Google interview questions Google how to beat Baidu

Several months before the

, Google Chinese a MM company human resources department of Google to give me a call, said to see my resume, I hope to arrange a telephone interview, the interviewer is a Chinese American headquarters, can speak Chinese but the interview process will involve English, although when I own the work is quite satisfactory, but I have decided to accept the Google interview, people each year millions of resumes, you can jump out to give a telephone chat is the respect you. So I promised to wait for an American long-distance call from Google headquarters at 9 a.m. on Friday.

call the party, a man’s voice, "Hello, is that Leo?", "Yeah, sure, I ‘m Leo…" In the next 60 minutes of conversation (which I was told is 30 minutes, so I think I will not delay to attend an important meeting of 9:30), he did not tell me half a sentence Chinese, and with good questions to talk with me, I am comfortable answering (but I have more than 2 years of HUAWEI international market the Ministry of work experience, with spoken English, then part of the IELTS speaking test 7 points, I am quite satisfied). But time has been delayed until 10, he asked me a question, and the last one, the problem just heard the phone ringing over there, and then he asked me to Hold on for 10 minutes, I finally had to hang up to the meeting room to apologize to the boss, the traffic jam cloud. In view of the problem, I panic answer is "I don" t know how to answer this on, because I don t have solution yet "".

What is the problem with

is, "how do you think Google can beat Baidu in China?"

I thought

this problem, I want to take the time to write a Blog to sort out your thoughts, but I do not know how to answer, because I will not have the ability to plan, and English strain is a bit behind, simply do not know how good, no matter, anyway, the post is Beijing, and I work in Shanghai is good (I have the spirit of Q).

on my way to work today, I thought of some prescription (not necessarily a recipe). Why Google in Chinese fail? Let me use a cheap way to answer: "because Google just made some finished work in Chinese, rather than localized". So, what is localization?

I think the localization of only one core essentials, the rest are the essentials with it, this is the "Essentials of decision-making localization, in order to realize the localization of the decision, you need to have local talent, local market research, the local office, the local domain name, the local server, the local language, local customers……

look at what Google has in addition to "localization of decision", others >

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