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As a coach,it is the first ever movie premiere and it will be great to have movie stars like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in town for the MIFF, said MIFF chairman Dr Khalid Al Zadjaliwho made Oman’s first ever feature film ‘Boom’ For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 has been in news since its inception due to the innovative and time-bound resolution framework The Code intends to provide an efficient resolution to the menace of outstanding debts by the corporates and other persons due to the banks and other institutions The intention is essentially to clean up the system and thereby providing a boost to the economy Since its admission of the first case under the Code — the Innovative Industries matter — there have been many cases presented under the IBC dealing with various legal aspects of the Code The Code being a recent legislation is at an evolving stage and one can observe that with almost with every other case several concepts of the Code have been interpreted which have been providing much needed clarity to this nascent legislation which indicate the intentions of the Code Current status of admitted Insolvency cases in India On glancing through the various cases decided by the National Company Law Tribunals (NCLT) National Company Law Appellate Tribunals (NCLAT) it can be understood that tribunals have been adjudicating various cases on its distinct facts This process provides clarity to the concepts which are not expressly provided under the Code or which may have multiple connotations Also the cases decided till date gives an impression that the Code has been attempting to be impartial to either of the debtors or creditors and thereby upholding the spirit and objective of the Code Representational image On the other hand one has also witnessed certain instances wherein the tribunal has rejected the petitions filed by the corporate debtor where they suspected such petitions to be spurious or frivolous in nature As seen in the matter of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd NCLT provided a difference between non-payment of debt and inability to make payment The NCLT observed that non-payment of debt should not be reckoned as inability to make payment on behalf of the debtor and dismissed the petition Interestingly in the case of Uttara Foods and Feeds Private Limited v/s Mona Pharmachem being the recent and one of the two cases till date which have been decided by the apex court on the issue of the Code The Supreme Court that by virtue of its inherent powers under Article 142 allowed the parties to settle the matter out of Court (wherein the settlement was arrived between the parties post admission of the petition) expressed that since tribunals did not have inherent powers to decide on the issue of settlement arrived between the parties post admission of the petition the law needs to be modified so as to permit the same The cases that have been decided go onto show that one third of the cases have been filed by the corporate debtors Although the tribunals are able to adjudicate effectively being overwhelmed with company matters under different statutes they are struggling to decide the matters within the prescribed time Timeline management of the resolution process On admission of the petition an Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) is appointed and is required to step in to take complete control over the management of the corporate debtor and take control and custody of its assets receive collate verify the creditor claims constitute the Committee of Creditors (CoC) and comply with such other tasks While the process defined aims for a smooth functioning there are many challenges that the IRP faces while working towards the resolution process In most of the cases the IRP works alongside a company which has been through several ordeals of revival procedures under different laws and has exhausted its resources hence the formulation of a resolution plan might in certain cases take more time than expected The IRP also faces challenges while working around incomplete records pending compliances and un-cooperative officers of the corporate debtors Also since only individuals — entities being excluded as of now — are permitted to act as insolvency professionals it becomes extremely stressful for individual resolution professionals (RP) who face infrastructural and logistical challenges to perform their duties The IRPs or RPs have to approach the tribunals and wait for their directions thereby making it difficult for them to adhere to the prescribed timelines Challenges in access to operational credit for day to day operations The IRPs and RPs are also beleaguered as they require the working capital in order to run the business of such debtor as a going concern The IRPs or RPs have to struggle to raise resources to tackle the day to day requirements of the corporate debtor As a matter of stark reality there have been also instances where the IRPs failed to muster up the resources even for a basic thing as convening the first meeting of the CoC Once the CoC is formed any major decision of the IRP or IP regarding the finances of the corporate debtor is subject to the discretion of the CoC In many instances the IPs or IRPs have approached the creditors even for meeting the operational requirements of the corporate debtor As seen in the matters of Essar Steel and Alok Industries where the respective IRPs had approached the existing lenders of the company to infuse more funds in order to keep the firm’s operations to clear the dues and pay off the salaries of the employees In some of the cases there were issues where illegible or ill-advised persons submitted applications as resolution applicants (RA) Thus the Code was further amended to address this issue and armed the IP or IRP to do a background verification of the RA and that the Ordinance was another step in this direction The recent Ordinance has further enhanced the eligibility requirements as to who can act as RA Addressing conflicts with suspended promoters This new Ordinance has garnered tremendous attention and proved to be controversial This ordinance inter alia bars promoters being willful bank loan defaulters as well as those with NPA accounts from bidding in auctions The cardinal reason that the Ordinance has been criticised in some quarters is that it prohibits the promoters (who have NPAs) and disqualified directors to bid for the corporate debtor who are the heart and soul of the company The promoters who have a larger interest for the company are as compared to other competitors are expected to submit better bids to retain the control of the company The Ordinance though does not entirely restrict all the promoters save and except defaulting promoters for whom also the Ordinance provides a window to participate albeit after repaying their debts It is difficult to implement one of the popular modes of restructuring ie conversion of the debt into equity since it may be highly unlikely for the creditors to subscribe for the equity of the debtor company which has lost its substantial worth Building consensus among both operational and financial creditors The IRP or RP has to ensure that even claims of the operational creditors (OC) are adequately addressed since they are not entitled to vote in the meetings CoC which comprise of financial creditors and thereby ensuring that the OC are not sidelined or cornered in entire resolution process The IRP’s and RP’s are tasked with the responsibility of creating a consensus between the financial creditors and the operational creditors in terms of their claims and the company’s ability to pay RPs who may not be well versed with running a business are also required to understand the specific business of the corporate debtors its reasons for financial troubles and accordingly the need to arrive at a settlement with the creditors qua their debts The ordinance read with the recent amendments to the Code requires the IP or RP to verify the credibility of the resolution applicant thereby adding another item to its already bulging compliance list Despite the various teething issues that the Code has encountered in its relatively short journey on the legal firmament the spirit and the object of the Code have been adequately demonstrated by the various cases that have been decided The Code is at an evolution stage and one should not undermine the intentions behind its enactment especially in light of the uncertainties or issues of interpretation of its various aspects and not to forget the recent debates about the eligibility of the bidders Going by the journey so far one can only hope and expect that the future augurs well for the insolvency resolution landscape in India and that there is a lot of room for improvement and refinement It is keenly awaited all the concerned that this infant legislation would surely grow into a wise and mature adult The author is principal associate Rajani Associates Suchita Sharma and Gitika Makhija associates at Rajani Associates also contributed to the article Tropical Storm Nate rapidly weakens over Alabama | Reuters Fwire Reuters Oct 08 2017 21:27:13 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 08 2017 21:27 PM | Updated Date: Oct 08 2017 21:27 PM Tags : Written by Neelam Sharma | Chandigarh | Published: February 11 2009 1:57 pm Related News Psychological relief to the patients and their expectations of a faster relief can supersede the rational reasons for the doctor while prescribing injectionsreveal a PGI survey Responses of doctors in a survey conducted by the School of Public HealthPGI highlight that over one-third of the doctors feel that their prescription of injections over oral medicines is driven by the expectations from the patientspatients’ demand and psychological relief to the patientsrather than any rational reasons The survey also revealed that nearly 7 per cent of the surveyed doctors feel that sometimes injections are administered due to “doctors’ push” and 34 per cent doctors feel that injections are given due to “patients’ demand” As many as 362 per cent doctors felt that they prescribe injections to meet the “patients’ expectations” while 17 per cent said that they would prescribe injections to provide “psychological relief to the patients” Interestinglythe survey also recorded the response of 34 per cent doctors who said they are “not sure/do not know” when to prefer to prescribe injections “Our survey has revealed that 879 per cent doctors in the government set up in the tri-city of ChandigarhPanchkula and Mohalifollow rational reasons while deciding to prescribe injections Ideallythis figure should be 100 per cent as to why should a doctor go by the expectation or demand of the patients while preferring an injection over oral medicine This is huge gap which needs to be addressed’ says Dr A K Aggarwal of the School of Public HealthPGI In its programme of promoting the safe injection practicesthe school of public health has compiled the responses of 58 government doctors and 283 government nurses along with government pharmacists to gauge the response and attitude toward safe injection practices Converselyonly 121 per cent of these doctors feel that patients use the rational reason for asking for an injection while an equally effective oral medicine is available A whopping 776 per cent of the doctors said in the survey that patients prefer injections over oral medicines due to their expectation of an early cure The findings come as a matter of concern for the experts who feel that the injection usage in India is already more than the desiredwith each individual in the country getting injected for some ailment or the other at least 6 times a year (as per a nationwide survey conducted by IPEN study) “There is nothing in giving injections per sebut the related infectionsunsafe practices and the bio medical waste generated by the injection usage can be curtailed if the injections are given on rational basis” adds Dr Aggarwal BOX: the burden of injections in the country and gap between the public and the private sector As per the nationwide IndiaCLEN Program Evaluation Network (IPEN) study342 per cent of the injections in the public sector hospitals in the country are given for cough/fever and diarrhoea The corresponding figure in the private sector for the same ailments is 49 per cent As high as 40 per cent injections are given for weakness in the country’s public sector hospitalagainst 53 per cent in private sector 46 per cent injections in public hospitals and 52 per cent in private hospitals are given for “other symptoms” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jay Jay | New Delhi | Published: May 5 2017 2:42 pm Related News Oppo F3 the smaller version of the F3 Plus just launched in India where the focus is once again on the selfie camera Dual-selfie cameras selfie cameras with flash on the front a 16MP sensor all of these have become common thanks to brands like OPPO vivo Gionee etc which have made the ‘selfie camera’ as their USP In fact even Samsung’s C7 Pro C9 Pro and the new A7 (2017) all have 16MP front cameras to appease users So which are the ‘selfie’ worthy options to keep in mind when buying a new smartphone We have a quick list of the top options in the market Oppo F3 Price: Rs 19990 Oppo F3 dual front camera setup produces great results at least where the selfies are concerned Oppo F3 has been specially built to cater to the fact that “selfie is among the core demands” in the Indian market The phone features two 16MP and 8MP front cameras with 120-degree wide angle which is the same as in the pricier Oppo F3 Plus The phone has a group selfie mode to let users make the most of the wide-angle setup In our first impression of the Oppo F3m we felt thedual front camera setup produces great results the pictures look sharp For single and bright selfies you can use the 16-MP lens in a standalone mode as well Of course Oppo has other add-ons like a full-fledged beauty mode filters etc to improve the quality of your selfies For groupies you can use the 8-MP lens which offers the wide-angle advantage Oppo F3 Plus Price: Rs 30990 The latest in the line of Oppo’s ‘Selfie-Expert’ series smartphones features a dual (16-MP + 8-MP) front camera set-up Oppo F3 Plus aims to outmatch its predecessor the F1 Plus with added specifications and improved selfies This one also features a dual (16MP + 8MP) front camera set-up but has a bigger 6-inch Full HD display Our review of the phone revealed good colour reproduction and better handling of red and pink colours for the selfie camera The 8MP lens thanks to its 120-degree wide angle coverage is specially tuned for group picture The front camera also offers Beauty mode filters etc to boost the selfies However the performance of the front camera isn’t the best when it comes to low light conditions and the selfies can be a bit grainy Vivo V5 Plus Price: Rs 27980 Vivo V5 Plus has a dual front camera and promises a ‘bokeh’ effect on the selfies Vivo V5 Plus features a dual (20MP + 8MP) front camera setup unlike the V5 which features a single 20-MP front camera In our review of the phone the resulting front camera images were quite stunning The ones captured with the ‘bokeh’ effect where the background is blurred look quite interesting However the image focus during bokeh mode left a few unwanted blurs and also resulted in over-exposure even in moderately well-lit conditions Vivo V5 Plus also has a Moonlight Selfie mode that lets you create advanced lighting effects for better results OnePlus 3T Price: Rs 29999 for 64GB According to OnePlus the lens can gather more light in dark conditions to reduce noise as well OnePlus 3T features a 16-MP front camera lens Now this one isn’t really sold as a selfie smartphone but the front camera delivers some excellent results In our review we had said the front camera delivers well on the selfie front The front camera can capture wide-angle selfies but not as wide as the one in the Vivo V5 Plus Plus it helps that OnePlus 3T has a great overall performance and a more powerful Snapdragon 821 processor Gionee A1 Price: Rs 19999 Users can also shoot 1080p Full HD videos using the front camera Gionee A1 comes with a 16-MP front camera which competes well with other ‘selfie’ smartphones in terms of resolution The camera is has f/20 aperture LED flash as well as multiple beauty modes to let users accentuate their selfies depending on how bright you want to look in these photos As our review of the phone revealed the camera captures good details when it comes to the face and the resulting images are impressive The front-facing camera has an LED flash to take selfies in the dark as well This is another alternative for someone who doesn’t want the Oppo or vivo phones Vivo V5s Price: Rs 18990 he front camera setup features a single 20-MP lens which is equipped with a front flash for better results in low-light conditions Vivo V5s is an improved variant of the V5 in that it comes with better cameras among other features The front camera setup features a single 20MP lens which is equipped with a front flash for better results in low-light conditions Termed as a Moonlight Camera by Vivo the front camera offers bright and detailed results as our first look at it revealed Samsung Galaxy A7 Price: Rs 33490 It is also powered by a new floating shutter concept which offers better grip so images stay blur-free One again Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) is not pitched as a selfie camera but this phone has a 16MP front camera which is good enough to satisfy most selfie fansIt comes with an f/19 aperture and can record videos at 1080p Full HD at 30 frames per second It is also powered by a new floating shutter concept which offers better grip so images stay blur-free For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: Bigg Boss 10 Finale 2017: Salman Khan reveals the trophy goes to Manveer Gurjar as Bani J is first runner-up and Lopamudra Raut is second runner-up Related News Television’s most awaited grand finale is here and the audience just cannot contain their excitement Bigg Boss 10 has announced Manveer Gurjar as its big winner The show pulled out all stops to ensure the current season closed on a high octane level and in the presence of superstar host Salman Khan Moments after finale closed winner Manveer Gurjar’s father announced that half the prize money would be donated to Salman Khan’s charity Being Human Last year’s winner Prince Narula had donated Rs 5 lakh of his prize money to Salman’s charity WATCH VIDEO |Manveer Gurjar: I Won Bigg Boss 10 As I Was Genuine Bigg Boss 10 which had a 105-day run got its finalists – Manveer Gurjar Bani Judge Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut last week While the fight between the four was at its toughest speculations around the winner were also high While some reports claims that commoner Manveer won the show fans of VJ Bani are rooting for her Lopamudra had her own set of fans who are going strong on social media in her support And how can we forget Manu who had a roller-coaster stint inside the Bigg Boss 10 house Manu quit the show after taking Rs 10 lakh Salman finally announced Manveer as the winner Kaabil lead pair Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam shared the stage with Salman and add to the thrill Hrithik and Salman also shook a leg leaving their fans asking for more The trio truly looked picture perfect in whatever we saw of them from the Bigg Boss 10 sets till now Also read |Bigg Boss 10: From Salman Khan’s performance to Manveer Bani Lopamudra Manu’s acts everything about Bigg Boss finale Also giving company to Salman Khan were television actors from several shows of channel Colors including Naagin stars Mouni Roy and Karanvir Bohra Udann’s Vijayendra Kumeria Meera Deosthale Former Bigg Boss finalist Karishma Tanna also raised the glamour quotient with her dance number Watch | Bigg Boss 10: Manveer Gurjar wins the show Colors’ upcoming show Dil Se Dil Tak actors Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai also interacted with the four finalists as Neha Dhupia and Sohail Khan promoted their upcoming comedy show Chhote Miyan on the Bigg Boss 10 stage Musician Shankar Mahadevan came and met Salman while introducing his show Rising Star Read all the updates straight from the Bigg Boss 10 finale sets here No Comments in this live blog For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AFP | Paris | Published: August 17 2017 10:26 pm Zinedine Zidane has enjoyed a glorious year in charge of Madrid as they successfully defended the European Cup (Source: Reuters) Top News Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane heads the list of 12 nominees for the FIFA men’s coach of the year award announced today Other candidates include Antonio Conte who led Chelsea to the English title Manchester United’s Europa League-winning coach Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus Zidane has enjoyed a glorious year in charge of Madrid as they successfully defended the European Cup — the first team to do so in the Champions League era Real also won La Liga the first time they had been champions of Spain and Europe in the same year since 1958 He has won seven trophies since succeeding Rafael Benitez as coach of Madrid in January last year including the UEFA Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup this month The prize — one of a new set of awards organised by FIFA following their split with Ballon d’Or organisers France Football magazine — will be handed over in London on October 23 The shortlist for FIFA’s coach of the year prize: Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus/ITA) Carlo Ancelotti (Bayern Munich/GER) Antonio Conte (Chelsea/ENG) Luis Enrique (Barcelone/ESP) Pep Guardiola (Manchester City/ENG) Leonardo Jardim (Monaco/FRA) Joachim Loew (Germany) Jose Mourinho (Manchester United/ENG) Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham Hotspur/ENG) Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid/ESP) Tite (Brazil) Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid/ESP) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by MVL Manikantan | Published: December 25 2016 12:16 am A passenger waits for the train at the Old Delhi Railway Station (Source: Express photo by Oinam Anand) Top News It was a tradition for my father to drop me off at the station before my train journeys It began a decade ago ever since I started travelling alone But that valet service is now reserved for significant trips only So on a late October morning when I was about to embark on my childhood dream of travelling across the country in trains he rolled out his trusted Activa to drop me to Chennai Central Yes you read that right: travelling in trains mostly in sleeper compartments one after the other across India with no strings of sightseeing attached Why would anyone want to do that For most people the journey is about the destination But I have been crazy about trains ever since I can remember My father and his elder brother share the same obsession My earliest memory is of my parents taking me to railway stations and tricking me into eating food on the pretext of watching trains My childhood photographs has me a toddler at various locations of the (now UNESCO World Heritage) Nilgiri Mountain Railway or in front of steam locomotives in Tiruchi and meter gauge trains of then Madras In 1999 I read Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days I was in Class V and it made me long for such adventures The years spent hero-worshipping Phileas Fogg and being obsessed with the Indian Railways ended up in a 12-day sojourn across India on trains As a tribute to my home city Chennai I wanted to start and end at two of its iconic stations: Central and Egmore The idea was to go from one end of the country to another and I started off with the Coromandel Express a 1663 km ride in a sleeper compartment to Howrah It was never going to be about solitude In sleeper coaches waitlisted passengers even ticketless travellers are likely to take your seat if you don’t claim it They clogged every possible space available and fitted into narrow berths To add to the existing chaos was the music from the acoustically-challenged Chinese mobile phones which every second passenger had At least I knew Hindi and bargained for some peace but the only lady in my bay — a senior citizen Telugu lady — felt endangered It was only when I spoke on my phone in Telugu that she felt relieved There was also the outgoing Deepak who loved conversations whenever he didn’t break into an impromptu singing session First however you had to satisfactorily answer two questions: Tumaar jaat ki Tumaar graam ki (What is your caste Where is your village) A row of trains waiting at the Old Delhi Railway Station (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna) The old terminal at the Howrah station took me back in time – October 25 1872 to be precise That’s when Fogg and his trusted butler Passepartout had got there after saving the widowed Aouda from sati in Vernes’s novel Renowned for its distinct cuisine the city’s biryani with potato commands the utmost loyalty although it was strange to see its Hyderabadi counterpart being served at the terminal From Howrah I took the Saraighat Express to Guwahati To get to Guwahati through the chicken’s neck on any form of land transport one must cross the mighty Ganga and the bountiful Brahmaputra It was pitch dark as we crossed the Farakka Barrage But even if I could not see the sound of the water gushing through the 27 gates of the 44-year-old barrage gave you the freedom to imagine the might of the rivers For an average south Indian the idea of a river is a dry and baked riverbed The occasional flow of the river that is heavily reliant on the monsoon gives some cheer when there are no heated contests of river water sharing hogging the limelight Assam was initially connected by meter gauge rail before the conversion to broad in the early 1990s The gauge conversion meant quicker transport; hence the stations have a prefix to display that — New Bongaigaon New Jalpaiguri New Cooch Behar From Guwahati I took another train to Delhi — this time a Rajdhani my one concession to expensive travel — where the next leg of my journey awaited me There is not much to see in Guwahati barring the Kamakhya Temple and the Brahmaputra after which you are told to go Shillong Thanks to apps that offer budget hotel booking and friends spread across the country accommodation was not a hassle From Delhi I caught the Uttar Sampark Kranti to the sleepy Katra in Jammu and Kashmir home to Sri Mata Vaishno Devi The railway line to Katra — 70 km from Jammu via Udhampur and which will be connected eventually with Srinagar — is closely guarded with signs prohibiting photography My co-passengers to and fro the journey were boisterous families on an extended Diwali pilgrimage break On the return from Katra to Delhi by Jammu Mail the train filled up more in Punjab True to the stereotype the coaches became lively noisy and broke the silence of Jammu and Kashmir The Chandigarh-Kochuveli (Trivan-drum) Kerala Sampark Kranti traverses just over 3000 kilometers connecting the north and south in 53 hours From the cleaner air in Chandigarh to polluted climes of the National Capital Region via the congested atmosphere of Mumbai the rocky green carpet of the Konkan and through the salty air of the Arabian sea this train could well be a window to the large-scale climate deprivation I hopped on to this one By the time the train completed its journey sitting in the sleeper class I had witnessed polluted fog early winter chill unadulterated heat and some sharp rain When I arrived in Trivandrum I took a break for 12 hours where I roamed the city took a ride to the beach and watched a Kathakali performance I boarded my final train the Guruvayoor-Chennai Egmore in the wee hours of November 5 By now I was exhausted and I had lost five kgs But oh what a ride it had been My journeys had showed me what diversity is – from religion language and cuisine to sunsets and sunrises bitter cold and harsh rains all in a span of 12 days The one factor which has also changed travel is technology I did not get fleeced for local travel thanks to Uber/Ola Through an Oyo I had a room waiting for me well in advance If that’s not all I got a Dominos pizza delivered to my berth in Panvel thanks to IRCTC online I had heard about apps that deliver food to your berths and I gave it a shot in Vishakapatnam As I completed my journey at Chennai Egmore I realised that Chennai Central (the place where I started) was just 1500 metres away on foot But my love for trains had taken me across 19 states and 10000 kilometres over 12 days I might not be able to replicate Phileas Fogg’s journey anytime soon thanks to an Indian passport but what I have learnt is that even 80 days will not be enough to see the beauty that lies in India It would take an entire lifetime MVL Manikantan a former sports journalist is an aspiring marketing professional For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top News The action-thriller will be the first-ever film that will premiere in Oman during the seventh edition of the Muscat International Film Festival (MIFF). it said.

Amir continued doing what he does best as he picked three wickets whilst Sharjeel Khan and Babar Azam also made their presence felt in this challenging run-chase. had purchased a Chevrolet Sail Sedan on April 3, ‘you need to make a short film first so that producers will have confidence in you to support a feature length film’. have alleged that she was pushed to her death although they haven’t named anyone as an accused. the government had appointed around 200 mentor teachers. Afghanistan was not on the list, Eventually, Chinese media restrained itself while Xi was on American soil, It was Telugu Titans’ 11th defeat of the season as their dismal run in the tournament continued.t the only thing on his mind.

Sundar Raman,people such as Trivedi were being targeted. Wife Irina Brar,I play the bat directly. There is a curious situation in UP where a Deputy Election Commissioner has been avoiding attending office, and were even more apparent against Italy.s economic and demographic trends remain shaky at best, and both have looked in decent touch in the series. director of primary education and head of the committee wasn’t available for comment, to knock the sails out of Kerala’s batting.

and American sprinter and long jumper Carl Lewis as the most successful Olympic track and field athletes.Japan were second in 3760 seconds to take a surprise silver while the United States took bronze in 3762 As it happened # Jamaica start with the lap of honour They are celebrating with moves claps and plenty of laughter? Read More “The crew’s specialty is that it works like a family.the proposal of awarding transferable Floor Space Index (FSI) in any part of the city to the contributors of restoration is being worked out, said Municipal Commissioner Guruprasad Mohapatra As many as 12502 heritage buildings have been listed out after field surveys jointly carried out by AMC and French experts under revitalisation of the walled city of Ahmedabad project Based on the building value and typethese are divided into three categories with 458 buildings listed as most valuable and in need of immediate restoration work Gauri Wagenaarwho last year had stepped down as the head of the Netherlands Business Support Office in Ahmedabad (a Netherlands government-backed firm that helps establishing new business)after holding the position for 15 yearsis lending her experience and support to this restoration projectsaid an AMC official The biggest challenge to be faced is lack of awareness towards heritage and culture among residents A clear manifestation of this is overnight breaking down of old buildings in the city that are replaced by new constructions? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | New York | Published: August 31, 7-5 in the Grand Prix Hassan II final.adding that the regulations on Graduate Medical Education, “Once the Delhi government decides on the members who will be part of the SIT,Nashik and Nagpur. which was reopened last year after work to increase its capacity by 8, She will require further counseling.

in an off-record briefing, ‘It’s the need of the hour to bring change’.and yet justified a rate hike? The show,shiningconsulting. But none qualified. download Indian Express App More Related NewsTawang (Arunachal Pradesh): Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Saturday said that Tibetans were not demanding Indian citizenship.for Rs 30. has been reported to be “missing” for the last few days.2003.

on March 21, the civic administration has acquired two such machines from Australia for Rs 21 lakh each, Though Mamata Banerjee’s TMC failed to build a consensus on her party’s proposed to march to Rashtrapati Bhawan on Wednesday itself to protest demonetisation of high-value currency notes.

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