Ali’s PHPWind denied that the link has long been known as plagiarism

July 1st news, according to "Amoy link" accused of plagiarism said, "Amoy link" developers, Alibaba’s forum software PHPWind official denied plagiarism, and said that as early as in 2009 August has been approved to develop Amoy links, but because of various reasons until June 30th on the line.

The evening of June 30th

, a start-up company rolled bean net at the forum issued a "serious plagiarism volume about PHPWind bean net" for the money chain "statement", accused PHPWind company in June 30th launched "Amoy link" is "completely, out and out plagiarism" roll bean net "gold chain" function. The start-up company also announced the introduction of the two products, install the code prompts, the effect of a series of screenshots of the report page, in order to prove that the Amoy link is copied from the network of beans, gold chain for.

, according to informed sources, the gold chain and net volume bean PHPWind Amoy link function is indeed similar to the site all ordinary shop chain and online commercial links into support Commission settlement CPS link, it does not account for the website advertising, can increase the site’s additional sources of income.

for volume beans network accused PHPWind company official pointed out that as early as August 2009 the company has been established to develop Amoy link, but later due to various reasons, Amoy links postponed to June 30th this year was released. The person in charge and said, PHPWind e-commerce products based on Taobao, "is the construction of open standards based on Taobao, including a number of interactive processes, communication protocols and so on, so based on this platform to develop products, some places seem on the surface, there will be a similar place".

he also revealed that the founder of the Department of rolls bean network before Taobao employees, rolls beans network was established in March this year. This will inevitably lead to roll bean network gold chain of all kinds of conjecture.

roll bean network co-founder June (micro-blog: did not deny the company set up late and he had Taobao staff’s identity, but he clearly pointed out that "even if the volume bean copy the PHPWind idea, also cannot explain the PHPWind products of all types and roll like beans".

All kinds of speculation, because it is the

for their former Taobao employee identity brought by June said that the relevant facts in the volume bean network statement has said very clearly, roll bean network won’t explain each other’s team for the PHPWind argument, explanation, he felt very sad, because he has deep feelings for Taobao.

attached to the roll bean network on the serious plagiarism PHPWind roll bean network ‘gold chain’ statement full text:

roll bean network ( is an Internet start-up company, is committed to providing innovative and valuable e-commerce tools for the online community, to help the majority of the owners to seize the e

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