Need to do what work opened a shoe store

Although the

shop has become the choice of many investors, however, to open a good shop shop is easy, it is very difficult, in this context, investors only do more work, will be able to give a good shop. So, need to do what work opened a shoe store? Let Xiaobian to you.

open shoe mainly pay attention to the season and the bottom goods problem. In the season has not yet arrived when a large number of pre purchase. On the off season to season shoes in front of.

inventory problem is the most difficult to solve. It also stores and decoration. Must be a good port. A multi port. Do not be afraid to spend money decoration. Cabinets should be made in the furniture factory. The light must shine.

If the

is designed for young people to open the store in color should be a little bold. Like orange, blue, dark blue, purple, as long as it is not the whole room into a color, do not let the color is too dark, you can. You can put the wall brush on the same color in the light, and then the other decoration into the same color in the dark or the color of the color.

and the ceiling, if your house is high enough, you can do the ceiling, pattern can is related to your store, you can also love pattern, color should not be too deep, of course, you can also do a few challenges, should have the same effect. If your shoe is not high enough, you can even use the suspended ceiling, in fact, a median one light in the roof, and then put some spotlights on the shoes above, the effect will be very good.

signs and windows

often see some shoe shop in the streets of beautiful, luxurious music sound, advertising overwhelming, but is only seen to read, glanced over it, leaving no what impressed. In fact, a good sign, character name, clean the window, often can represent a store. The name to take good enough to remember, Mandarin and dialects will require the same text should be concise and easy to read. There is a famous shoe chain called "step by step" cloud Wuhan, sign design is simple and unique, invited the famous inscription, high visibility, business is very prosperous.

although not everyone please move the celebrity, but in the name of signs and extra effort will not effect the philippines. The window is more like a person’s face, the conditions must be designed window. Clean and bright design, do not care about the point of electricity. Placed inside the shoes, must be full of personality with the eye, best with a crystal, some plants flower embellishment, highlight the vital and elegant.

I used to have the

shop, passers-by often stopped in front of the window to hear "tut" praise, even for a pair of shoes and.

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