Wanzai County of Jiangxi province enjoy home business loans

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, however, but the need to support the business as a capital, and only on the basis of sufficient funds, will make the cause of the real good development. The local governments in order to protect everyone’s business, to provide a very favorable business lending policies, thereby boosting people’s entrepreneurial career development.

"in 2013, after returning home from Shanghai, I started a food processing plant in my hometown. Last year, in order to increase the new equipment, expand the market, I went to the county Employment Bureau venture loan center to apply for a 300 thousand yuan interest free loans. This money is of great help to me, thanks to the government’s preferential policies for the support of our returning farmers." Jiangxi city of Yichun province Wanzai county farmer Ma Xiaodong said home business.

capital is a key link of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial stumbling block also hinder the pace, many entrepreneurs are often helpless. The majority of migrant workers to achieve the entrepreneurial dream home, to help fund the Wanzai County as the breakthrough point to carry out the work, and actively implement the business loan policy, open up business loan service Easy Access, in time for the migrant workers sent to the "real money", bring benefits. Since last year, Wanzai county a total of 410 migrant workers received business loans policy support, paid a total of up to 55 million yuan of funds.

open service green channel. In the county Employment Bureau Business Loan Guarantee Center, primary insurance are open a business loan service Easy Access, perfect the county jointly, coordinated loan service system under the. The hardware configuration is complete, the electronic screen, touch screen, printer, scanner, telephone, air conditioning, water dispensers and other equipment. Considerate service, migrant workers can return to enjoy the policy advice, project promotion, skills training, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, such as a full set of services.

implementation of the project of venture capital docking, Wanzai County funded code, issued "on promoting the return of migrant workers work programme", the county financial budget funds 100-200 million yuan to establish the business support fund, specifically for the development of entrepreneurial projects and other services; establishing venture resource library and promotion evaluation system, timely organize business the project docking activities; according to the different migrant workers, for strong entrepreneurial project development feasibility.

because of such a preferential business policy, will let the local entrepreneurial career achieved to make people feel very proud of the great development of entrepreneurship. Up to now, Wanzai County collected 53 combined with the local actual, promising and feasible strong entrepreneurial projects, including 40 projects the successful docking of the 153 migrant workers, 14 million yuan of funds in the course of business support.

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