Make Windows 7 look like Mac OS X 107 Lion

first_imgSo you’re perfectly happy with the way Windows 7 functions, but you’re finding the trademark Apple soft, gray sexiness from OS X 10.7 Lion irresistible? Fear not, oh yeah of multi-OS affinities! A new transformation pack makes skinning Windows 7 to like OS X Lion an absolute breeze. You’ll find it over at DeviantArt from user hameddanger. Before you get started, make sure to create a System Restore point just in case anything should go wrong during the installation process. The theme pack will patch certain system files, so there’s always a chance something could go awry — but it worked just fine on both my Windows 7 systems, on running 32-bit and one 64-bit.This particular theme is neatly packaged as a no-fuss installer. Just download, double-click, and keep clicking next until you reach the end of the process. After a reboot several new apps will appear in your system tray, each one imparting a bit of the Lion look and feel — including Leftsider to move the maximize/minimize/restore buttons, UberIcon to add the bounce effect to your desktop icons, RocketDock, and Y’s Shadow.AdChoices广告The finished look is very nice, though it’s not without glitches. The top portion of a Firefox 4+ window, for example, looks a bit odd with no borders. Another irk is that drop shadows behind application windows are blurred by Windows 7’s Aero Glass functionality. Disabling transparency in your personalization won’t really help — you’ll be left with non-transparent shadows which look even less attractive. I’d also like to see an Expose impersonator added to the pack, like dexpose2 (though it’s certainly easy enough to download and install separately) to complete the look.More at Into Windowslast_img read more