GTI completes Jetco acquisition

first_imgThe transaction follows GTI’s acquisition of Precision Specialized Division in February 2019, as HLPFI reported here.Through these acquisitions, and the company’s expanding GTI USA network, it now has seven locations in the USA and three in Canada.“The strategic strong local presence that Jetco has in Texas will increase GTI’s position in the region and establish a performing north-south corridor with our Canadian operations,” explained Richard Lafrenière, ceo of GTI.Brian Fielkow will continue in his current capacity as ceo of Jetco.www.thegtigroup.comwww.jetcodelivery.comlast_img read more

Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections

first_img Share this post ChicagoOakland Forums Home Location:Philadelphia Share this post 1,660 2 SilverBullet1929 7,146 By SportsLogos.Net News, May 2, 2018 in Sports Logo News Posted May 2, 2018 17,646 posts 1 Share on other sites Link to post 521 Sports Logo News 1 14,934 posts SportsLogos.Net News Share on other sites 21,575 Just because you can go to 11 doesn’t mean you should. ozzyman314 Share on other sites ‘Mmhm. Hold on. *takes off boxers* Heah. This never happened. Go.’ 1,073 posts All Activity ‘Yah really stahtin’ to piss me off buddy, but whatevah, *takes off shirt*, heah. Now go. I wanna watch.’ 1,089 posts 57,915 posts 26,933 posts Should have just started the Lightning’s Vow ticket program. Share on other sites 19 minutes ago, jp1409 said: Share on other sites Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections May 1, 2018 – 21:34 PMAh, sporting events. Where fans from both sides can sit together, perhaps a little gentle ribbing along the way, enjoy a game, and part with newfound respect for the otherside. Except not in Tampa. Nope. That would be bad. We […] Read More… Location:Torrance, California Page 1 of 2   Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections 3,076 5 IceCap Location:Vancouver, BC “Sir. Your… your boxers please tell me those… tell me those aren’t Bruins boxers. Please.” Location:Tampa, FL McGlinchey23 Members 21,575 IceCap Banned Posted May 2, 2018 2 Share on other sites I feel bad for the Bruins fans going who don’t know about this. Posted May 2, 2018 2 Link to post Share this post Members Link to post 21,575 Share this post 616 842 posts Moderators 2,238 posts Share this post Share this post Prev ‘Can I help ya?’ Members Favourite Logos:North Stars Followers 1 “Don’t wear Maple Leafs jerseys in these sections.” Ok. How are you gonna know? Link to post Share on other sites jp1409 VancouverFan69 All Activity 1 hour ago, ChicagoOakland said: Members Link to post massh0le dialogue Posted May 2, 2018 Link to post 1 Link to post “Don’t wear Maple Leafs jerseys in these sections.” Ok. How are you gonna know? Link to post Share on other sites Link to post Bruins 21,575 616 Moderators We the North! Usually I’m pretty respectful as an away team fan at a game. You gotta know your place. But if the team made me remove my jersey, Id probably go out of my way to be obnoxious when my team scores lol 1,148 posts Sports Logo News 4,436 As much as I hate the Bruins, a situation like this makes me wish they win this thing… The Lightning organization are acting like absolute douchebags once again. This is an absolute no-no for pro sports teams considering the ridiculous amounts people are investing in their businesses these days whether they’re fans of the home team or not… “Ohp, Is that a Boston Bruins undershirt? I’m sorry I… I kinda need to take that too.” 262 posts Favourite Logos:Canucks: Johnny Canuck, Stick ‘n RinkNHL: Flaming C, North Star N, CH, Chief Black Hawk, Purple and Gold Crown, 35-point Leaf, Red Winged WheelMLS: Whitecaps current and ’79 vintage 0 26,192 Members jp1409 1,660 21,575 McGlinchey23 Members Hold on this is discrimination to a point, seriously it’s saying cause your a different color you can’t sit here….did we just like go back to segregation? If I had the money I’d buy up all the tickets and then not show up or just have all bruins fans, and I doubt they be able to do much, to make a point. Let me be clear too that I’d be saying this if any team did this, not just the fact I’m a bruins fan.  1,735 posts Location:Candler, NC Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections 1 Posted May 2, 2018 154 Link to post 447 Posted May 2, 2018 Do you has the five bucks? I’ve never seen an ownership group with more of an ego than the Lightning’s.  Share this post Page 1 of 2   IceCap 1,660 21,575 SportsLogos.Net Hell yeah! I’d make sure they knew though and I’d throw a heck of a tantrum if they really tried to apply their joke of a policy. It’s not like Boston fans got free tickets anyway, this is a second round matchup that most people can’t even afford to attend, they totally deserve to root for their team if they wish and I’m sure that their “fans” owning season tickets are pretty happy to cash in on Stubhub and such. We’re not talking about someone talking about the government in a totalitarian country, we’re talking about people rooting for their favorite team at a sporting event in the US. This is a :censored:ing joke. 299 Posted May 2, 2018 652 2,517 2 TBGKon Link to post 2,517 Share this post Share this post Bruins We the North! LMU Members Share on other sites 120 Location:TD Garden TBGKon lilben777 Doing it the Leon Phelps way!!! 154 Share on other sites 7,146 ChicagoOakland Posted May 2, 2018 1,293 Share this post “Of course sir thank you so much for your coope…ration. Umm, okay this is awkward, but I just noticed those pants you’re wearing, are those Bruins pajama pants?” As much as I hate the Bruins, a situation like this makes me wish they win this thing… The Lightning organization are acting like absolute douchebags once again. This is an absolute no-no for pro sports teams considering the ridiculous amounts people are investing in their businesses these days whether they’re fans of the home team or not… Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersSeattle SeahawksMonster EnergyUIC Flames1994-99 Houston Astros1998-2010 Golden State WarriorsSan Jose Sabrecats ‘Ya, of course. Wait, naw, come on, listen man, the AC’s freakin’ crankin’ in heah, I’m already shirtless, just let me watch the game now!’ Recommended Posts Location:Candler, NC lilben777 Members 3 “Well, to improve the atmosphere of the game for our Lightning and our fans, only Tampa Bay hockey merchandise are permitted here. I’m going to need those items.” 12 56 minutes ago, ozzyman314 said: I apologize for any decorum ozzyman314 Enjoy reminiscing about 2004. 154 Members Share on other sites 154 3,074 posts Share on other sites May the TB Maple Wings NEVER win another Stanley Cup.  Comparing racial injustice to goddamn hockey might be a biiiiiiit of a reach. (Also, it’s kind of insulting…I can’t exactly take off my black skin when asked.) Hold on this is discrimination to a point, seriously it’s saying cause your a different color you can’t sit here….did we just like go back to segregation? If I had the money I’d buy up all the tickets and then not show up or just have all bruins fans, and I doubt they be able to do much, to make a point. Let me be clear too that I’d be saying this if any team did this, not just the fact I’m a bruins fan.  ‘Fine!!! Heah, take em’! You want my freakin’ first bawn son too?! Geez! Now leave me alone!’ Next Link to post Posted May 2, 2018 Comparing racial injustice to goddamn hockey might be a biiiiiiit of a reach. (Also, it’s kind of insulting…I can’t exactly take off my black skin when asked.) Prev Posted May 2, 2018 1,660 CCSLC Night Crew leader? Share this post 18 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said: 1,293 I hope this leads to many many conflicts between the Bruins fans and whoever tells them to move their seats. This is going to needlessly incite anger amongst the Bruins fans and the only way to show the Lightning how wrong this is is to have the police called in for multiple angry Bruins fans. I’m a peaceful person and hate confrontation but they’re asking for conflict so they need to be given conflict so they can feel stupid for trying this.  OnWis97 SilverBullet1929 Location:Latitude 47° Moderators Just because you can go to 11 doesn’t mean you should. VancouverFan69 Link to post And that’s the story of how Tommy got to watch a hockey game without any inhibition. Tommy beat the system. Tommy also got a coupon for a free upgrade to deluxe nachos for his inconvenience. Tommy wins. 1,233 posts “Excuse me, sir.” Agreed. And it makes me wish Toronto had managed to sneak past Boston even more than I already did. 0 SL.N News Doing it the Leon Phelps way!!! Share this post 154 7,537 posts Posted May 2, 2018 Sign in to follow this   3,074 posts “Sir…” 1,660 Explain more??? Not sure I get your point….. 0 0 Yeah, pretty dumb honestly. Obviously ownership just doing it to inflate their own egos.  3,076 jp1409 45,948 posts lilben777 Members I personally don’t care who you cheer for at a game (as long as you dont make a jackass out of yourself) and I dont really agree with it, but this is clearly blown a little out or proportion. lilben777 Go To Topic Listing 894 posts Location:Star City, VA Favourite Logos:Seattle Mariners current primary, Golden State Warriors ’88-’96 and current primaries, both Carolina Panthers primaries, San Jose Sharks current primary. Posted May 2, 2018 It should always be Christmas in New Jersey Members 1,198 Link to post 0 Share on other sites 3,074 posts Link to post Doing it the Leon Phelps way!!! Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections Yeah, pretty dumb honestly. Obviously ownership just doing it to inflate their own egos.  1,735 posts 4,436 616 299 Posted May 2, 2018 Share this post 3,076 Share on other sites Lame.  They have enough fans to not be concerned with this. 3 Why didn’t he call the guy Chief? Location:The Bay State Members Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersSeattle SeahawksMonster EnergyUIC Flames1994-99 Houston Astros1998-2010 Golden State WarriorsSan Jose Sabrecats Moderators 447 Share this post SportsLogos.Net Share on other sites 447 1 Favourite Logos:Spoked B, Wild, Whalers, Pelicans, Vintage College Mascots Link to post 154 521 OMMF njdevs7 Share this post Members Agreed. And it makes me wish Toronto had managed to sneak past Boston even more than I already did. Share this post Share on other sites Location:Miami, Florida 5 OMMF the admiral ‘Umm, okay… I guess, heah and heah. Can I, please, get back to the game now?’ “Umm… I hate to tell you this but, you’re sitting in the Chase Lounge, brought to you by Chase Bank, and, well the rules explicitly state that no merchandise representing the visiting team may be worn in this area, so I’m sorry but I’m going to have to take your hat and jersey. You may pick them up after the game at the Del Taco Confiscation Zone.” Share on other sites Posted May 2, 2018 1 hour ago, lilben777 said: 9 2 jp1409 Sports Logos 2,517 NewsBot Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net News Favourite Logos:Hartford WhalersSeattle SeahawksMonster EnergyUIC Flames1994-99 Houston Astros1998-2010 Golden State WarriorsSan Jose Sabrecats Posted May 2, 2018 4 minutes ago, OMMF said: Where opinions flow as freely as Marshawn’s dreads. ‘You gotta be kiddin’ me, why?’ 1,293 154 the admiral njdevs7 This topic is now closed to further replies. 12 Location:Candler, NC 120 4,436 Posted May 2, 2018 IceCap Yea your right was not trying to offend anybody, just a person that believes in equality so  I hate seeing stuff like this.  Share this post Posted May 3, 2018 0 521 Share on other sites 26,192 Location:Tampa Bay OnWis97 9 45,948 posts Location:Tampa, FL Posted May 2, 2018 299 lilben777 9 hours ago, Bruins said: LMU lilben777 Share on other sites 154 Posted May 2, 2018 Seriously the areas this restriction is focusing on is no more than maybe 5% of the available seats in the arena, and are the highest of high end areas in the arena.   Link to post 652 1,198 “Yep.” Members Share this post 1 26,192 Link to post Another reason it stinks going to sporting events now Link to post Share this post Link to post 120 652 7,146 Members Cold Cereal & Maybe Toast 1,660 Sports Logos Sign in to follow this   Followers 1 Posted May 2, 2018 Share this post 154 Forums Home Favourite Logos:Miami Marlins and too many others to name… 1,198 Nextlast_img read more

Constantine takes boys for a fun Go karting session

first_imgNew Delhi, Feb 23 (PTI) With an aim to manage stress and allow the young footballers to have some fun time, head coach of the Indian senior national team Stephen Constantine took the Under-17 World Cup probables for a Go Karting session. The Under-17 squad is without a regular coach and its being trained by Constantine and his support stuff that includes sports scientist Danny Deigan, goalkeeping coach Rogerio Ramos, national team assistant coach Shanmugam Venkatesh and AIFFs technical director Savio Mederia. “It is always good to take the boys out of their comfort zone and at the same time have some fun. I cannot say who the fastest was but for sure it was a staff member,” Constantine told In a first for many players, Go Karting struck a chord with the squad and left all in a jolly mood, the release stated. “We were pumped up for the training session and then the coach (Stephen Constantine) told us that we were going for Go Karting. It was a chance for us to do something new and out of the world, blowing off some steam in the process,” Aniket Jadhav was quoted as saying. “We enjoyed a lot and had fun. I think I drove the fastest lap,” Aniket laughs. Komal said, “It was a first for me. I had never done Go Karting and learning something is always great.” “You need to take your mind of football and sometimes these activities help us a lot to regain our focus while refreshing us,” he added. Savio Mederia hailed Constantines approach. “It is imperative for young footballers to develop in a safe and fun environment. Heaping them with pressure on the pitch can sometimes result in mental fatigue. Activities such as this go a long way in helping a Footballer in balancing out the mental stress,” he opined. “We need to understand that they are young and they too want to have fun just like other boys,” he added. PTI AT SSC SSCadvertisementlast_img read more

With Meghalaya staring at hung Assembly, Congress prepares game plan to stay in power

first_imgBefore the results of the Meghalaya Assembly started pouring in, three top leaders from Delhi landed at the Shillong airport today.Sporting big smiles, Congress’ trio – Ahmed Patel, Kamalnath and Mukul Wasnik – stepped out of the airport and said unanimously to Congress’ Shillong MP Vincent Pala, “We will form the government”.The message was clear – Congress had made a game plan to retain Meghalaya.While Congress President Rahul Gandhi had gone to meet his maternal grandmother on occasion of Holi, he had already asked Ahmed Patel, Kamalnath and Mukul Wasnik to head to the North East in case the Assembly seat numbers cross 20.Congress got 11 seats in Khasi Jaintia and 10 seats in the Garo Hills.The senior Congress leaders trio hit the ground running first by reaching out to their party candidates and then to the other party candidates who were leading the race.Accompanied by Pala, the three headed to the more than 120-years-old Pinewood Hotel where a series of meetings started between the three national leaders and the state leaders.According to party sources, Congress asked its state leaders to reach Shillong’s Pinewood Hotel to start implementing the strategy.By nightfall, Congress’ newly elected MLAs from across the state started reaching Shillong.According to sources, Congress elected MLAs, senior leaders from Meghalaya and top three leaders from center will meet on Sunday morning to elect their CLP leader, following which they will meet the Governor of Meghalaya.The sources added that the party chief rushed its top three generals to ensure that there is no re-run of what happened in Goa and Manipur, wherein despite being single largest party Congress failed to make the government.advertisementIn the 2012 Manipur Assembly elections, Congress emerged as the single largest party with 28 seats in an Assembly of 60. Much lower than the 42 it had bagged in the 2012 polls.However, before the Congress could cobble up an alliance of sorts, the BJP hustled up all the non-Congress MLAs and staked its claim.This wasn’t the only time that Congress was outmanoeuvred by the BJP.In 2017, as Congress dithered over the selection of its Goa leader, the BJP moved fast and announced Manohar Parrikar as its Chief Minister, quickly stitching an alliance and forming the government leaving the Congress red-faced.Congress party’s old warlords are in touch with leaders from UDP, HSPDP, NCP, KHNAM and other independent candidates.”We will definitely form the government in Meghalaya. Other party leaders have got in touch with us and are asking us to form the government with their support,” said former Union Minister Kamalnath.WATCH | Tripura result is a historic verdict, says Ram Madhav on BJP’s victorylast_img read more

Video: Here Is Connor Cook In His Full Oakland Raiders Uniform At The NFLPA Rookie Premiere

first_imgRaiders' Connor Cook in his uniform for the first time.Instagram/c_cook8After a fairly trying NFL Draft process, Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook landed with the Oakland Raiders in the fourth round. He will be behind incumbent starter Derek Carr, but Cook has impressed his coaches thus far. Today, the NFLPA held its Rookie Premiere event, which featured the top NFL newcomers taking photos and filming videos in their new full uniforms. Cook juggled a couple of footballs in his shoot, where he shows off his new Raiders getup.last_img

Veteran investigative journalist Ron Nixon joins AP

first_imgNEW YORK — Ron Nixon, an acclaimed reporter, editor and data journalist, will join The Associated Press as its international investigations editor, based in Washington.Nixon, currently homeland security correspondent for The New York Times, will manage a team of reporters based in London, Cairo, New Delhi, Shanghai and Washington, and work closely with colleagues around the globe to conduct ambitious investigative and accountability reporting on a variety of topics.The appointment was announced Thursday by Michael Hudson, who heads AP’s investigative journalism.“Ron brings an impressive range of experience and know-how to the job,” Hudson said. “As an editor and reporter, he’s adept at immersing himself in all kinds of stories — from investigations of global propaganda, to the day-to-day workings of America’s homeland security apparatus.”Nixon has covered border and aviation security, immigration, cybercrime and violent extremism at The Times. He has reported in recent years from Mexico, Belgium, Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among other places. He is the author of the book “Selling Apartheid: Apartheid South Africa’s Global Propaganda War,” and is the co-founder of the Ida B. Wells Society, which trains journalists of colour in investigative reporting.Nixon previously worked as data editor at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, as training director at Investigative Reporters and Editors, and as an environment and investigative reporter at The Roanoke Times in Virginia.“We are enormously excited and committed to growing AP’s ability to do strong investigative journalism from all corners of the globe, leveraging our worldwide footprint of exceptional people,” said Sally Buzbee, AP’s executive editor. “Ron’s passion, skill and commitment to training and nurturing journalists make him the perfect fit for this critical mission.”The Associated Presslast_img read more

CLARIFICATION PRRD hosting public hearing in Fort St John tomorrow on amended

first_imgStaff are also recommending that the Regional Board provides clarification regarding the types of zones which could potentially be amended to allow a Cannabis-Related Business after taking the feedback from the City of Fort St. John into account.The public hearing is taking place at the Northern Grand Hotel in Grand Room 1 at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 27th. Since then, the Regional District has received feedback from a number of government agencies on the proposed bylaw.The Village of Pouce Coupe’s Corporate Officer Sandy Stokes said that the Village does not approve of the bylaw being implemented in the Pouce Coupe area, and that the Village’s mayor and council would like to talk more about the bylaw.The Fort St. John City Council passed a motion at the end of August, recommending that the Regional District select a specific zone for cannabis retail such as Highway Commercial and that the PRRD consult with relevant agencies regarding buffer zones, similar to the process the City engaged in over summer when it implemented its Cannabis Retail bylaw.In its feedback, Northern Health recommended removing the term ‘Cannabis Accessory’ from the definitions of Cannabis-Related Business, saying that access to such accessories should be protected for both medical and non-medical cannabis users.“Access to lower-risk cannabis consumption paraphernalia can reduce the harms associated with cannabis consumption, e.g. using a water filtered pipe vs. using a rolling paper or unfiltered metal pipe,” said the health authority’s rationale for the recommendation.Staff said that after taking into account the feedback from Northern Health, they are now recommending that the proposed bylaw be amended to remove the term ‘cannabis accessory’ from all sections. CLARIFICATION: We have amended the headline to read ‘PRRD hosting public hearing in Fort St. John tomorrow on amended bylaw prohibiting cannabis sales’ from ‘PRRD hosting public hearing on amended bylaw prohibiting cannabis sales in Fort St. John tomorrow,’ since the meeting is taking place IN Fort St. John but DOES NOT affect properties INSIDE city limits. The proposed bylaw only impacts properties that are located in the Electoral Areas of the Peace River Regional District (i.e. Charlie Lake, Baldonnel, Wonowon, Farmington, etc.)FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Peace River Regional District is hosting a public hearing on Thursday regarding its proposed bylaw that would prohibit the sale of recreational cannabis, though the bylaw has been amended to omit the proposed prohibition on selling pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and other items that could be used to consume cannabis.The proposed bylaw passed a second reading at the Regional Board meeting on July 26th.last_img read more

ONGC energises gas output 65 to record high in FY19

first_imgNew Delhi: Reversing years of decline, state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) has reported a record 6.5 per cent jump in natural gas production to 25.9 billion cubic meters in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, as it doubles up efforts to raise domestic output to curb imports. Natural gas production from ONGC-operated nomination fields, NELP blocks and joint venture assets reached 25.819 BCM in 2018-19 as compared to 24.61 BCM output in the previous fiscal, ONGC CMD Shashi Shanker said here. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe company is on course to produce 42 BCM by end of fiscal 2022, when its prized KG basin discoveries will come onstream. “Some of our gas fields are very old like the Bassien field in western offshore. These continue to make a substantial contribution to the overall domestic production of gas because of continuous monitoring of the fields, applications of state-of-the-art technology and best possible reservoir management,” Shanker said. A bulk of the output in the 2018-19 financial year came from fields that were given to ONGC on nomination basis. Gas output from these rose to 24.683 BCM against 23.43 BCM in the previous 2017-18 fiscal. There has been a marginal increase in the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) fields also from 0.054 BCM to 0.073 BCM. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe growth rate was higher than the global average of 3-4 per cent year-on-year. Natural gas is the fastest growing primary energy source in the world. It is the cleanest burning petroleum-based fuel and has wide applications — from being used to generate electricity to the running of automobiles (CNG) and firing kitchen stoves. Aiming to reduce dependence on imports for meeting energy needs and cutting greenhouse emissions, India is looking at increasing consumption of natural gas by more than doubling its share in energy basket to 15 per cent by 2030. Shanker said, gas sales also recorded an impressive increase during the year with sales (provisional) standing at 20.472 BCM against the sales of 19.494 BCM in 2017-18. During 2018-19, the company has, for the first time in its six-decade-old history, witnessed the highest ever gas production of 71 million standard cubic meters per day (mmscmd) in November 2018. ONGC, he said, is taking all measures to sustain the production level and then grow further as per the company’s operational blueprint. The company has stepped up efforts to bring newer fields into production after Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a stiff target of reducing oil import dependence by 10 per cent by 2022. India currently imports over 80 per cent of its oil needs. The growth in output was largely contributed by C-26 Cluster fields, Daman and Vasai East fields in the western offshore as well as sub-sea well S2AB in the eastern offshore, he said adding ONGC has charted out a plan to double the gas production at 42.7 BCM by 2021-22. It is investing Rs 57,000 crore — one of the highest investments in the world in gas projects – in the high potential KG-DWN-98/2 project in the Bay of Bengal as well as in developing other discoveries on off the west coast. First gas from the KG-DWN-98/2 project is targeted for end-2019 and peak output is envisaged at 16.56 mmscmd by 2022. Giving details of projects that contributed to the increase, he said the incremental production came from Daman Offshore in the West as well as S1 Vashishta in the eastern offshore.last_img read more

The Knicks Did This To Themselves

Who’s Going Where As The NBA Trade Deadline Approaches? Related: Hot Takedown The Novak trade and the move away from 3-pointers are just two of the many examples of New York cutting experiments short when patience and cultivation might have eventually yielded a positive outcome, or at least prevented a negative one.Take Jackson’s 2015 signing of center Robin Lopez, which, outside of drafting Kristaps Porzingis, might stand as his best acquisition to date. After a solid season in New York — Lopez was arguably the most consistent player on the team in 2015-16, and he improved considerably after the all-star break when he got a better grasp on the offense — the Knicks dealt him away for Derrick Rose, who, because he’s in a contract year, may end up being just a one-season rental.Had the Knicks stood pat with Lopez, it would have spared them the pain of what replaced him: Joakim Noah’s four-year, $72 million contract, which, combined with his age and injury history, makes him seem untradable. (The signing looks borderline disastrous, given that Porzingis should be able to play Noah’s position full time within the next year or so anyway.) When Carmelo Anthony joined the New York Knicks at the trade deadline six years ago, the team feted his arrival. Just before Anthony, who was born in Brooklyn, was introduced at Madison Square Garden as a Knick for the first time, the team played Diddy’s “Coming Home,” featuring Skylar Grey. The club, formerly led by Amar’e Stoudemire, was now armed with a second star, one who was supposed to change the trajectory of the long-suffering franchise and make it a contender. And for a time, at least on paper, it was hard to argue with the results: After a decade of mostly awful basketball, the Knicks reached the playoffs in each of their first three seasons with Anthony.Fast-forward to today, though, and the team seems to be unraveling with every passing minute. The Knicks keep making headlines for the wrong reasons, whether it’s because their big-name point guard has gone AWOL, their president is putting his foot in his mouth or a fan favorite is being hustled out of the Garden in cuffs.1NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a Monday statement that he and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan, a longtime friend of Charles Oakley, the former player who was arrested, spoke with Oakley and Knicks owner Jim Dolan in hopes of the two men moving past the incident. Like last year, when New York fell off the map after a surprising 22-22 start, this year’s team put up a decent record early in the season only to see the wins have dried up and the club fall out of contention.To figure out how the Knicks could be so terrible — it looks likely that they’ll miss the playoffs for a fourth straight year despite having a future Hall of Famer on the roster — look to what the franchise lacks: continuity. Even when it makes the most sense to keep things as they are, the status quo is often upended in New York.The vast majority of that upheaval stems from failures in the front office, but before analyzing that mess, it’s important to note that Anthony isn’t blameless here either. The 32-year-old has shown an unusual degree of loyalty to the city and team he forced a trade to, despite being subjected to the team president’s subtweets and critiques every other month. But he hasn’t exactly been the easiest player to build around. People in the Knicks organization2I was a Knicks beat reporter at The Wall Street Journal for four years. will tell you that Anthony’s never been happy about the physical toll that comes with playing power forward, especially on defense, even though power forward is his most productive position. He also didn’t see eye-to-eye with his first Knicks coach, Mike D’Antoni (who’s now nearly a lock for coach of the year in light of what he’s doing in Houston), though D’Antoni’s quick-trigger, pick-and-roll-based offensive principles should, in theory, have fit Anthony’s game well.But most of the dysfunction is rooted in the Knicks’ front office. Perhaps the most maddening thing about its moves in recent years has been its inability to gauge the direction of the NBA as a whole.It’s hard to picture it now, but the Knicks were once exemplars of the NBA’s push toward more 3-pointers. The 2012-13 Knicks thrived using a two-point-guard system with Anthony at power forward en route to breaking a league record for 3-pointers made and attempted in a single season. They won 54 games — their most in 15 years — and earned the East’s No. 2 seed as Anthony won his first NBA scoring crown.Then, strangely, the Knicks dealt away Steve Novak, their best 3-point shooter (along with a first-round pick and two second-rounders3Marcus Camby and Quentin Richardson were also sent to Toronto as throw-ins, but they never actually played for the Raptors following the trade.), for Andrea Bargnani, who couldn’t really shoot anymore. Later that offseason, owner Jim Dolan axed Glen Grunwald, the team’s general manager, who’d finished tied for third in Executive of the Year voting just months earlier.Then, when Phil Jackson took over as president, he was adamant about using his beloved triangle offense. Teams throughout the NBA borrow from the triangle system, but it’s likely too antiquated to work when used in its entirety because it relies heavily on midrange and post-up shots that have fallen out of favor in today’s efficiency-obsessed NBA. At the same time, Jackson and his first coaching hire, Derek Fisher, seemed to downplay the importance of the three ball in today’s league. And by breaking up a team that was at the forefront of a larger leaguewide trend, the Knicks might have missed an opportunity to develop into an annual playoff contender. For years, episodes like the Lopez-Rose swap4The trade also included the Knicks sending guards Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon going to Chicago in exchange for swingman Justin Holiday and a second-round pick. — where an element of the team’s continuity is sacrificed in pursuit of a win-now gamble — have clearly been causing problems at the Garden. Since 2000, the Knicks have gone through more coaches than any other team, according to information provided by Elias Sports Bureau. Since the start of the 2008-09 season, they’ve suited up more players than any club. Anthony alone has had five coaches and 79 teammates during his time in New York. Jackson, who’s hired three coaches and cycled through 45 players in less than three years, has done little to slow the game of musical chairs down since becoming team president.Only now does the team seem to be grasping some of the nuances of the collective bargaining agreement and the importance of youth. New York’s front office, which hasn’t re-signed one of its first-round picks to a multi-year deal since Charlie Ward in 1999, deserves credit for having held onto its future first-round selections these past three seasons. The team’s foreign scouting has been solid for years. And the Knicks seem to have learned from past mistakes, signing unheralded free agents to longer, cheaper deals very different from the risky one-year pacts they agreed to with Jeremy Lin and Chris Copeland, who outplayed expectations, then left for bigger paydays elsewhere.Still, none of these relatively straightforward improvements absolve Dolan or Jackson of the mistakes they’ve made, since the team still lacks a clear direction years after this power structure was put in place.Though Dolan finally had the right idea in removing himself from basketball operations and handing those duties over to someone who can guard against Dolan’s urges to meddle with the team, it’s become painfully clear that Dolan should’ve turned to someone who’d done this job before, especially since the job now comes with a $12 million salary.Hopefully Jackson will view his tenure with the Knicks as an education on how vastly different this job is from coaching, but in the meantime, he has faced almost too many challenges (including setting a clear organizational agenda, giving a new coach room to experiment, and building a rapport with his players) to mention.The 71-year-old dealt Tyson Chandler, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert but has little to show for them. He has awkwardly straddled the line between trying to win now and trying to reload for the future, and he has made choosing a path harder by including a no-trade clause in Anthony’s contract.For too long, he micromanaged the club’s style of offense as if that was the problem, even though the Knicks are likely to field their 11th bottom-10 defense in the 15 seasons since Jeff Van Gundy resigned. And Jackson’s efforts to motivate his star player by criticising him in the media — which might have worked in the past, when Jackson was a coach and winning rings left and right — have fallen flat, and perhaps made players around the NBA less likely to want to play in New York.A simple dose of normalcy, along with a moment’s pause to take stock of how the rest of the NBA is operating, would go a long way in leading New York back to success, whether Anthony remains a Knick or not.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

John Simon takes on leadership role for Ohio State football

Uncertainty has surrounded many positions through Ohio State’s first three games. While the quarterback spot has received most of the attention, one of the few models of consistency for the Buckeyes this year has been No. 54. John Simon, a junior defensive lineman, has come up big for the Buckeyes in crucial situations. After being carted off the field in the second half as Toledo threatened to become the first Ohio school to beat the Buckeyes since 1921, Simon returned to the field to sack Rockets’ quarterback Austin Dantin on third-and-nine, forcing a Toledo punt with less than six minutes remaining. “The thing about John is, you know he’s going to be there, working every single day to get better at what he does,” OSU coach Luke Fickell said. Simon understands that his role amongst his younger teammates is important. With senior defensive lineman Nathan Williams missing last week’s game at Miami, Simon knew he had turn his leadership role up a notch. “I had to step in to that (leadership) role, losing Nate (Williams),” Simon said on Tuesday. “I’m doing my best. Anything I can do to help the team, I’m just trying to do my job out there. But it’s really a team sport, so what I’m doing doesn’t matter if we’re not getting the win.” Simon’s leadership role will have to continue this week, as OSU plans to start five underclassmen on defense, two of whom will be playing alongside Simon on the defensive line, this Saturday. Sophomore Johnathan Hankins is set to start at right tackle, while redshirt freshman J.T. Moore and freshman Steve Miller are expected to split time at the defensive end position. As a result of so many young names and different personnel schemes on defense, Simon has been asked to do more than usual on the field this season. “We’ve moved (Simon) around a lot, asked him to do a lot of different things,” Fickell said. “He’s going to get better at everything he does. He’s a great example for the other guys on the team.” Simon has as much faith in his young teammates as his coach does in him. “Seeing guys go out there and compete is what it’s all about,” Simon said. “I think we have a very competitive defense, some aggressive guys, and I think it’s going to pay off for us.” read more