Daily topic registered network announced financing $394 million and renamed micro medical group

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 24th news, registered network announced the completion of a new round of $394 million financing, and announced that the parent company registered network co..

registration network was founded in March 2010, belonging to the Zhejiang green health network technology limited company, not only in the appointment, and the depth of the ecological layout in the mobile inquiry and referral, medical insurance, etc..

December 2010, registered net A $22 million round of financing and investment, to obtain the wind Cerberus investment; in January 2012, registered network access to tens of millions of dollars B round of financing Morningside venture; October 2014, registered net Tencent win fund industry, Fosun brothers capital, Qiming venture investment and Chen Xingchuang $107 million C round of financing.

The name

, micro medical group (registered net) includes 3 brands: business registration network (guahao.com) – micro medicine group Web entrance; micro medicine (We  Doctor) – micro medical group’s mobile Internet platform; micro medicine ACO (  Accountable  Care  Organization  medical liability. Organization) – Micro Medical group health insurance system.

according to its official website revealed that at present, the realization of information system network has been registered with the country’s 23 provinces, more than 1 thousand and 300 key hospitals connected expert has real name registered users and 150 thousand key hospitals more than 50 million of the. 2011, 2012, the year of, the total number of patients registered network services were 6 million 500 thousand, 28 million, 72 million, in 2014 to provide services for 160 million people.

after the completion of the financing plan, registered net $300 million investment in the construction of national Internet grading treatment platform, a $150 million investment in five areas of surgery and medical institutions of outstanding national center construction, provide tours of medical and health services for 110 million users online micro medicine group.

appointment from the team to the medical team, from the team to the medical responsibility of medical organizations, the registration network has always focused on the fundamental breakthrough in China’s medical system pain points." Micro medical group chairman and CEO Liao Jieyuan said that in the common demand, technology, policy driven, the Internet is likely to contribute to the medical treatment of China’s medical system corner overtaking.

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