Simple analysis on the design of B2C website simplified shopping process

today, professional localization has become the mainstay of B2C no ground for blame the Internet online shopping mode, convenient logistics and local industries are born with credibility, is the electronic commerce website of other types of difficult to achieve. Then, the localization of B2C compared with the large B2C for the whole country, operating strategies and other aspects of the differences, in this paper will not discuss, because a single design, there have been too many things can get out of chat.

eBay features how powerful, I believe many people have enjoyed, but we should know that behind the powerful features, it must mean that the complexity of the operation. I believe that very few people are willing to spend time on a first visit to the site of the complex function and personalization, and do not have a strong awareness of the site, even if you do have a high content, at best, like an unknown commodity, put in a corner of an unknown store in two, through the underground passage, three times on the stairs, around five bends, to reach your showcase before…

is not afraid of deep alley? NO, dude, this is not practical in Internet sites. A few days ago, the phone was lost, was intended to buy Iphone, I can know in advance the specific information on the Iphone. It is a good brand, I know in advance; it is powerful, I also know that it is very complicated to install the software, I know. However, on this brand, I would like to study these things, I am willing to bear these complex learning process!

because I can see how much I can get after I have paid for these

!Although Taobao

is not B2C, but also very suitable to put here as an example: around me there are many friends like this, they feel that in the Taobao shopping seems to have become a popular trend, look at others to coat small to underwear on Taobao mail, if you still silly buy price of goods in the shop., as must the times like, then closed retreat Taobao magic, brothers sisters just exchange shopping experience, busy awfully.

because they can predict how much they pay for or how much they can get!

and a little like the localization of B2C, most are still in the infancy toddler age, who can ensure its brand in the absence of any reputation cases, users are willing to spend time to accept it? We can see a commodity is famous because he went to study, and not take the time to study a unknown commodities with famous brand potential is. So, so much nonsense, today we will discuss the theme of the localization of the B2C operating process is simplified, and then simplified, completely simplified!


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