Xining this year, the fiscal revenue will be arranged 3 billion yuan to invest in people’s livelihoo

January 10th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, in each year more than 80% of revenue into basic livelihood areas, this year, Xining will continue this approach, and the effective integration of various types of funds, as far as possible to improve the quality of life of the people of Xining through a number of livelihood projects. This year, Xining is expected to finance the level of 3 billion yuan will be arranged to invest in people’s livelihood.

in the past 2013, Xining city in accordance with the early commitment to citizens, increase the people’s livelihood investment, especially to tackle tough pollution, investment growth is more than 176.7% in previous years, the grid management mode, to build the city ecological environment quality. This year, Xining city government, which is out of their pocket money in the field of environmental protection is still a priority among priorities, an increase of 50.4% over last year, reaching 160 million yuan, to carry out a comprehensive construction of "beautiful Xining", complete the natural gas pipeline within the coverage area of 809 tons of steam coal burning boiler transformation, basically completed the catering service unit of coal smoke pollution etc.. Expenditure on health care and family planning services increased by 22.1%, reaching $450 million, mainly for the integration of urban and rural primary health care and family planning services for family doctors. It is worth mentioning that, compared to last year, this year, Xining is the largest investment in urban and rural community affairs, an increase of 208.1%, up to $270 million, to create a convenient public life circle of 15 minutes. In addition, Xining will invest 670 million yuan to the field of education, the construction of urban demonstration kindergarten, the establishment of primary and secondary school students, such as social practice base.



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