Some notes on the TWTTER

      Twitter has written two articles, an article said that Twitter is the personal information center, is the shortest path on the Internet; another one is, by the thought of "Twitter embedded code embedded survival Web2.0". Think of some other odd, summarized as follows:

    1, who should be involved in the twitter site?

    I think three, China Mobile, China Unicom and Wang Zhidong. Tencent is, of course, but people are already doing it, and the speed is very fast. Mobile and China Unicom should be the reason is that Twitter may be the integration of mobile networks and the Internet, do exchange two nets, twitter called the mini, blog, micro blog, because it is short, because the "micro", so it may be received by the mobile phone, twitter mobile 3G network has become a striker, has strategic significance as for Wang Zhidong; should be the reason for twitter, I think Wang IM too hard, high MSN, low QQ, Wang Zhidong caught in the middle, suspended in midair really very uncomfortable, it seems to me is really not as good as a compatible and interactive twitter to reality and fast.

    2, on the Chinese name of twitter.

    Zhang Benwei played a Chinese transliteration of the name "Twitter" is twitter, while the sharawadgi network is twitter free, "or" busy "and" Fanfou "what to do" is a greeting. When we gave the name China version of the twitter, forget it more or less linked to the name of america.

    I’d like to remind you that the most important thing about a micro blog name is when people send a micro blog to the web via QQ, MSN and other IM tools. In alphabetical order, several domestic micro blog on the IM sequence are: Fanfou (f) and jiwai (J), (m), a busy or not (T), Zuosa (Z). I know that QQ and MSN are not grouped in alphabetical order. It would appear that if a user uses the above several micro blog, then no rice certainly accounted for some cheap, what to eat to lose.

    the author observed jiwai, Fanfou in QQ and MSN is used in Chinese ID, sometimes find it is very troublesome, especially jiwai, these two words is not a phrase in the input method, input special trouble. Several other micro blogging sites have similar problems. The author suggests:

    A, in all the IM corresponding to the ID format is best Pinyin + Chinese characters, such as jiwai, should be "talking about" JW> jiwai "

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