Abandon traffic habits safety and civilized travel 12 – 2 national traffic safety day, Xining police


  in December 2nd this year, the State Council identified the second national traffic safety day". To vigorously promote the implementation of the "civilized traffic plan", to further enhance the awareness of the rule of law, traffic safety awareness, awareness of civilization, the Ministry of public security and other six ministries decided this year "national traffic safety day" theme is "abandon the traffic safety habits, civilized travel".

in order to protect the safety of the masses travel, the city traffic police detachment has always been to maximize the prevention and avoidance of road traffic accidents as the fundamental goal of road traffic management. Use the "smooth traffic project" of the force, combined with the implementation of fine management of the city, in-depth analysis of traffic habits deep-seated reasons, to "abandon the traffic habits, safe and civilized travel" theme, in the city focus on "advocate three" theme activities, that is not free to change lanes, no parking, no red light in the rural areas; focus on the development of "three to" theme activities, namely to driving unlicensed vehicles, refuse undocumented driving, refused to ride a motorcycle without a helmet; carry out the "key in the transportation industry to boycott the three super fatigue" theme activities, namely speeding, overcrowding, overloading and resist fatigue driving. At the same time, combined with the muck cars, freight cars, motorcycles, robbery and theft, drunk driving, vehicle Luantingluanfang and air pollution control and other special rectification actions, efforts to promote the new fashion of civilized traffic, improve the level of road traffic management, road traffic management work to promote strong refinement, to create a harmonious environment for the city’s traffic the masses.

improve transportation infrastructure to promote civilized transportation

in recent years, the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments repeatedly visited the first line of the road and vehicle administration and other office space, field supervision and inspection of the city’s traffic management work. City traffic police detachment under the strong leadership of the Party committee, the city’s efforts to create a national civilized city;

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