Andre 3000 Will Turn Jumpsuits Into T-Shirt Line

first_imgIn a recent interview, Andre 3000 acknowledged that he felt like a sell-out for reviving OutKast, but claimed that his open admission of that feeling helped him justify his decision to tour. Along with that open admission came the jumpsuits – 47 in total – with a new thought-provoking catchphrase for each performance.Now, Andre 3000 plans to take his sell-out-ness to a new level, as he intends to market the designs as a t-shirt line. He discusses the plans in an interview with Hard Knock TV, which you can watch below:The interview touches on a number of topics, including touring with OutKast, Andre 3000’s upcoming acting role as Jimi Hendrix, and how he intends to retire from music at the age of 40. So, will you buy an “art or fart?” t-shirt?last_img

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