Fortune history website David’s deer

Hello everyone, in the webmaster nets dive for a long time, has not surfaced. Today it is a headache very much, the doings of ghosts and gods want to write about their own site experience.
later from a forum to join a group of owners, should be from here to my site to change it, I get a free domain name in the CN group, and then to your own website. According to the experience gained from other people’s articles, I put the CN domain name of the search engine. And the group know the webmaster nets, in the webmaster nets see a lot of Web site promotion of the article, try to see the webmaster to promote the experience to use my website. The first benefit me is the text chain, I registered a dozen, fourth days to more than and 100 IP, for me, this is a breakthrough, Google income in the income of the 0.48 days of the day, ah, I finally beautiful hair, haha!!!

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