Nexus 5 will not have a MEMS camera Oppo surprises everyone and

first_imgA leaked log file from the unannounced Google Nexus 5 recently set camera nerds’ hearts aflutter with the possibility Mountain View’s next smartphone could ship with a MEMS-based camera with super high-speed focusing. Subsequent information has put that rumor to bed, but another smartphone maker could be preparing to fulfill our MEMS hopes and dreams — Oppo. The Chinese OEM has reportedly taken delivery of a whole mess of mems|cam image sensors.MEMS, an acronym for microelectromechanical systems, refers to very small mechanical devices. In the context of a camera, this means a small movable lens element is used to provide super fast, variable focusing. The camera module developed by DigitalOptics for the mems|cam can focus 7x faster than traditional smartphone cameras and uses only 1% as much power.The big feature with DigitalOptics’ MEMS-based camera is that it has Lytro-like functionality. Each snapshot can be captured at various focus depths, which allows the user to change the focus point later — on a smartphone. The potential to fix all those busted mobile snapshots is immense, but it probably won’t be happening on the Nexus 5. Oppo, on the other hand, is buying a large number of mems|cam modules.Oppo has been gaining traction both inside and outside China by making premium unlocked Android phones at reasonable price points. The company’s recently unveiled Oppo N1 has a rotating 13MP camera for high-resolution selfies. It will also be the first official CyanogenMod phone. With all those MEMS cameras, the company’s follow up could have an even more revolutionary camera feature.DigitalOptics went out of its way in the press release announcing the Oppo deal to confirm the earlier Nexus 5 reports were bogus. So get ready for Oppo to bring things into focus with its next device.last_img read more