Network audio revival smoke litchi Himalaya is the same as the world frame Koala

noon yesterday, Himalaya FM announcement: due to malicious attacks, resulting in Himalaya FM in App Store shelf.

then, Lei Feng network reporter learned that the same day, the koala litchi FM FM is also app store shelves, App Store Day only a few surviving dragonfly FM (as of press time, 3 FM in litchi has been restored, but ranked).

media reported several FM at the same time is the shelf may be related to malicious brush list (i.e. competitors malicious brush a product to be injured, but the official Apple) reporter Lei Feng from the public data query to the past few days several in the overall standings in the ranking.


Himalaya and FM of Litchi in recent days the total (free list ranking)

In the subsequent

reporter Lei Feng on the 3 interview, Himalaya operations director Dawson told us that at present they have no clear specific reasons under the frame, but can be ruled out as infringement issues; at the same time, Dawson said, download data during the day yesterday Himalaya a surge, a day spent millions that is, encounter malicious brush list. The lychee and koala FM two related personnel are not yet a positive response to this matter, lychee staff told Lei Feng network, the background data is normal, did not receive app store communication.

in the above several content, Himalaya and lychee are more inclined and encourage the content of UGC, koala and dragonfly FM is more inclined to PUGC.

this year, the FM sector is not calm, the person in charge of several FM also told us that the next frame is not the first time. April years ago, dragonfly announced its own downloads over 150 million, Himalaya also announced that the user reached 150 million. In April 17th, more than listening to and litchi FM also encountered the same world frame (see @ listen to FM and Himalaya radio war behind).

insiders evaluation network audio video aggregation as competitive field like, "billions of dollars" also makes FM become a very important tool in the battlefield.

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