November China’s total 129 thousand new domain name than the growth of nearly 10.7%

IDC network ( on 05 December reported: according to data, as of November 25, 2013, the domain name of China has increased to 7225591, the domain growth is good, growth is relatively stable. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the latest situation of China’s domain name registration in November.

(Figure 1) China domain name registration volume distribution map (10/21/13-11/25/13)

as shown in Figure 1, in November, China’s domain name registration volume distribution situation is basically stable, the total number of domain names slightly higher.

below, we come to analyze the specific data on the growth of the domain name in November:


(Figure 2) Chinese domain name change (10/28/13-11/25/13)

as shown in Figure two data, during the statistics, the increase in the domestic domain name is on the rise, the total number of domain names from 7096673 to the growth of the domain name, the increase in the number of obvious, incremental large. From the analysis of the weekly net increment of the domain name, China’s domain name growth tends to be stable, in addition to the second week of November (November 4th -11 month on the 11 day of the month), only the addition of more than 17102, the rest of the domain name increments are more than three weeks.

synthesis of the latest data, in November, China’s net growth of 128918 domain names, compared with the net growth in October of 116446, an increase of nearly 10.7%.

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