Entrepreneurs can not ignore the 8 types of legal risks

entrepreneurs who earned a hard career, but found that the enterprise into a legal dispute, for which the effort and even pay the price of money. This is because the initial venture did not attach importance to the relevant legal risks, hidden dangers for the future.

2014 years, Jingdong and Ali listed, China set off the climax of the mobile Internet business, all walks of life to O2O". The entrepreneurial team fought, entrepreneurial passion is wavewave, but the business is not a trifling matter, entrepreneurial projects can start, is the first step, but can go to the end, very rare. Entrepreneurial failure, many aspects of the project and the team is the reason, but the root cause is often legal risk. read more

Binzhou ice cream is good – the whole

China’s food and beverage market, small projects in winter are popular with ice cream tea and other brand items. In the current domestic food and beverage market, the popularity of ice cream is very popular, many consumers are ice cream enthusiasts, ice cream market demand is very large, very substantial business opportunities. Binzhou ice cream to join, which brand is better? Popular national favorite ice cream is a good choice.

favorite ice cream as a professional ice cold drink project, have a higher visibility and popularity in the domestic beverage industry, by virtue of the unique characteristics of the ice cream products, consumers have been welcomed and recognized, start a favorite ice cream stores, rich security. read more

China’s first exhibition of preschool education in 617

in June the 17th this year, there will be a 3 day international exhibition in Zhengzhou. The Ninth Asian and European · China Zhengzhou International Preschool Education Expo will be there grand opening. In this jumbly market, in which the enterprise is carried out on the basis of the judgment?

study showed that on average visit exhibitors booth volume as the base, only 12% of people in the month received the company’s sales staff call 12 before the exhibition, 88% new potential customers, but also show exhibitors to bring new customers to a high level. For the company’s products and services, 49% of the visitors are planning to buy those products and services. The exhibition is a business opportunity to show their strength, and how to choose a good exhibition platform, is the enterprise cautious problem. read more

Baby supplies store how to display goods

infant supplies stores business if you do not know how to display the principle that will certainly have an impact on the store profitability has, many businesses have come to the consultation skills on display, if you want to know with small series with a look, grasp the opportunity to learn, to acquire more profitable skills.

1, vertical display method: will be placed vertically in the vertical row of goods on the surface.

such display advantages: A. allows customers to clearly see the goods, can be compared, two horizontal arrangement, to go back and forth a few times, there is no clear impression, because people’s eyes move up and down than the parallel move clear. B. is beneficial to the similar commodity price comparison C. can not let the similar goods can enjoy "the gold dan". read more

Change yourself a little bit every day and you can change your life

you may think his age is still small, maybe you think you need to sharpen, but you know, change every step you do will have a huge change in your own life, want to change the world, change yourself first


1, remember, every day watching TV more than three hours, a monthly income of those who are not more than two thousand yuan, if you want a monthly income of more than two thousand, please don’t waste time on TV. In the same way, those who play online games or chat more than three hours a day, are also those who do not exceed the monthly income of two thousand. read more

Business license how to do this site weapon

for entrepreneurs, the first step is to open a business license for business, in order to win the full recognition of the state of our business. So how to do business license? The answer to this question will be illustrated in the following. Following these steps, investors will be able to successfully apply for industrial and commercial business license.

read more

Fujian Fort conservation status quo worrying how to retain nostalgia

in our lives due to the different characteristics of each region, so there is a certain difference between the local buildings, with the inclusion of the world cultural heritage list, "Fujian earth building" renowned at home and abroad. In fact, in Sanming, Fujian, there is a great regional characteristics of large residential buildings comparable to earth buildings, but scattered in the mountains and countryside for outsiders to know, this is the "earthen fort". Preservation of the status quo in Fujian Fort worrying, how to retain nostalgia is essential, and the following Xiaobian specific understanding. read more

College students start a tea shop

may be because of the change in the concept of college students, perhaps because of the impact of various preferential policies, in short, college students have become a very normal thing. Now more and more young entrepreneurs self-help, many college students have joined the ranks of the army, and the school will give appropriate support. So as a graduating college students, open a tea shop?

tea is a fashionable drink, and now many young people are willing to drink a cup of tea to relax in his spare time, so the tea shop is very popular in the market now. As a college student, open a tea shop: first, tea received the love of many young people, especially students ranks, as a student, if a tea shop near our school must have their own views on the site, after all, their own on the surrounding environment for many, know where near is the business district, where is the flow of people to. Tea shop tea shop location is the key of success, so if we can do the investigation on the site will be able to get The early bird catches the quick step. read more