Why things look good for the housing market right now

first_imgHousing starts exceeded estimates in November (Credit: iStock)The year is rounding out on a strong note for the construction industry.As homebuilder sentiment hits a 20-year high, new government data shows that privately owned housing starts climbed 3.2 percent in November to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.37 million — up from 1.2 million in November 2008.Building permits in November hit a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.48 million, a 1.4 percent increase on the revised October rate, and the highest rate since 2007.The figures come amid low mortgage rates, job growth and bolstered consumer confidence, Bloomberg reports.Single‐family housing starts, the biggest sector of the market, were at a rate of 938,000 in November, 2.4 percent above the revised October figure of 916,000. It’s the highest level since January.ADVERTISEMENTHousing starts ticked up in the West and Northeast, but dropped in the Midwest and South. The multifamily segment also rose 4.9 percent to 427,000 units last month, according to the survey.The overall industry, which accounts for about 3 percent of the economy, is still limited due to supply-side constraints like labor and land availability, according to the survey. Plus, mortgage rates have increased in recent weeks, with the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rising to 3.73 from 3.49 percent in early September.The report for December is due to be released in January 2020. [Bloomberg] — Sylvia Varnham O’Regan This content is for subscribers only.Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Research shows VA outperforms neighboring hospitals

first_imgVA Medical Center,Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center,Collaboration between Dartmouth-Hitchcock and White River Junction VA Medical Center Outcomes Group shows high ratings for VA surgical careVermont Business Magazine A study by researchers from White River Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth shows VA hospitals across the country outperform or are equal to neighboring non-VA hospitals in surgical quality and overall patient safety satisfaction. The study’s findings were published June 26, in the Journal of Surgical Research(link is external).Researchers at the White River Junction VA Medical Center in Vermont and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire identified VA medical centers with at least one non-VA hospital within 25 miles in three regions across the United States: West-Southwest, New England and Deep South. “Under the MISSION Act, Veterans now have more health care choices than ever,” said Brett Rusch, MD, Executive Director of the White River Junction VA Healthcare System. “But because of how well the VA compares to non-VA hospitals, we know Veterans will continue to choose VA for their health care needs.”David Soybel, MD, Chief of Surgery at the White River Junction VA Healthcare System, explained “The White River Junction VA has a long history of tracking health care performance and outcomes. I’m proud of the work our team did on this study, which will help Veterans across the country make better informed health care decisions.” With a sample of 34 VA facilities and 319 neighboring non-VA hospitals, the researchers used benchmarks created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality(link is external). They also used scores from the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems(link is external). The results showed VA facilities performed better or as good as non-VA hospitals in overall patient safety indicators (PSIs), which measure potential hospital complications and adverse events following surgeries and other procedures. VA hospitals performed much better in surgery specific PSIs.The researchers also found VA and non-VA hospitals were about equal in patient satisfaction with overall hospital experience.The data was collected from Hospital Compare(link is external), a publicly available database that helps consumers decide where to seek health care. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(link is external) runs the database.Source: 7.21.2020. Veteran Affairs Medical Center. White River Junction, VT Visit VA’s Office of Research and Development(link is external).last_img read more

How to Deal With Job Site Delays

first_imgI don’t know about the rest of you, but I felt like I needed a break from thinking about and talking about the impact of COVID-19 and the quarantine measures that we are taking — personally and professionally.That said, the topic is at least a little inescapable. For my dealers who’ve still been open the past few months, one of the many challenges they’ve faced has been delays on the commercial/industrial installations they were working on. That got me thinking about dealing with job site delays, and how to deal with them.It’s comforting to know that — whatever the situation — there’s always an aphorism, or at the very least a sports analogy that sums up the situation nicely.One classic aphorism states that “work expands to fill the time available.” There’s also a corollary of the obverse that states, “if there can be delays on a project, then there will be delays.” We’ve all experienced this firsthand.There can be any number of reasons for delays. Mostly they fall into two categories: reasons that you’re responsible for, reasons that you aren’t.The most egregious delay on a project that I can recall was about six months. As you well know, if you’re doing the AV, you’re going in last, after all the other major trades are done or mostly done. In this instance, it was both the electricians and the HVAC guys who kept telling the client “Oops!” and having to go back and make changes. For six months. Six. Months.Why the client kept them on the job was a mystery. Meanwhile, I spent most of my time working on other projects, reviewing my design work for the project mentioned above, and periodically reassuring the client that when it was our turn, we wouldn’t be as annoying as their other contractors.AV pros are more or less dependent on the work of several trades on the job site. Your installation depends on the electrician, the HVAC guy, the cabinetmaker and maybe even the pool contractor. Even if you aren’t causing delays, with that many variables, delays are almost inevitable.See related  From Facebook and BeyondOperationally, delays can sometimes be a blessing; delays on one project allow you to get more done on other jobs. Telling other clients and site supers that they’ve been moved up on your schedule rather than back is better than the reverse.Of course, if every single one of the projects you have on the go gets delayed, that can be a problem.And I don’t want to imply that facing delays is always good, either. There’s a financial risk that comes with having projects delayed. As the saying goes, time is money. For that matter, money is money. Sitting on hold impacts your cash flow. And you still have expenses while you’re sitting there not getting paid.There are strategies to minimize risk. One is to endeavor to keep your project portfolio mixed with projects of varying sizes. Large, complex projects are more likely to face delays. Having several smaller projects queued up at any one time goes a long way to filling in the gaps.Many AV pros I’ve dealt with make an effort to keep a steady stream of one and two-day AV jobs in the pipe and slot those in between the multiday install phases of their big six-figure jobs. That keeps them cash-flow positive while they’re stuck waiting for phase payments for their big jobs.Tangentially, one AV pro I used to know shunned large, complex projects and specialized entirely on small and medium-sized residential jobs. He applied the adage “more money, more problems” and focused on quick projects that he got paid equally quickly on. That might not be the right solution for you, but it’s definitely one solution.last_img read more

Short-term debt and depressive symptoms may go hand-in-hand

first_imgLinkedIn Debt contract provisions could include mandatory financial counselling and the right to rescind within a specified timeframe.Those who had debt were younger, more likely to be male, less likely to be black or Hispanic, had more highly educated parents, were more highly educated themselves, were more likely to be married and working, had greater income and assets, and were in better health.It was when the researchers began to adjust for measures of socio-economic status, and to refine their analysis to subgroups defined by age, education and marital status, that a negative association began to emerge. They also controlled for reverse causality to check that debt was causing depression and not vice versa.The study was focused on around 8,500 working-age adults. The data were taken from two waves of the National Survey of Families and Households, conducted six years apart and ending in 1994. Overall findings included the fact that 79 percent of respondents had some debt, totalling an average of $42,000. Long-term debt accounted for by far the largest portion.Spurred by increased homeownership and an increase in unsecured revolving credit card debt, household debt has increased dramatically in the last 40 years. While it has declined since 2008 as credit has become more difficult to obtain, it remains at historically high levels.The researchers suggest that future research should include an analysis of whether the effects can be reversed and reducing short-term debt can help alleviate symptoms of depression. Results to be published in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues suggest that having short-term household debt — credit cards and overdue bills — increases depressive symptoms. The association is particularly strong among unmarried people, people reaching retirement age and those who are less well educated, according to a new study by lead author Lawrence Berger of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.These are the first results to show the impact of different types of debt on depression and their effects on different sectors of the US population. Little evidence was found for an association with mid- or long-term debt.“New debt contracts could be offered to vulnerable borrowers and the population sectors we identified could be targeted with help in building their financial capacity,” says Berger. “The findings could also be used to help mental health practitioners better understand the impact of clients’ borrowing habits on depression.” Email Share on Facebookcenter_img Share on Twitter Pinterest Sharelast_img read more

Koffee to Perform at Coachella

first_img Share 161 Views   no discussions Tweet EntertainmentNewsRegional Koffee to Perform at Coachella by: – January 6, 2020 Sharecenter_img Sharing is caring! Share (Jamaica Observer) Grammy nominated Reggae artiste, Koffee is set to perform at the 2020 staging of the American music festival, Coachella.The festival, which will take place from April 10 to April 19, features Koffee as a supporting act to headliner Travis Scott.The line-up includes other artistes such as Summer Walker, 21 Savage and Carly Rae Jepsen.Last month former United States President, Barack Obama listed Koffee’s ‘Toast’ as one of his favourite songs of 2019.The artiste also made history by becoming the youngest solo act to be nominated for a Grammy in the Best Reggae Album category for her debut album ‘Rapture’.last_img read more

Great Players in Terrible Uniforms

first_imgLocation:New Orleans metro area Share on other sites Forums Home Sports Logos Sports Logo News Link to post kw11333 3,583 Members Posted December 17, 2012 Members Link to post 4,356 5 nuordr 1,148 posts Share on other sites Page 1 of 5   Forums Home 16,613 posts 1 11,788 posts 1,005 9,766 posts Share on other sites 1,149 1,149 vman Favourite Logos:”Tradition and simplicity; there’s a fine line between the two. You can’t manufacture tradition but you can empathize simplicity.” – John Viola Posted December 17, 2012 Members Share on other sites Location:A Nice Place to Live Posted December 17, 2012 Share on other sites Favourite Logos:”Tradition and simplicity; there’s a fine line between the two. You can’t manufacture tradition but you can empathize simplicity.” – John Viola Members Chawls Location:Salem, IN phutmasterflex Link to post 0 Share on other sites Posted December 17, 2012 Posted December 17, 2012 Share this post 0 97 Favourite Logos:*Devil Rays alternate cap logo, 1998*Red Sox cap logo*Chargers primary logo*Lake Elsinore Storm cap logo Members Posted December 17, 2012 3 the user formerly known as NJTank OnWis97 Share this post Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots 1,508 0 128 1 Members Link to post 97 Posted December 17, 2012 Posted December 17, 2012 Members 652 4,132 posts Share on other sites 0 Lights Out 973 0 St Louis Cardinals 1,979 posts 973 Brave-Bird 08 Page 1 of 5   0 Posted December 17, 2012 Mike Foster Share this post Share on other sites Posted December 17, 2012 Sign in to follow this   419 Easy homer pick. Share this post 28 Link to post BigBubba Watching the great season Adrian Peterson has had, I can’t help but think how bad it’ll be as a sports design fan to watch highlights of him wearing that poorly-executed Vikings uniforms for years to come. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only great player forces to wear a bad uniform. Who are some other great players that have had to wear bad uniforms?• Any sport• Any time period• Any point in their career (college or pro)• INCLUDE PICTURES!!!I’ll start. Adrian PetersonMojo Drew 652 Link to post Location:in phone chuckymack 𝐋𝐄𝐓 𝐌𝐄 𝐈𝐍 Share this post Members 4,356 14,934 posts 1,149 Share this post Great Players in Terrible Uniforms 652 1,812 Chawls 973 2 0 Location:Kentucky Billy B Share this post 419 Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots 4 Share this post Prev Sign in to follow this   A bunch of psychic porn star midgets who were all nude Share on other sites 28 289 By Chawls, December 17, 2012 in Sports Logo News 289 Members Share this post 9,766 posts 26,359 posts 1,149 0 Share this post 4,436 Favourite Logos: 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup Champions njdevs7 BigBubba 289 973 0 Location:Kentucky Share on other sites Posted December 17, 2012 Share on other sites 2 154 Kevin W. njdevs7 Share on other sites 1,508 Members Followers 3 Great Players in Terrible Uniforms Members All Activity 0 Posted December 17, 2012 973 This topic is now closed to further replies. Lights Out Posted December 17, 2012 Sports Logos Link to post “Sports Aesthetics” Link to post Share this post Kevin W. Posted December 17, 2012 973 Share this post nuordr chuckymack Brett FarveEmmitt Smithyou sir, have some weird taste in uniformsWhy? Because I like uniforms that have colors that actually match? Two different colors of purple for the Vikings and that horrible facemask. Also the two different colors of blue for the Cowboys equal Ugly and Ugly.In principal that Vikings jersey set should look great, but it does not match at all. Same goes for the Cowboys. Link to post you sir, have some weird taste in uniformsI’ll second that. Nothing remotely terrible about either of em.You mean besides the mismatched purples and genericness of the Vikings throwbacks and the absolute mess that is the Cowboys’ identity? 0 Link to post Less than a page and this is already “Best Player on a Team with Bad Uniforms” Members 786 4 8,516 posts OnWis97 0 973 Posted December 17, 2012 7,535 posts Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots 2,983 posts 562 posts Link to post Prev Location:Chicago “Sports Aesthetics” 1,812 Link to post nuordr Go To Topic Listing 973 9,766 posts Brave-Bird 08 Share on other sites Posted December 17, 2012 Members Posted December 17, 2012 The Great One:I’m gonna assume you missed this. 973 Posted December 17, 2012 Share this post Share on other sites 1,149 1,508 973 0 4,436 Members Brett Farve Emmitt SmithBig BenDonovan McNabb 3,872 posts Recommended Posts Posted December 17, 2012 Share this post 3,583 0 Link to post Members DC in Da House w/o a Doubt nuordr Share on other sites 973 Brett FarveEmmitt Smithyou sir, have some weird taste in uniforms Members 128 Link to post 𝐋𝐄𝐓 𝐌𝐄 𝐈𝐍 0 Share on other sites Share this post 1,005 Share on other sites Billy B Favourite Logos:Anything in Comic Sans. Share this post 1,149 Next 1,005 It’s not ideal, but I don’t think it’ll put a dagger SportsLogos.Net DC in Da House w/o a Doubt I’m probably going to catch hell for this one.The wordmark look definitely didn’t work for the Pens. Link to post kw11333 All Activity St Louis Cardinals 1 154 Brett FarveEmmitt Smithyou sir, have some weird taste in uniformsWhy? Because I like uniforms that have colors that actually match? Two different colors of purple for the Vikings and that horrible facemask. Also the two different colors of blue for the Cowboys equal Ugly and Ugly. Sports Board Man + Young Trece you sir, have some weird taste in uniformsI’ll second that. Nothing remotely terrible about either of em. 0 Members 6,236 posts 7,535 posts nuordr Great Players in Terrible Uniforms phutmasterflex Location:The DMV Location:New Orleans metro area nuordr Favourite Logos:The Cross, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots Location:Atlanta, Ga. Share this post “Sports Aesthetics” Members 9,766 posts Followers 3 5,835 posts Next 3,583 3 Chawls . Designerd. 128 1,812 Link to post Members 973 Location:Kentucky Chawls 154 nuordr vman zpqmaowl 4,356 Location:West Coast Link to post 28 zpqmaowl Share on other sites 786 Link to post It should always be Christmas in New Jersey SportsLogos.Net Members 0 8,818 posts Posted December 17, 2012 5 Crosby and MalkinDaniel Alfredsson:Roy Halladay:Less than a page and this is already “Best Player on a Team with Bad Uniforms”As opposed to…? Share this post This is basically going to turn into a debate into what is a great player and what is a great uniform? 786 Share on other sites nuordr Gretzky Berger King jersey wins.Also this… Link to post I’m probably going to catch hell for this one.The wordmark look definitely didn’t work for the Pens.I agree that the word mark look sucked.The Great One: 97 Share on other sites 4,436 “Sports Aesthetics” Location:Kentucky Link to post Share this post 2 419 0 Probably in the minority on this one, but I don’t think McNabb OR Roethlisberger are great players.Two Superbowl victories for Big Ben and you don’t think he is a great player? I suppose you prefer someone like Brady Quinn? I will agree there may be some doubt about McNabb, but he was great for many years as an Eagle. Share this post Sports Logo News Probably in the minority on this one, but I don’t think McNabb OR Roethlisberger are great players.last_img read more

Benitez on Ramos, Ronaldo-Bale divide and more

first_img Bale vs. Ronaldo: Coaches have to control a group of professionals, but not what their agents say. I talk to the players and when there’s a conflict, it’s solved. There’s no problem between Bale and Cristiano. Everything is magnified in Madrid. Sometimes it’s out of jealousy, or to attack. I am surprised. Cristiano Ronaldo: I have no problems with any player in the squad. Yesterday I spent a good, long time talking to Cristiano. He starts matches on the wing, but a little in the penalty area because he has goals. He practices free-kicks and does them very well. It’s a matter of time before he’s scoring them. Dropped points against Atleti: If at the Vicente Calderon we forced the best Atletico Madrid to make three changes in desperation and didn’t concede four times as in April this year, we must have done something right. On the table were his exchange of words with Sergio Ramos, the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale and the dropped points against Atletico Madrid. 15/10/2015 EFE, Sport EN Here’s what the Spanish coach had to say:  Upd. at 12:44 Real Madrid manager Rafael Benitez spoke to Onda Cero’s Al Primer Toque on Wednesday night.  CEST Ramos: I fought more than anyone for Ramos to stay. There’ve been zero problems between us. He’s the captain and a phenomenon and he has to prove himself constantly. Unrest in the dressing room: I’m amazed at how many stories are invented. We have a very good dressing room. There’s a great atmosphere among the players. It’s healthier than you think. I’ve had locker rooms that are more complicated. They all have some players who are more happy or less happy and some can be worse than another teammate, but there’s been nothing exceptional. Injures: There aren’t as many injuries as people say. Today I counted nine. Injuries aren’t the same as fatigue. The fans can be calm, we’re working hard to prevent this, but we play twice a week with intensity and we have a lot of internationals.last_img read more

2016 Flat Owner Championship Goes Down to the Wire

first_imgDonnacha O’Brien to be Crowned Champion Apprentice Rider Pat Smullen was first crowned Champion Jockey in 2000 and he heads the list for the ninth time this year. He is on-course to better his 2014 tally of 108 winners and will certainly count his Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby success on Harzand as the highlight of his domestic season. He also enjoyed notable success with Fascinating Rock, Shamreen and Zhukova. For the second successive year, Smullen looks set to beat Colin Keane into second place in the title race.Donnacha O’Brien (18) is another to enjoy a tremendous season and in just his third season riding has captured the Champion Apprentice title. Closing in on 50 winners, Donnacha is clear of Gary Halpin, Killian Leonard and his sister Ana in the table. The standout moment of his season was undoubtedly his first Group 1 success which came at the Curragh on Longines Irish Champions Weekend where he won the Moyglare Stud Stakes on Intricately, trained by his brother, Joseph. For good measure, the filly was bred by their mother, Annemarie. Donnacha also won a listed race and a Group 3 race on Order Of St George during the season. The 2016 Flat season draws to a close at Leopardstown on Saturday, October 29th, and the day will be marked by presentations to the champion owner, trainer, jockey and apprentice. Aidan O’Brien to Retain Champion Trainer Title The title of Champion Owner looks set to go right down to the wire with Mrs Sue Magnier holding the slenderest of leads over HH The Aga Khan. Part-owner of the brilliant Coolmore Fastnet Rock Matron Stakes winner Alice Springs and the Keeneland Phoenix Stakes winner Caravaggio, Mrs Magnier is bidding for her 14th owners’ title since 2000. HH The Aga Khan lies in a close second place in the current standings and he counts the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby winner Harzand and Longines Irish Champions Weekend winner, Shamreen among his big winners.Aidan O’Brien is once again the Champion Flat Trainer. The fillies Minding and Found were his big prize-money winners during another tremendous season for Ballydoyle. O’Brien saddled Seventh Heaven to win the Darley Irish Oaks while he also enjoyed Group 1 success with the two-year-olds Churchill and Caravaggio. His other domestic Group 1 winner in 2016 was Alice Springs who won the Coolmore Fastnet Rock Matron Stakes at Leopardstown on Longines Irish Champions Weekend. Pat Smullen Set to Win Ninth Champion Jockey title print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Intermediate Hurling Championship reports

first_imgKilconieron 1-17 Castlegar 1-7 – Gordon Duane reports…Audio Playerhttps://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sports.podcast/IHC+Kilconieron+V+Castlegar.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Audio Playerhttps://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sports.podcast/Meel+Eyrecourt+0-20+Kiltormer+1-10+IHC.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Meelick Eyrecourt 0-20 Kiltormer 1-10 – Darren Kelly reports… There were 3 games in the Galway Intermediate Hurling Championship this weekend, with victories for Meelick Eyrecourt, Kilconieron and An Spideal. Here are the match reports: An Spideal 2-15 Annaghdown 1-14 – Sean Walsh reports…Audio Playerhttps://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sports.podcast/An+Spideal+v+Annaghdown.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume..print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Caltra Cuans U10’s To Play On All-Ireland Ladies Final Day

first_img1St Patricks (Drangan and Cloneen)Tipperary 3Ballymun KickhamsDublin 2017 TG4 All Ireland Finals Half Time Exhibition Games 5FenaghLeitrim 4DingleKerry G4M&O 4MountrathLaois Ballyhaise (Cavan), St. Brigid’s (Dublin), Caltra Cuans (Galway), Dingle (Kerry), Latton Ladies GFC (Monaghan) and Sperrin Óg (Tyrone) are the 6 lucky Under 10 clubs that will play at half time in one of the 3 TG4 All Ireland Finals. The great tradition of having our Gaelic4Mothers&Others clubs represented at half time in the TG4 All Ireland Finals also continues as we welcome Lámh Dearg (Antrim), Bride Rovers (Cork), Ballymun Kickhams (Dublin), Mountrath (Laois), Fenagh (Leitrim) and Athlone (Westmeath) to take part in the half time exhibition games.The officials for the exhibition games will come from the Under 14 groups from St. Patrick’s Drangan & Cloneen (Tipperary), Mullahoran (Cavan) and Fingallians in Dublin. Cork will provide the ballgirls for all 3 of the TG4 All Ireland Finals as Glanworth were the lucky winners of this honour.All 16 clubs can now begin making their plans for September 24th as they will be part of the action at Croke Park on TG4 All Ireland Finals day.Speaking about the announcement of the Half Time Exhibition games National Development Manager, Paula Prunty, said ‘This is a great day for all 16 clubs as they now know that they will be part of the biggest day in Irish women’s sport. It is great to see such a mix of ages getting to take part in the action as we welcome players from our Under 10 clubs, officials from Under 14 squads and, at the other end of the scale, we have our great Gaelic4Mothers&Others teams having the opportunity to play in Ireland’s most famous stadium. We, in the LGFA, want to girls and women of all ages the opportunity to play our sport and this is further evidence of our commitment to this principle.’Dublin have already secured their place in the TG4 Senior All Ireland Final with Tipperary also preparing for the 24th having secured their place in the Intermediate decider. The remaining 4 counties that will contest the TG4 All Ireland Finals will be confirmed this weekend as Cork meet Kerry for the right to meet Dublin in the Senior Final and Tyrone will take on Sligo with the winner meeting Tipperary in the Intermediate decider. Fermanagh and London will contest the Junior Semi Final with Carlow meeting Derry in the second semi final with both matches being played in Lannleire on Sunday. 6Sperrin ÓgTyrone 3Caltra CuansGalway 5Latton Ladies GFCMonaghan print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email 2Bride RoversCork U-10TeamCounty 3FingalliansDublin Each year a select group of Ladies Gaelic Football clubs are selected from the huge amount of entrants to be part of the TG4 All Ireland Finals. This year the finals will take place on September 24th and 16 clubs representing 12 counties will be amongst those lucky enough to be involved in the action as part of the Half Time exhibition games, as officials for those games or as Ball Girls for the TG4 All Ireland Finals. 1BallyhaiseCavan 2St. BrigidsDublin U-14 Officials 2MullahoranCavan 1Lámh DheargAntrim Ball GirlsGlanworthCork 6AthloneWestmeathlast_img read more