LulzSec takes Eve Online and Minecraft offline

first_imgThe hacking collective LulzSec has struck again today, and it’s gamers that are going to be the most upset. Both MMO Eve Online, and indie hit Minecraft are thought to have had their servers compromised. Escapist Magazine completes a trio of hacks today for the group who have been highly active recently.The Eve Online attack has been confirmed by the following tweet appearing on the game’s official Twitter account:LulzSec responded to that tweet by mocking CCP for taking the entire game offline “after our very simple DDoS attack.”Minecraft’s website is up, but the game servers are down with no confirmation coming from creator Notch yet as to their state. It could be there’s no Minecraft session for some gamers tonight until the security hole has been closed.As to the motivation behind these attacks. LulzSec always state they do it “for the lulz”. A press release giving details of the attack has yet to appear on their website, but their Twitter account is as active as ever.via ExophaseMatthew’s OpinionThere’s two ways of looking at these attacks: highlighting a security problem or just beingmalicious and targeting popular services. With a taget like Sony’s PSN, it makes a huge statement about how poorly Sony treats its user data and they should be called out on it. For a game like Minecraft that has been put together mostly by one guy working on his own, LulzSec should be talking with him about a security issue, not taking the game offline.Eve Online is a much larger game, but the same rule applies. They are a small collective in iceland running a popular niche MMO. What’s the value in hacking them over doing them a favor and helping shore up security. Is it really for the lulz? I don’t think players paying a subscription will be laughing about those two hacks.last_img read more