Stationmaster network broadcast General Administration of industry and Commerce issued a tort punish

1 General Administration of industry and Commerce issued infringement penalties next month: Ali Jingdong has rectification

recently, the Beijing Consumers Association released 18 consumers familiar with the experience of the shopping site survey results. The results show that: more than 70% network platform does not express operator information or incomplete information, as well as part of the site on the seven day no reason to return to set up artificial barriers.

new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "law") formally implemented six months, the State Administration for Industry and commerce is gradually implement the seven days no reason to return policy.

September 15th, SAIC held the new "law" half work briefing, since the implementation of the first half of the new "law" to sum up the work.

The Secretary of the State Administration for Industry and commerce to protect the interests of consumers

Yang Hongcan at the briefing said that after July, the 10 appliance providers interviewed at present, Alibaba, Jingdong group mall, shop No. 1 business platform can lead rectification, network consumer environment gradually improved.

Yang Hongcan at the briefing, said the next step will be promulgated as soon as possible, the violation of consumer rights and interests punishment approach. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, these penalties will be announced before the end of October.

2 online recruitment wind up how to play community recruitment?  


friend to me that watercress watercress is undervalued "this topic, with amazing development a watercress group as proud of the case, the team was used to provide applicants watercress users looking for work, but with the team members and the recruitment posts more and more simply, head of full-time operations of this group, and entrepreneurship opened a company," so we watercress commercial space is still very large……"

last weekend, I was talking about the story in the opposite Feng Tao, his reaction seems somewhat overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.

The group

Feng Tao is the example above the group called "Zhou Botong Recruitment", which has 320 thousand members of the team leader, just yesterday, his entrepreneurial projects announced for the amount of 28 million yuan of A round of financing, following the hook, then the degree of tenderness of online recruitment industry caused by capital transaction.

this is a hero does not ask the origin of the Pentium era.

ignorant, just fearless

Zhou Botong is the brand, "Job + Tong" Chinese swizzling, in Baidu search Zhou Botong, as in the online recruitment website of Zhou Botong between characters in Jin Yong’s martial arts novels Zhou Botong encyclopedia articles and Fantasy Westward Journey between the 2 game player nouveau riche Zhou Botong news, quite embarrassing.

3 millet cattle interests chain: fried millet or into millions of  

Yellow Cattle

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