2011 the third Henan nternet Conference held in Zhengzhou in October 23rd

Admin5 webmaster network on October 24th, 2011 third Henan Internet Conference held in Zhengzhou in October 23rd, Congress has been outside the province a number of network media and network companies to support and participate in dozens of provincial outstanding Internet enterprise representatives and more than 1000 Internet practitioners attended the meeting in the rain. The General Assembly invited the Internet industry leaders on the mobile Internet, e-commerce, micro-blog era, network marketing, Internet start-ups and other hot topics of keynote speeches and roundtable discussion.

in the keynote session, Baidu union business manager Yang Yahui explained the main "enterprise sustainable development solutions" in her analysis report pointed out that the Henan Internet development space is very large, there is still a lot of webmaster entrepreneurial opportunities. Word of mouth network founder Li Zhiguo on the topic of entrepreneurs to do the Internet venture and financing share. He pointed out, make the greatest efforts to reduce the start-up costs two, pay is the key to the slow need to start early., entrepreneurial success! Sina.com.cn founder Wang Zhidong made "business to Jobs" the theme of his speech, he put Jobs’s success can be classified into 1 aspects: the external and the American educational culture, suffered setbacks in life and competition the challenges are closely related to internal factors and Jobs’s tolerant attitude and tenacious adhere to the spirit of the grassroots micro-blog upstart wine red blue, poly Amoy network CEO Li Mingshun, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng, Discuz Zhang Xiang, director of marketing two rabbit! The father of Huang Tao and other guests have also done a wonderful theme to share.

in the first round of the roundtable discussion session V5 push, Sina founder Guan Peng micro-blog platform business manager Zhou Liqing, Tencent, micro-blog open platform business manager Zhou Yuning, sina Henan, micro-blog brand director Zhang Tingjia Master wine red blue, micro-blog founder Peng Songchao around the world how to use the micro-blog business, how the rapid growth of high quality fans, the enterprise how to use micro-blog marketing to discuss topics such as. Guests wonderful view: the official micro-blog to the heart of the enterprise, the chairman must be involved in doing a good job of micro-blog interactive marketing is a key step in the enterprise; do more public welfare activities.

The second round

round table discussion by Henan enterprises five hundred net chairman Kong Weiguo presided over the original sina.com.cn click technology founder, CEO Wang Zhidong, the original monument at the founder, amoeba investment partner Li Zhiguo, fast group CEO Yang Yan, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng, chairman of the group of car Granville five guests to discuss the identity of Bing "the Internet business about the topic. The guests a wonderful view: Internet entrepreneurs do not look at the top of the mountain, to consider their own energy; micro-blog more valuable to society, entrepreneurial companies best from the first day to clear the position and shares of each member; early entrepreneurs do not want to be too perfect, do say, then continuous correction; not too ideal, often there is a gap between the reality; to do Internet resources, the best is the traditional industry to the electricity supplier, not to the Internet and the internet.

roundtable discussion in the network marketing, pushing a founder Jiang Likun, Tong Wang technology CE>

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