Graduated from junior high school at the age of 28 wage earners entrepreneurial net worth of million

clock Wei after junior high school graduates dropout migrant workers, with hardship and capable of active learning, finally achieved a most important turning point in life, and by virtue of his unique vision of his successful transformation into a successful entrepreneur.

the moment out of the village, Zhong Wei was determined, if not mix a way, death will not come back again. Now, the bell Wei does little back, he did not mix out of business, but not too much time. The 28 – year – old youth, franchise stores and outlets have developed a total of 15. 1.8 meters tall, a T-shirt and jeans, slender shape, short inch hair, hearty laughter, in front of the boy next door, it is hard to imagine that he is worth millions of boss.

an apprentice; most diligent


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