North of the city, the basket project benefit farmers in rural areas of the rural tourism

As of December this year, Xining city district "food basket" project to provide 3000 tons of fresh eggs to the market, 76 community vegetable outlets conveying all kinds of vegetables are about 30 tons per day, total tourism income of 620 million yuan, the three quarter of 12190.35 yuan per capita income of farmers. These have benefited from the north area of "vigorously develop urban leisure agriculture development strategy, build Xining garden, thanks to the" food basket "project, rich farmers’ pockets, the characteristics of agricultural products, the fire of rural tourism.

"food basket" project bulging farmer pocket

The greenhouse

into Jin Jia Wan Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei Qu, a warmth pumianerlai. "I contracted 10 vegetable shed, two strawberry shed, a year down, each greenhouse can gain 50 thousand yuan." Looking at the growing vegetables, Master Zhang could not conceal his joy.

since 2009, is located in the northern part of the urban and rural areas, and actively strive for provincial and municipal financial resources at all levels, invested 42 million 641 thousand yuan in the construction of agricultural infrastructure in Xining. At present, has completed the standard greenhouse 1028, vegetable planting area of 10 thousand mu, annual output of 22 thousand tons, vegetable producing scale; the first three quarters, the per capita income of farmers reached 12190.35 yuan, an increase of 14.84%.

"basket" project out of the characteristics of agricultural products

in order to effectively improve the output value of vegetables, the north of the city rely on the installation of agriculture, and guide the cultivation base, enterprises, cooperatives and other agricultural products to carry out trademark registration, to create a unique brand of agricultural products. At present, the registered "Xiang Qu" "Qing Hui Tian" "Blue Star" and many other brands of agricultural products, the "Qing Hui Tian" and "Xiang Qu" 1000 acres of production base, 8 kinds of vegetable products and "Blue Star" egg, are certified by the Ministry of agriculture and agricultural pollution-free production base the product labeling, achieve sales, which promotes the efficiency of agriculture and farmers’ income.

it is understood that the north area through industrialization, large-scale development, standardized production, has been gradually showing the science and technology demonstration, radiation driven advantage, realize vegetable production and large-scale breeding hens, and developed a number of new varieties in carrot etc..

"food basket" project fire rural tourism

at the same time to do a good job in agriculture at the same time, the north of the city to tourism agriculture as the main line, efforts to promote the integration of agriculture and cultural tourism development. In accordance with the "cooperation, Garden Village Yuanyuan joint" mode, to create "dabuzi urban leisure agriculture tourism circle" and "one village one product" project, promote Hui Tian, Xiang Jin Jia Wan, fun, waves and other fruit and vegetable production base, construction, planting and breeding base of wantex Qingyun, initially formed planted with flowers, that kind of food, picking fishing, farming and cultural exhibition as one of the characteristics of industrial clusters, the success of "fifth annual Strawberry Festival", "beautiful North Village" and other unique travel photography festival;

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