Stationmaster net second Taobao guest Wangzhuan training class to start enrollment

system through the Taobao customer training content, the first part of the students began to Taobao customers to achieve profitability, individual students to realize the daily income of more than 500, in the webmaster’s request, second training Taobao guest Wangzhuan beginning to accept the registration.

training content: Taobao customer money training

training: 40 people (in accordance with the order of registration, full of people)

registration consulting: QQ:886128 (hadron) phone 0516-83818833 18952167755 to leave contact phone number, QQ, and name

start time: December 1st – December 10th

Lecturer: Wu Yongbin, screen name: one, born in October 1989, at the age of 16 full-time contact personal website operation, 08 years worked at A5 responsible for the forum signature during the operation of the A5 business, founded the signature art network, was at its peak, Baidu GG ranked first stable for more than half a year. Later founded personal business manager network, due to policy reasons was forced to close after the sale.

is now leading a team of 7 people running Taobao station group, mainly for female cosmetics and skin care products, have deep understanding of Taobao customers all kinds of products, how to get traffic from search has its own unique way, the Taobao team off date income reached 3K.

charges: charge 300 yuan per person (payment address:, not can be transferred to the next semester to learn, learn so far)

lecture content reference (according to the needs of students at any time to adjust the content):

this course is a professional video learning + real-time explanation +QQ group ask the way, this training course is easy to learn! But I hope everyone in the study before the registration of this course, to have a certain understanding of the knowledge of


Chapter 1: understanding of Taobao and common practices introduced

1, what is Taobao guest

2, Taobao guest rules and models introduced

3, Taobao customers with the currently used Wangzhuan contrast

4, Taobao customers commonly introduced

5, how to use Taobao to make money

6, the course focuses on the preparation and preparation

second chapter: how to find high-quality products and keywords

1, how to analyze the quality of hot products

2, how to find high-quality keywords to optimize

third chapter: how to improve the conversion rate

1, analysis of user behavior

2, adjust the product display and location

3, limited traffic Max

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