Cloud disk was filled with porn overnight Baidu says Taobao is an old driver

news August 11th, the day before, there are users that between their Baidu cloud account night was filled with pornographic films, many users a message you choose Baidu eccentric, he did not choose me! "," I also want to piece, small fast driving!"…… Accordingly, Baidu PR first explained, this is the user’s account is stolen, then put the photos, and with the words "we just want to say:" as long as 15 yuan only 15 yuan, X treasure once you meet thousands of wishes! "# stinkeye #".


billion state power network according to the key words "the Baidu 360," conducted a search in Taobao, Taobao has found that businesses in selling the openly containing pornographic information resources of SkyDrive.

when using the key words "old driver", and even related merchandise in the recommended a "shopkeeper selling".




billion state power network Taobao query rules, but found that this kind of commodity is expressly prohibited.


correspondence rules for dissemination of pornographic information, SkyDrive software, seed file resources; audio-visual products and video contain erotic, violent, vulgar content; adult erotic map; flavor underwear and related products; with minors pornographic pictures, photo and video; serious violations, deducted twelve points each. The circumstances are serious, each deduction forty-eight points".


in addition to the violation of the Taobao rules, these businesses are also in violation of China’s relevant laws and regulations. Among them, the production, trafficking, dissemination of obscene goods crime, there are relevant provisions. For the purpose of making profits, production, reproduction, publication, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic materials, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and impose a fine; if the circumstances are serious, more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of ten years and shall also be fined; if the circumstances are especially serious, ten years imprisonment or life imprisonment, a fine or confiscation of property.

according to the relevant media, according to China’s criminal law, to profit for the purpose of dissemination of 500 pornographic videos, may be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison.

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