Google East China seven agents tragedy Farce

Google (Google) announced the termination of 7 agents and the East China cooperation event continues, it is not difficult to see that in the whole event, constantly by the media and public opinion, through many tough and smashed Google Shanghai office, held a press conference, revealed to the media "details" and other measures to attract the public to the concern about the incident.

, however, with the continuous development of the event, the public began to explore the logic problems of agents, they are some of the so-called "negotiation" and "evidence" and other aspects of the logic is faulty, and even let some of the media and the public are blind to these errors to logic.

first, the 7 agents have been saying that the evidence, in its October 12th Conference also did not disclose. The media and the public have also been unclear how much credibility the so-called "evidence" is. If there is dirt, then take two broke the news to reporters, and then go to court, not both won? Chinese is a legal society, agents are obviously irrefutable evidence, but has been reluctant to resort to the law, why? The public have to suspect that the so-called "evidence" in the end is true,

or gimmick?

second, although agents thwarted earlier, but Google vice president Liu Yun personally listen to their opinions, and the arrangements for the specific business Aliza and agents for subsequent communication, but this understanding and sincerity to agents for them is intensified, leading to Google office again by " " impact;! From the first time, every time the impact agents have exactly reporters arrived at the scene, this is a coincidence? Or premeditated? Most people can not help laughing is, also do not know these agents is worship psychology or have an ulterior motive, actually called the Aliza "leadership", cooperation with Google so many years also do not know Google’s management structure, it seems Google no longer cooperate with them is excusable.

also let people scratching their heads, the 7 agents have been emphasized, the annual total revenue accounted for more than 40% of Google Chinese, however Google in the country there are more than and 20 agents, which are more famous, more business, they each agency business are in billions, and add up more than and 20 of the revenue is less than 60%?! if not these bosses didn’t learn arithmetic, that is they are deliberately exaggerated. This approach can only explain a problem, these agents actually very guilty


is the most worrying, is this all right and wrong, where these agents in the face of such a way? "Partner with unreasonable demands, confuse right and wrong", Google is at a distance. The other company? The future and which company dare such partners? Finally, the 7 agents on impulse, give yourself a broken posterior, believe they are also riding a tiger, in the end is a tragedy or farce, believe that time will give an answer.

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