A failed hunger marketing

two days ago because of my VIP pay for the price of it, I believe we all have heard. Today, I read the letter that the brother wrote to me and thanked him for his advice. I define the hunger marketing price, the number of the group using the superposition method, can effectively increase the fans panic, but I actually began to do the test, because the number of superposition of more than 50 other people, if in accordance with the operating practices to say he was a promotion 5 members! The first before I give you what is hunger marketing:

hunger marketing definition:

hunger marketing is to adjust the supply and demand at both ends to affect the terminal price, to achieve the purpose of price increases. On the surface, hunger marketing operation is very simple, a popular applause surprise price, to attract potential consumers, and limited supply, resulting in selling false demand, thus improve the price, profit.

simply from the definition, this is a commercial means, we heard that the marketing of hunger, the first time may think millet phone. Yes, Lei Jun hunger marketing play very successful, when millet just listed, about 300000 people to make a reservation, I had booked, the results was not scheduled to success! And millet also repeatedly on the Internet wantonly announced supply. User panic psychology. And the final result, millet victory, both to achieve the purpose of publicity, but also their own mobile phone sales!


why didn’t I succeed?

may not be successful, but I don’t think my time is ripe. That may emerge, there is no ability to influence the manufacturing. And the original cost mentioned to 200 yuan, not only the original VIP some psychological discomfort, the new added in the VIP is actually quite uncomfortable psychological. People may not feel it, but I can feel it.

there are some fans might think I utilitarian is too strong, it is less than a month’s time, to mention the price! For them, I like to make money and price! If I say is to do the test, they do not believe the killing.

moreover, they do not form a brand effect, the current search my name, only about 300000 of the relevant search, and in the first few days of the relevant search about 200000. It can be said that this influence is too small, so this method is not feasible!

if you do not use hunger marketing, you may also bring some negative damage, such as the common three kinds of negative effects caused by hunger marketing!

fans loss

I don’t know how many fans have lost, but to be sure, there are some fans who have lost. Because a lot of fans think I’m completely

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