Renren lost wireless nternet hopes to transform social communications


original title: Chen Yizhou missed: Mobile to follow the strategy of core business bankruptcy weakened

Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on November 13th

is in everyone in the teeth of the storm coming, a new round of strategic adjustment.

technology insider to the Tencent said, Chen Yizhou denied all reflection and wireless layout of the past two years, no longer blindly promote the development of new products and mobile games business expansion, and was again referred to the group’s core business level, new mobile positioning in the end of the SMS new products will be released.

in fact, the strategic adjustment has previously been a variety of relevant signs of outflow, including the management of turbulence and the recent layoffs of everyone’s game.

all the company nearly two years management members including CEO Chen Yizhou, COO Liu Jian, CFO Huang, Jiang Zhiqiang CMO, Huang Jing is responsible for, in addition, there are responsible for wireless Wu Jiang, responsible for rice Shen Boyang, responsible for the 56 Network Zhou Juan and everyone is responsible for what the game of sichuan.

According to Tencent

science and technology understanding, Jiang Zhiqiang will soon leave, Wu Jiang has left to join the street network as senior vice president, with Baidu holding Shen attestation focus has not everyone in the glutinous rice, and he still Sichuan on sick leave, it is worth noting that Huang Hui’s family has moved to Taiwan, whether the impact is still can make nothing of it.

at present, 800 group co-founder Hu Chen has been low-key join everyone responsible for market, vice president Cao Miao will be responsible for sales, Liu Jian is temporarily in charge of all the game (where Sichuan had reported to Liu Jian) and longitude name card through other products.

and Liu Jian took over the game soon, according to a number of channel information revealed last week, everyone began to play a larger scale layoffs, involving director, operations, business, technology, design and other jobs.

question is, what is the motive behind the strategic adjustment of this


defeat wireless Internet

2011 all companies listed in the United States, has been described as "Chinese Facebook", but in the past three years, everyone did not expand their user groups from the "alumni circle", more importantly, in the process of migration to the mobile terminal users, everyone is not a real success in core products.

Chen Yizhou enough attention to the mobile Internet?. To fight a battle of the mobile Internet, in 2012 an internal earnings communication conference Chen Yizhou said so.

, a Tencent executives told everyone said that Chen Yizhou’s biggest mistake, insiders rejected the proposed re based mobile architecture design and development of new products and decided to form recommendations, mobile client and PC client "integration research", that is to say only the from the Web translation to shift.

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