The full list of millionaires 80 exposure country ranked first punk doll


Yao Jianjun

Note: the

MSN finance put Yao Jianjun in the first place, not because he is the group of 80 millionaires in the richest, but because he is a legend in the legend, is a representative of millions of future or fortune or sinking behind the station, 10 years, he got up at dawn to sleep at noon. The standard webmaster clock has proved that he is a real Internet hero, and made him famous network signature, please come to me at 2 pm is to prove that all this.

station founder CEO



year of birth: 1982

origin: Fujian Quanzhou

Education: technical secondary school graduate

individuals hold cash: 20 million

in a period of chaos, one from the primitive to youth, with the eyes can not yield the wild, primitive rebels from infiltration straight back, all the way to the iron, the handle three foot long no Jianfeng, no sword in hand, but also the only two pieces of cork the nail in the above. Li Xunhuan sighed and said, this is not a toy, the juvenile will be the best in all the land of master after ten years.

is the young hooligan.

on the Internet in this arena, our hooligan, is China webmaster webmaster, webmaster of the fighter.

no one does not know A Fei, but few people know that the real name of the name of Yao Jianjun, but I do not know the webmaster in China is actually a 80 after the. In 1997, when Quanzhou Yongchun a country boy for a living to give up high school admission notice, and traveled thousands of miles away in Chongqing to read technical secondary school, the fate of the wheel begins to rotate, rolling forward. A contact network started from 2000, I love my network, Yongchun information port, to dream of Changan, punk have to pay the cost of growth, in 2002, created Chinese station ALFY, quickly became the personal webmaster have close link to the center, the past 6 years, China has become the palace station, like existence.

Although there is no

VC to enter or acquisition, the development momentum of has been rising, basically no advertising revenue gap, in good condition, the operation is also quite good, dozens of employees, tens of millions of annual income of the company, through years of accumulation, a flying cash holding is estimated to be about 20 million, in addition to a large proportion of shares of A horse for BMW, also confirms that tens of millions of wealth value.


is a master, master Leonardo DiCaprio, Fu Hongxue in front of him even a chance no, he is better than others, because he is willing to, willing heart, willing to bleed. Very thin hooligan most famous than he had signed "network"

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