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four, Domain and love Shanghai’s ranking is not synchronized;

recently love Shanghai ventilation is more and more serious, the hands of the half for the site, really big head. The following simple analysis of a right to drop several forms, if not full place please enlighten.

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some, but not very common, do not look carefully and it is hard to see, because the ranking is usually in the back, my website form is SIte snapshot is a Domain snapshot in August 20, August is 17, Shanghai love search results is August 7th, really want to be loved to death in Shanghai, the main the reason is the weight of the chain is not enough, love Shanghai spider climb, if this ranking is also possible, once the ranking will be very good synchronization. read more

Google Chinese blog right and wrong practices on improving CPC

The right approach:

for the display position setting custom channels, allowing more advertising to participate in the competition of your website showcase. Please read this blog, understand the relevant details and the specific setting method.

in the previous post, we explain what is "revenue per thousand impressions, and how it affect activities by users on your site. Today, we hope that this topic go one step further and discuss some strategies help to improve your ad units CPC.

some publishers believe that adding high keywords in web pages can improve the income of the website. This approach is not desirable. In fact, we always recommend publishers around its familiar, the topics of interest to organize web content, so as to continuously provide original content attractive, to attract visitors to visit its Web site. read more