Ma Yun said the landlord does not necessarily kill farmers rich giant temporary leading

the afternoon of August 1st, every trip has just announced a strategic agreement with Uber global, Internet monopoly theory has spread like wildfire drops. After the merger of two drops, has more than 90% market share, it sounds scary, it is no wonder that questioned the merger will lead to monopoly.


BAT, is a mountain or bonsai

is not just a bit, as long as the time heavyweight industry giants will appear monopoly on Amazon is rampant, so, so Microsoft, Google. In recent years, as the Internet giant Chinese BAT has been at the core of the vortex of public opinion monopoly.

in March this year, Jia Yueting has publicly said that BAT is the three mountains, let countless startups complete darkness. Venture companies are generally faced with the three fate – either by BAT copy, or be acquired, or be.

April 23rd, at the annual meeting of China Green company in 2016, Ma publicly responded to Jia Yueting’s BAT monopoly. Ma Yun asked Jia Yueting: "if this change, you are BAT, you think how to do better?" he also said the landlord to kill, not necessarily rich farmers".

Robin Li has said before, this is the "three big mountains bonsai, you don’t take it seriously." Obviously, those who have a monopoly giant head does not recognize their own monopoly.

in I’s view, these giants have a monopoly, should the data say; there is no development because of monopoly and inhibition of competitors, by the fact that should say; there is no use of monopoly dominance hinder competition and innovation, should have the final say by law. No data, facts and the legal basis of the argument, and no practical significance, is the most let these giants caused antitrust authorities attention.

everything should be in accordance with the law

before discussing whether the giants monopoly, we must first clear the definition of monopoly law. The definition of China’s "anti-monopoly law" of "monopoly" has three kinds: one is the monopoly agreement between the operators; two is the abuse of dominant market position; three is the concentration of business operators that may have the effect of eliminating or restricting competition.

if the merger after the best step in China, BAT suspected of monopoly, from a practical point of view should be mainly from the following two to identify. That is, if there is evidence that drops, BAT abuse of dominant market position, or with the exclusion of restrictions on the effectiveness of competition in the concentration of the operator’s evidence, you can sue them for alleged monopoly.

however, Antitrust Practice in recent years, the main anti monopolistic behavior rather than market position or market share. From the point of view of market position, whether it is in the field of BAT or a large number of suspected monopoly, but from the behavior point of view, whether it is a user or a competitor, it seems that there is no evidence of strong evidence of BAT monopoly.


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