Daily store operation to learn to listen

although the customer’s personality is different, the way of communication will be different, however, no matter what kind of customer, as a clerk, if you want to do a good job in the operation of the shop, naturally also need to learn to listen. In short, 365 days a year in the daily operation, as we will inevitably encounter of every hue customers, these customers will speak, speak some love, good at telling customers. At this time we have to learn a "skill" – "listen". Business is a two-way interactive process, good at listening and good at expression, is an important part of the business process.

if you want to be a good salesman, you need to know how to listen. A listen listener is a necessary condition for the daily operation of the. Because to listen to the opinions of others, must be a rich thought, with modest and gentle personality, such a person in Xingxingdiandeng of many businesses, may not have the first customer attention, but in the end is the most customers patronize.

because of the operation of an open mind, so welcomed by the customer; because the business is good at thinking, so loved by customers. A quiet listener, not only by the customers frequented, also will allow businesses to harvest. Listening is the best compliment you give to your customers. Listening can make the customer feel that their opinions or suggestions are respected.

listening is very important in daily communication, is one of the most successful business skills. Daily operation is to listen to respect for others, but also respect for their own, understanding and tolerance, is self-cultivation, is a virtue, but also an art of life. Daily business can not be separated from communication and communication, and good at listening is the first step in successful communication and communication, listening to win customers, listen to win.

in marketing, between operators and customers during the purchase agreement is a communication process, listening in marketing is to win customers favor, make customer form a key step in the final purchase of. In fact, in the marketing and customer communication process, listening is often more important than introduction and explanation, it determines the business will be able to attract consumers, and consumers of goods businesses to produce the trust.

, especially in today’s consumer as the main buyer’s market environment, consumer opinion is the direction of our business, to meet consumer demand is the basis of our survival. Good at listening not only in the shortest possible time to understand the customer’s views and requirements, in order to continuously improve the daily business activities to provide a reference standard, so that customers have a good impression of the goods provided. Good at listening is an essential condition to communicate with customers, but also an important means to win customer resources.

so, in the marketing process, we must learn to listen, can clearly

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