Microsoft died to buy, YAHOO did not sell dead

Microsoft acquisition of YAHOO, has been a long time.

now let’s take a look at the acquisition.

acquisition start

Microsoft announced in February 1, 2008 that it would buy YAHOO for $44 billion 600 million in cash and stock.

Microsoft plans to half of the cash, half of the stock to complete the transaction,

YAHOO shareholders can choose to get cash, or a fixed number of Microsoft common stock.

Microsoft’s offer than YAHOO’s closing price of $19.18 in January 31st premium of $62%, plans to complete the acquisition in the second half of 2008.

boy, 44 billion 600 million, or u.s.. Microsoft is rich.

even half of the cash, 20 billion + cash flow is sufficient to prove that Microsoft’s abundant capital. Non ordinary companies can compare.

regardless of YAHOO is tempted,

you tempted?

another episode, the acquisition side be in full swing,

if the success of a wish to fight, a willing to suffer.

love you love me.

can not do this, but to a third.

strongly opposed, but also out of the evidence of Microsoft monopoly industry.

who are these third



But now the Internet giant

‘s position on the upgrade.

now someone wants to grab his search engine market, or one of the world’s largest companies.

people can sit live.

look at what people say.

if Microsoft successfully acquired YAHOO, the United States and the global Internet industry will bring the normal development of trouble,

because Microsoft is trying to monopolize the Internet industry. I hope that the United States and international regulators should conduct a comprehensive investigation.

acquisition interrupt

YAHOO expects revenue of $8 billion 800 million in 2010 to reiterate Microsoft’s offer is too low.

March 19, 2008, foreign media published an analysis of the article on Tuesday, YAHOO submitted an investor briefing on Tuesday,

detailed description of the company’s three year financial plan and strategic planning. In the briefing,

YAHOO reiterated that the company will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years, Microsoft’s acquisition of the company greatly underestimated the value of the company.

however, YAHOO did not explicitly oppose the company was acquired by Microsoft,

hinted that as long as Microsoft to raise the offer,


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