From the search in the film to get the site to promote the effectiveness of Enlightenment

7.15, I had a friend in the cinema to watch a movie "search", a friend asked me to watch a movie at the time when the ticket, and I found in the movie name after the word search with my special occupation, so do not hesitate to choose the "search" movie, this movie I don’t talk about good or not, I only talk about a few promotion highlights I found in the film:

1, the film protagonists unified with soso search engine.

2, the movie actor’s phone is all motorola.

3, the computer used in the film is full of apples.

this is what I found the movie promotion highlights, first in the search search engine search keywords when the "search" two words suddenly enlarged, the eye and mind shocking, suggesting that after watching the film back to the user can also use the search search engine to search what you want.

mobile phone is now basically a staff moto, as we all know, but in the movie for the first time used in all moto models do I still met for the first time, the entire movie in the mobile phone is not the most attractive form of mobile phone, but the phone’s voice: toot toot, hello, moto, crisp voice shock look at each person in the movie, this is the use of shock driven promotion effect.

As for the

computer is full of apple is not the special instructions, apple shell has a big apple bite, can be said to have caused Apple pattern of desire, I come to talk as a webmaster how to use film manipulation to serve their own website add color.

1, the use of network video website features, with the recent Baidu search engine continued to force, some high quality sites in this adjustment did not hurt, also gives the adjustment of the website ranking, and the high quality of the site should have their own site features, and this is the network video can be used to local search, this movie is the use of search and search engine, and we can also use in the promotion of the film’s momentum reasonable promotion.

2, the website promotion soft, soft Wen webmaster know, but the soft spot where? Yesterday saw the film I feel soft, can also use website propaganda language to write, others can take advantage of moto’s classic bell to do publicity in the movie, why can’t we use the website the classic slogan to do publicity, said direct point these things are common, the key is how to use, how to reasonable use, this is the key.

3, the use of picture promotion website, apple computer seems the most successful is the bite of the big apple in me, this pattern is very classic, and our site should have their own logo, in fact, our logo is our promotion, >

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