WeChat group leak case sequel CTC Securities comprehensive clean-up staff WeChat account

WeChat group leak case sequel CITIC Securities comprehensive clean-up staff WeChat account

[TechWeb] June 11th news reports, recently, due to that the pharmaceutical industry analyst at CITIC Securities chief Muslim leak incident, yesterday, CITIC Securities started to employees and WeChat released WeChat account to clean up and regulate. The Shenzhen securities regulatory bureau also entered the company to investigate the details of leaks.

it is understood that CITIC Securities began a comprehensive clean-up staff WeChat account. CITIC Securities circulated inside a notice that shows: Dear colleagues, we intend to follow the Department staff WeChat account and the release of the specification for WeChat.

in addition to the operator by the research group maintenance department official micro signal, the micro signal of all registered individuals and maintained by the analyst, using the name of the company please stop updating, waiting for the company and the Department to develop a follow-up system and requirements."

according to the relevant media reports, analysts in WeChat self built group, through direct communication with the fund, venture capital investors, analysts, has accumulated a lot of popularity". Zhang Mingfang is perhaps one of the most straightforward expression, but is not only a disclosure of insider trading analysts.

Zhang Mingfang incident is opened the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the WeChat group contact convenience, if in less straightforward cases, the information can still covert communication, not only to increase the number of regulatory difficulty, but also to the establishment of Ombudsman as a palliative approach. (red)

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