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Tencent science and technology news on August 8th, WeChat paid in today’s drying out this year, no cash day transcripts, in this year’s 8·, 8 no cash day, a total of more than 100 million people, nearly 70 stores nationwide participation.

"8.8 free cash day" is the world’s first mobile payment Festival sponsored by WeChat last year, and is scheduled for August 8th of each year. During the period from August 1st to August 7th this year, in the "non cash" logo merchant stores, the first use of WeChat users daily consumption payment orders, can obtain a random bonus of up to 888 yuan.

on August 8th the same day, users pay to pay the use of WeChat, will be directly credited to encourage the cumulative Jin Jine. In addition, users use WeChat stores in the day to pay, have the opportunity to get a minus concessions eggs.

the no cash day of the number of businesses close to 700 thousand, more than last year, more than 8 times, and covering a number of cities across the country, all over the field of eating, drinking and playing music.

maximum discount of nearly 1000 yuan

According to

WeChat to pay the official disclosure of the "cashless" data show that 8 at 0 PM, "cash" appeared as early as a consumer — also appeared in Guangdong polison convenience and 7-11 convenience stores.


According to the rules of

, August 8th, WeChat users will pay, during August 1st to August 7th the cumulative direct deduction of encouragement Jin Jine (single up to 888 yuan), have the opportunity to get a minus concessions eggs.

as early as August 8th to catch "888 yuan" reward "egg" is a consumer in Carrefour Shenyang users. Since no cash activities open, as of August 8th 13:00, a user in Shenzhen to encourage the use of accumulated gold + + minus the amount of total eggs were deducted 978.86 yuan, has become "no cash day" the biggest lucky.


cashless payment of Beijing’s most active

in the urban dimension, in August 8th the "cashless" payment is the most active city in Beijing, followed by Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao, Suzhou, Dongguan, Foshan and Nanjing.

according to a recent survey by Ogilvy and well-known research company Ipsos, 40% of the respondents online buying used mobile payment, up to 71% of the respondents will use mobile payment order takeout, or ordering food in the hall when the payment.


from a commercial point of view, in August 8th, "no cash day" activities have also been greatly respected businesses. It is understood that the number of free cash to participate in the number of businesses up to nearly 70, more than the number of last year, more than 8 times.


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