Depth why is the information age dead, and the new age associated with experience

Lead: U.S. tech blog TechCrunch

recently published an article that the online interactive environment is constantly changing in the shape of networking equipment, led to an economic shift from information to experience. People online and offline identity is integration, this trend has brought new technology gold to the eyes.

the following is the main content of the article:

twenty-five years after the advent of the world wide web, the information age is coming to an end. Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile phones and networks, we are now entering an era of experience".

the last time you update your Facebook status is what time? You may no longer update? According to reports, although Facebook has 1 billion 600 million users, the number of non load state but still has dropped to 21%.


status bar is a chart style in the information age. It was the era of desktop computers and a company dominated by global information. The icons of the age of experience are quite different, and they were born in microcomputers, cell phones and high-speed networks.

in the tide of information to experience changes, the disappearance of the status bar is only a small spray. What is the driving force behind this transformation, in short, is a constant change in our online interactive environment, and the environment is changing the shape of networking equipment.

you and your information is not the same as

Facebook and Snapchat clearly show the difference between the two times.

Facebook is a product of the information age. As with other social networks at the same time, Facebook based this is a principle of the desktop era: accumulation.

The results of the

accumulation are presented in digital data, where my identity is the sum of the information I have saved, including text, photos, videos and web pages. (Evan Spiegel) for the first time in 2015 in a Youtube video to expose this point, the video called "what is Snapchat?". In the information age, we show ourselves through this kind of digital data.

but the phone has changed our view of digital data. As long as there is a network of cameras, we can live their lives at any time, so the accumulation of information so that the continuous expression of self. Virtual self is gradually hidden. Everything I’ve done in the past may have made me, but I’m not just a coincidence. Snapchat built in this new reality.

most people think that Snapchat is just a private, but Snapchat this kind of instantaneous information real innovation is not self destructive information, but driven by a break from the source to work style desktop accumulation habits. So the profile is no longer the core of the social world. In the age of experience, you are no longer personal. You are you.

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