Wang Tong SEO practitioners how to upgrade

in recent months, Baidu Chinese all SEO practitioners to toss half alive! So many people shouted out the slogan: SEO is dead! In fact? SEO has been like that, you just know about SEO changes. For me, the past 10 years, regardless of how to change the search engine algorithm, my personal effects are very small, because not cheating naturally no influence, but this is really affected, because the Baidu really hard, sealing the hundreds of thousands of enterprise website, even well-known enterprises, you search for this the name of the enterprise directly in Baidu, you can not find the enterprise website.

but what about


as a SEO practitioners, you can not change the Baidu, you can only change their own, to upgrade their own, in order to make themselves more comfortable.

how to upgrade it?

first step: first analysis of their own problems, the vast majority of SEO practitioners have the following two serious problems:

1, amplified the importance of


a person, whether you admit or not admit, will have a limited outlook of the habit of psychology, to see their own everything as the whole world, this is in fact not worth mentioning in the whole world together.

in the network marketing, SEO is only one of the methods of website promotion. Just 10 years ago, few people play, and now everyone is playing, became a hot. So everybody magnified his importance.

2, caught in the SEO technical errors

when an area looks more lively, then the theory of the field of the more complex, but more than 99% of the contents of the garbage. Perhaps the author himself does not understand, blind writing, you will learn more big head.

so, do not fall into the wrong SEO technology. SEO the most important thing is a way of thinking, grasp the correct ideas and strategies, you will be able to obtain long-term benefits. For example, I do a lot of SEO technology is very good, but the effect of SEO is not good at the site to do consulting, just a word. This site can be quickly upgraded, so as to get hundreds of thousands of IP traffic per day by Baidu. This sentence is really very simple, and technology has nothing to do.

second step: upgrade their ability to train

1, learning network marketing strategy is more systematic, more than body, only daring daredevil


remember, SEO is only a website promotion method, website promotion is only one part of the network marketing work. How to systematically study the network marketing strategy?

The 9 part

the most effective approach is to remember I mentioned in many articles in the past:

1, input?

2, method?

3, IP?

4, P>

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