Beware of what you speak

first_imgWATCH OUT WHAT YOU SPEAKHuman beings are blessed with a unique ability, a distinctive talent to communicate with each other. It is such an extraordinary blessing from the Almighty that we can govern this world because of this unique benefit. This boon is the capability to speak. The words that come out of our mouth may seem too light, but they are heavier than the brawniest object in the world. The words spoken by a person can either make or break another person. It is said that the bullet shot from a gun and the words once spoken can never be taken back. That is why it is indispensable to use our terms accurately.As human beings, we need to use them in a way that they should be appreciated. A word of encouragement spoken in the right way and the right tone can create miracles, whereas even when the best phrase is said inappropriately, it can break a heart. The wounds caused by the words are more resonant and painful than the injuries caused by the spear. Impolite words never miss the target of shattering a heart. So, choose them wisely.Many great personalities have come and gone in this world. They could rule our hearts just by the way they spoke and held us together with affection and perseverance. Their preaching is appreciated and followed because the form of speech they said signified a lot. Verily fair and ethical discourse can change a monster into a saint. Always think a thousand times before you speak. It influences the one who hears it.If we are outraged or frustrated, we should remain silent because silence can ward off many problems. Words spoken in anger and exasperation can impact a listener towards negativity and depression. It can break a heart and dissuade them. When in power, always remember never to talk in arrogance and smash a heart because what goes comes back to us.Finally, use the ability to use words appropriately in the best way with a smile on the face. A smile can solve many glitches, and it is contiguous. Never use it in a way that offends others and then repent for the arrow that is already shot.last_img read more