Baidu has ah on-line shop profit pattern revealed

days ago, Baidu "have ah" ( version of beta officially launched. Baidu said that Baidu has ah will create a perfect one-stop shopping platform for Chinese Internet users. In view of the hot test before the invitation, is expected after the line on the platform will usher in a frenzy of sellers shop.

from now on, any Internet users will be able to use directly from Baidu’s online shopping platform. Compared with the existing online shopping platform, Baidu has ah advantage is more stable, more concise shopping process. In addition, in the details, Baidu has ah, pay more attention to humane treatment, thoughtful. In terms of the seller, Baidu has ah to provide free decoration, free store statistics, as well as personalized domain name and other highly attractive.

The general manager of Baidu

e-commerce division Li Mingyuan said, the user experience is the most valued Baidu "have ah", "we will according to the test of the feedback to further optimize the platform, the goal is to create the most perfect and most humane online shopping platform." Li Mingyuan also revealed that the next platform will continue to carry out a variety of promotional activities.

prior to the invitation to measure, only 60 thousand people to become Baidu "have ah" the first batch of customers, including 10 thousand early settled merchants and 50 thousand active users from Baidu community platform. Compared with China 253 million Internet users, these 60 thousand places are clearly unable to meet the "an utterly inadequate measure, enthusiastic users. According to the data from Baidu, beta period, more than 100 thousand Internet users to submit applications to qualify 10 thousand sellers within a few days time uploaded more than 1 million items. In Baidu "have ah", "post for beta ID users meet the eye everywhere.

Baidu’s appeal is very strong, the enthusiasm of users and sellers have been aroused." One of the industry is expected, Baidu "have ah" fully open, probably will usher in a "shop frenzy". In this regard, Baidu has ah, said it has been fully prepared in terms of platform and customer service, and strive to make the first time for all sellers to get a reply.

platform to shopping, first Baidu slogan, intended to cultivate the habit of creating new Internet users. Statistics show that in the online shopping behavior of Internet users in more than 40% in the search engine in the purchase of goods for retrieval, the C2C platform has more than 50% of the traffic from search engines, "search" and "shopping" very close relationship. According to Baidu’s plan, Baidu has ah will integrate Baidu’s strong search and community resources, to create a search + community + e-commerce model.

main incremental market

According to Baidu

observation, users searching for information about products in Baidu search, and Baidu back to the Post Bar share consumer experience, so in the entire business chain only that the lack of trading links, Baidu "have ah" is to improve the production process.

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