo-style Montauk Pearl oysters. Other Fresno favorites, like appetizers of salmon tartare with jalapeño and potato chips, or green garbanzo hummus, persist. So, too, do entrees of orecchiette with hot and sweet Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, and roast garlic; pan-seared Atlantic salmon over Moroccan cous-cous; a grilled Duroc pork chop with butternut squash farotto; and a flat-iron steak with an arugula salad and pommes frites.You can finish your meal, happily, with a dark chocolate pot de crème, or, more happily, with a batched cocktail. Fresno offers a choice of a Meyer Lemon Cosmo, Beacon Ruby Rita, and Quarantini (Tito’s Vodka, lemon, local honey, and rosemary), all for between $25 and $30. They’re 16 ounces. At home, add ice, and split them between three people, or, uh, don’t.Not everyone will survive this crisis. That’s an unfortunate reality. We just don’t know how long restaurants can survive on takeout alone, and we also don’t know how long this new brand of reality will last. If you can help keep local businesses alive, takeout is the new dining out, at least for now. There’s no better place to start than with these two restaurants. Sharelast_img read more