Welcome to Ma’anshan in Anhui

with the continuous progress of science and technology, our lives there have been a lot of intelligent products, especially the advent of robots, for our lives to provide more convenient and efficient. In November 1st, the reporter from the Ma’anshan Municipal Science and Technology Association was informed, organized by the Ma’anshan Municipal Association, Municipal Education Bureau and the municipal Party committee, Ma’anshan City Youth robot contest 2016 science and Technology Museum organized will be held in the city of science and Technology Museum in November 20th. At present, the competition is hot registration, registration deadline is November 11th. read more

Leclaire good brand women’s quality of life in the investment good choice

comes good nick brand good? In our life, has always been a very advantageous choice. Good brand comes to join in the project, an open their own good brand stores in Leclaire, is a very wise choice!

company "LARCHY" brand, adhere to the combination of self, to join the market strategy, has been in the China, establish self owned stores, nearly 200 stores scale, brand influence further personalized fashion consumption territory, the achievements of the" LARCHY" industry; extraordinary influence, by fashionable women, have very high visibility and reputation. read more

How to run a good breakfast franchise

for more business novice, compared to independent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to join the advantages of self-evident, nowadays, more and more people start to join the project, so if you join a breakfast shop what are the main items? Especially in the competition is so fierce, the viewer is not aware of the risk may be facing failure. Features early franchise business from the following considerations:

features to join the operation of the site should be located in large residential areas or large traffic flow. read more

Young is the capital, 9 gold money strongly recommend

young will continue to struggle, the old will not suffer, so we have heard, well, it’s true, here is the small series is strongly recommended to young entrepreneurial projects, these projects can earn a lot of money? Here is to tell you to do for young people to do the project, 9 money ideas recommended, as long as you can find a money idea, then you are not far from the road to wealth. 9 money ideas recommend, we look at, what are they!

read more

What are the methods of nail shops

is there anything that can be more beautiful than women? The woman even his nails were not spared, in recent years, Manicure market is in constant development, a lot of people are well paid in the Manicure market, there are more and more people want to join the market, are you a member of them? But do you know how to run a qualified nail shop? Here to talk to you about the skills.

has good language skills

language is the mutual coordination and public relations ability, mainly refers to how employees skillful application of language ability and customer communication is increasing, psychological tactics, understanding, establish good relationship with customers, make full sense of trust, thus shaping the personal charm and beauty salons charm, attract tourists. In the interview, you can do a little test, to provide customers with their own, to test the candidate’s tongue, such as how to calm and soothe the language to the customer’s anxiety, or how to express by language, the concept of recommended products and services. read more

Ten thousand yuan can do what business to earn a snack business.

has only ten thousand yuan on hand to do business? Many friends think about this problem more than once. So, ten thousand yuan can do business? For friends with limited funds, how to choose entrepreneurship projects? Small series for you to analyze the suction gold project.

ten thousand yuan can do what business? Snack bar. If you are confident about your performance in the kitchen, you might as well start a special snack bar in downtown. Only hire a waiter, plus rent, buy Cookware, required liquidity and other costs, the investment can be controlled in the yuan. Your snack bar to operate the daily meal, you two hats is the boss and chef, small profits for business purposes, services to workers, students and migrant population, mode of operation for breakfast, snack food, operating varieties with local characteristics, focusing on coarse grain practice. So, your average daily operating income will be more than 150 yuan, remove all kinds of costs, daily net income is also in the range of 40 –   between $50. read more

On behalf of the driving force to join you to find a good project to make money

generation driving hot demand, a lot of friends want to join the project on behalf of driving, this idea is good. On behalf of the drive to join it? Many people have doubts, to find a good project, on behalf of the driver is still very reliable. So what are the generation of driving on behalf of the project? Let’s take a look.

quickstone drive was established in 2011, belongs to Shanghai quickstone Cci Capital Ltd, through mobile Internet technology to improve the traditional driving on behalf of the service industry leader. Now, through the generation of mobile phones on behalf of the application, you can launch on behalf of the driving needs, in the distance from the last 5 generations of driving master choose to provide you on behalf of the driving service. read more