The new line is suitable for Entrepreneurship

choose a suitable entrepreneurial city, for entrepreneurs, is often the first step to success. As we all know, Venture Park, incubators, financial subsidies are the most common means of support for the new city government.

and Hangzhou belong to the Yangtze River Delta city of Suzhou has 7 activities, national and provincial high-tech zones, there are 21 national high-tech industrial base, torch industrial base, 2012 high-tech output value 1. 17 trillion yuan, accounting for 41% of the total industrial output value accounted for 10, the fiscal expenditure on science and technology. 4%.

"the government of Sichuan is also smart, first well-known enterprise investment over the country and then they open recruitment, to understand the people of Sichuan to pull back, prompting more companies willing to come back again." Zhou said. Chengdu government to support the week is: house plus relocation costs, pay half, free three years." And Chengdu’s rent is only 1/6 in Beijing to 1/3. />

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