The Warriors Are Making The Cavs Beat Themselves

The Cavs aren’t alone: Golden State’s playoff opponents have shot a combined 34 percent on open and wide-open looks from 3. Attempting to keep pace with the Warriors up and down the court seems to take so much out of teams that making the easy ones isn’t so easy.That shouldn’t be a comforting thought for the Cavs, because slowing the pace isn’t exactly a great alternative. Golden State has the best half-court defense in the league; it gave up just 88.3 points per 100 plays in the regular season, according to Synergy Sports Technology, and has given up 88.1 in the postseason, both No. 1 in the league. There are tactics Cleveland could explore, such as forcing Curry to defend pick-and-rolls on every half-court possession, a technique the Cavs got away from in Game 2, but the Warriors are better prepared for that than they have been in the past.It’s possible that a shift back to Cleveland will help the Cavs recover some of their form, but the team actually shot slightly better on the road than at home on its open looks this season, so it’s not like the Cavs turn on the aimbot once they get back to Quicken Loans Arena.Simple as it sounds, the Cavs probably just have to hope their shooters find a second wind, tired legs or not. Coming into the series, Love had been 35-for-69 (51 percent) on open or wide-open 3s in the playoffs; Smith had been 16-for-36 (44 percent). In the Finals, Love is down to 2-for-9 and Smith is 1-for-2. Even Kyle Korver is shooting just 1-for-5 on these looks, though his playoffs have been more uneven than Smith or Love’s. Eleven Cavaliers are shooting 35 percent or better from 3-point range in the playoffs, but James, Love and Kyrie Irving are the only Cavs who’ve made more than one open or wide-open 3 in the Finals.Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue said Tuesday that Smith will get the start over Shumpert in Game 3, but it’s unlikely there will be drastic lineup changes. The Cavaliers need to play better, not different. Thompson must find a way to insinuate himself into a game he’s been schemed out of, LeBron must find a way to ration his energy so he has something in reserve late in the game, and the Cavs as a whole must do something about all these missed shots. They have the shooters, and they have the open looks. They just need make them. Two games into the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers face a set of seemingly unsolvable problems. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are scoring at will, key role players like J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson have been erased from the series, and the pace of play has been so frenzied that even LeBron James seems to be tiring. Other teams have had similar issues with the Warriors in these playoffs, and none came up with a remedy. But there’s one thing Cleveland can do that may be a start: Hit the open shots.The Cavs are missing the gimmies. They’re generating 14 “open” 3-point shots1Meaning the nearest defender is between 4 and 6 feet away. per game and hitting just 32 percent of them. When they get “wide open” 3s,2Nearest defender more than 6 feet away. they’re even worse, shooting 22 percent on nine attempts per game. Both percentages have fallen off steeply from the Cavs’ playoff numbers on these shots before this series (42 percent and 49 percent, respectively, on a similar number of attempts per game) and from their less spectacular but still very good regular-season figures (37 percent and 42 percent). In a series in which every missed Cavaliers shot seems to bring the end of the season one possession nearer, and in which long rebounds from missed jump shots summon the deadly Golden State fast break into existence, these are shots the Cavs really can’t afford to miss.But it’s not as though these percentages are being pulled out of a random-number generator. The shots may be designated as “open,” but in context against the Warriors, they take on a far different meaning. Other teams aren’t as capable of relentlessly attacking Kevin Love on pick-and-rolls, robbing him of the energy he brings at the beginnings of quarters. Other teams can’t field a scorer like Durant to overwhelm Smith and Iman Shumpert and force LeBron to anchor the defense in addition to the the offense. And other teams can’t chase the Cavs over off-ball flare screens so easily, forcing extra passes instead of in-rhythm shots. Simply put, other teams can’t run the Cavs so ragged, and ragged legs miss jumpers.VIDEO: How the Cavs can push back in Game 3 read more

Mens Hockey No 5 Ohio State returns to the road against Minnesota

Ohio State Senior Dakota Joshua (8) and freshman Gustaf Westlund (29) catch their breath at the Men’s Hockey game on Nov 16. Ohio State won to Wisconsin 4-0. Credit: Chris Gaerke | For The LanternAfter winning three of four games in a long November homestand, Ohio State (9-4-1, 4-2 Big Ten) will return to the road against the Minnesota Gophers (4-6-1, 2-2 Big Ten) to close out the first half of the season.Though it’s a normal road game for most of the Ohio State men’s hockey team, multiple members hail from Minnesota, including head coach Steve Rohlik, senior forward John Wiitala and redshirt junior forwards Miguel Fidler and Wyatt Ege.“I’m excited. That’s a team that I’ve looked up to my entire life,” Ege said. “Growing up, it was the Gophers. There was no [Minnesota] Wild. That was the team I wanted to play for. It’ll be fun to go back there and play, definitely, in front of some family and friends.”The Buckeyes’ main concern will be scoring on the stout Gopher defense. Minnesota has allowed only 30 goals all season, two more than Ohio State, which ranks No. 6 in goals against, forcing the Buckeyes to improve its puck handling and turnovers that hurt its shot creation against Penn State last weekend.Ohio State has played 14 games to Minnesota’s 11.“They like to get their [defense] involved, so we’re going to have to be really good away from the puck and we’re going to have to manage the puck too,” sophomore forward Austin Pooley said.Though the defense for the Gophers has excelled, the offense has struggled. Minnesota is the only team in the nation with a goal margin of zero through the first half of the season, scoring 30 goals to go along with the 30 against.One reason behind the Gophers’ stagnant offense is that it has taken only 301 shots on the season, one of the lowest marks in the nation. Minnesota hasn’t won a single game this season where it’s scored less than three goals.The Gophers have a top 20 penalty kill and power play unit, two aspects of the ice that have haunted Ohio State this season, which ranks No. 38 in the nation on both sides of its special teams.The Buckeyes went nearly a month without allowing a power play goal before allowing three against Penn State and only scoring two of their own on 10 attempts versus the Nittany Lions.“We know they’re going to be good, we know they’re going to be ready. We know they play a skill game. Obviously, there’s a few more wrinkles maybe in there, but we know they’re going to play a high-tempo skill game,” Rohlik said. “That’s what Minnesota is.”The Gophers have split its past two series between the pipes with both junior goaltender Matt Robson and senior goaltender Eric Schierhorn seeing playing time. Schierhorn has allowed nine goals and 2.21 goals per game on the season. He’s appeared in two fewer games than Robson, who has allowed 19 goals.Though Ohio State’s redshirt senior goaltender Sean Romeo struggled in his start against Penn State, allowing four goals in the loss and breaking his program-record, three-game shutout streak, it is still expected that he and sophomore goaltender Tommy Nappier will continue to split their starts. Nappier holds the No. 1 save percentage in the nation at .957.The puck will drop at 8 p.m. Friday on the road between Ohio State and Minnesota and Saturday night’s game will begin at 5 p.m. read more

Camas police arrest burglary assault suspect after manhunt

first_imgA man suspected of burglarizing a Prune Hill neighborhood home and ramming a police car was arrested Monday afternoon after an almost three-hour manhunt. A police officer suffered an injured hand as a result of the collision.The incident ended shortly after 1 p.m. when a homeowner spotted a suspicious person and called 911. Soon after, police arrested the suspect near Northwest 27th Avenue and Quartz Street with the help of a police dog.Bradley E. Jensen, 24, of Arlington, was sent to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center to be treated for dog bites, standard procedure when police dogs are deployed, said Sgt. Scot Boyles with the Camas Police Department.Jensen was later booked into the Clark County Jail on suspicion of residential burglary, robbery, two counts of third-degree assault, possession of stolen property, theft, resisting arrest and hit-and-run driving.He is expected to make an appearance in Clark County Superior Court today.Here is how the incident unfolded:A man called 911 around 10:20 a.m. after he confronted a man stealing items from his daughter’s house in the 1600 block of Northwest 27th Avenue, Boyles said. A Camas police officer arrived two minutes later and found the suspect behind the wheel of a Honda, attempting to get it started. Boyles said the suspect ignored the officer’s requests to stop, so the officer broke a window in the car and pointed a Taser at him. Another officer arrived on scene as the suspect got the car started, Boyles said.last_img read more

5 Things You Should Know About The Electoral College

first_imgMark Makela/Getty Images Share Electors from the 50 states convene in their state capitols today and cast their votes for president. Republican Donald Trump is assured of a victory, unless there is a massive — and totally unexpected — defection by the electors who are pledged to support him.Here are five things you should know about the Electoral College:1. How do you get to be an elector?The Constitution leaves it up to each state to select its electors, but “there are two main ways,” said George Edwards, a distinguished professor of political science at Texas A&M University:One is at state party conventions, when party members select a slate of electors, often party officials, almost always party insiders. That’s how Jonathan Barnett was chosen. He’s a Trump elector in Arkansas and was elected during his state party convention in August. Barnett believes that, as a former state representative and national GOP committeeman, he was chosen because of his “dedication and loyalty to the party, and history with the party as a known factor.”That last point is important, because, he said, his phone has been ringing off the hook with people opposed to Trump, calling to plead with him to vote for someone else.“Absolutely not” going to happen, he said.The alternative to being selected at a state party convention is being chosen by the party’s central committee or otherwise qualifying. Karen Packer, a Democratic elector in Oregon, was chosen automatically by virtue of her position as state party first vice chair.She said she is “very honored” to be an elector, even if in a losing cause. She said she has a certificate “suitable for framing” and signed by the Oregon secretary of state. Oregon’s seven electors will cast their ballots in the state Senate chamber in Salem.2. Are electors legally bound to vote for their party’s nominee?Some states have passed laws to prevent so-called “faithless electors” from straying from their party’s nominee. In other states, parties require electors to sign pledges of their loyalty. But Edwards isn’t sure the state laws, which have not been challenged, would hold up in court. He believes they’re unconstitutional, because, he said, “the Constitution gives electors the right to exercise discretion.”In fact, he said, the founders expected electors to act independently, as there were no political parties at the time. He notes that electors were chosen by state legislatures until the 1830s.3. Can anyone become an elector?Yes, except for federal officeholders, such as members of Congress or the executive branch. The states are required to submit “Certificate(s) of Ascertainment” listing their electors by Dec. 19 to the Office of the Federal Register, which administers the process.4. So the electors meet in their state capitols Monday and cast their ballots for president. Then what?The states then submit a Certificate of Vote to the Federal Register, listing each person who received a vote for president and for vice president. There are to be six such certificates in each state, signed by each of that state’s electors.Two of the certificates are then to be sent to Washington, with a copy to the vice president in his role as president of the Senate, and to the National archivist. (They have to be received in Washington by the president of the Senate and archivist by Dec. 28. See other key dates and processes here, from the National Archives and Records Administration.)On Jan. 6, the votes will be formally tallied before a Joint Session of Congress, and assuming someone gets a majority, or 270, electors, we’ll officially know our next president.5. This seems to be a pretty convoluted way of choosing a leader, isn’t it?Edwards certainly believes so. “It’s a bizarre way of doing things,” he said.There are efforts to change it, especially after this past election, which saw the winner of the popular vote lose the election for the second time in the past five elections. The National Popular Vote proposal would guarantee the winner of the popular vote is the winner of the presidency. It needs support from enough states to add up to 270 electoral votes. It has so far been enacted by 11 jurisdictions with 165 electoral votes.But it is unlikely to be adopted by a majority of states anytime soon.Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit read more

The new luxury off the streets

first_imgStreet food has come to occupy prominent space on the menus of various luxury boutique hotels in the national capital and seems to be favourite among travellers.From renovating menus to adding new innovative dishes on the platter, five star hotels in the capital are adding flavours from the streets of Delhi among traditionally-served international cuisine.Hotels which have been offering Italian, Pan-Asian to Americana and continental cuisines, have made space for exotic dishes like Aloo Chaat, Chana masala, and tandoori dishes, which are typical to the Capital. Chaat Platter is one of the hot favourite dishes in Delhi’s The Park hotel, that has captured attention with food lovers. ‘A surprising number of tourists, and corporates, who do not have time to eat chaat outside on the streets of Delhi like to try the flavour here,’ says Abhishek Basu, the Executive Chef at The Park Hotel. Tandoori Kebab platter, Vegetarian Kebab platter and chicken tikka are among the other items on the menus that the restaurants has to offer. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’‘From Delhi Chaat platter to tandoori tikka, we have a wide range of Delhi street food to offer to the food lovers among the newly introduced international cuisine,’ says Basu. Five star hotels like Taj Mansingh and The Imperial have successfully included tandoori delicacies among Malaysian, Thai, South Indian, Sea Food, and Japanese cuisines.Culinary cooking sensation Vikas Khanna, a better known face from Masterchef, however believes that whereas street food inspires his cooking style, it is beyond his capacity to reproduce the taste that is served on the streets. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix‘One cannot do better street food than the people who serve on the streets. To be really honest, I can’t do it,’ Khanna said.‘I can’t re-create the same ‘golgappa paani’ in my kitchen. That particular ‘paani’ has its own texture and flavour which is hard to get in a room similar to an operation theatre (the restaurant kitchens),’ Khanna says.On the contrary, hotels promise the same taste acquired from the streets and they ‘try to keep the rustic flavour intact in their dishes.’ Not only from Delhi, but street-borne dishes countries like Italy, Japan and Indonesia are also gaining prominence in the restaurants.last_img read more

4 Tools That Take the Pain Out of Managing Payroll

first_imgAugust 6, 2013 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Employees love payday but, for the small-business owner, managing payroll can be a chore. Taxes, benefits, overtime, vacation days — even if you only have a few employees the process can take hours.Need a short cut? Here are four tools and apps that can help make payday a breeze:1. RUN Powered by ADPIf you’re a RUN Powered by ADP client for your payroll processing needs, you can download and use the mobile app for free. With it you can pay employees and contractors, calculate taxes and deductions, enter vacation and sick time and see your payroll totals at a glance. Employees can also use the mobile website to check their own paystubs.RUN is available for iOS and Android.2. SurePayroll Mobile PayrollBusiness owners who use the SurePayroll processing service can download the SurePayroll Mobile Payroll app for iOS and Android. The app has the same features as RUN from ADP but SurePayroll, a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex, says theirs has a one-click payroll option that makes payday even easier.It also offers SurePayroll Mobile Paycheck, an employee companion app that allows your workers to view their paycheck details and keep track of available vacation time and sick leave.Only clients of SurePayroll can access the SurePayroll Mobile Payroll app. Paychex clients have access to a separate app with similar features, the Paychex Mobile app.Related: Easy Tools for Cleaning Up Your Email Inbox3. ZenefitsFor companies, with a lot of employee turnover, Zenefits is a paperwork life saver. The company’s roots are in health benefits. It negotiates insurance packages for businesses and handles all of the applications including the paperwork associated with new hires and terminations.Earlier this year, the company expanded its service to include all of the paperwork involved in hiring — from the offer letter to the contract, to collecting all of the personal information HR needs. All the employer has to do is fill in five boxes of information online and Zenefits does the rest.The charge for this time-saving service? Zero dollars. They’re licensed insurance brokers so they receive a commission from the insurance company on every employee and not a dime from you.4. Snap PayrollIf you’re a small company and you still write payroll checks by hand, check out Snap Payroll from Intuit.Load employee names and their hourly wage at the start. Then, each week, all you have to do is enter the hours worked and Snap Payroll figures out rest. The app automatically updates tax rates for 47 states but it does not handle healthcare or retirement deductions.It’s a basic tool that’s just right for the small-business owner with a few, part-time employees. Best of all, it’s free for iOS.Related: Free Apps to Help You Network Like a Pro Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. 3 min read Register Now »last_img read more

Latest list of where potholes have been fixed in NewcastleunderLyme

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailPotholes are a perennial problem for many motorists – and Staffordshire County Council’s repair teams were left with 10,000 to tackle after a long winter. Each week the county council publishes a list of streets where road defects have been dealt with in recent days. If you see a pothole on your travels it can be reported online at the county council’s website, . Here are the Newcastle Borough roads where repairs have been carried out according to the county council’s June 18 carriageway repair list. Read MoreTHREE weeks of roadworks have started on this pothole-riddled Stoke-on-Trent road Ashley – Park Lane Betley – Back Lane Kidsgrove – Monument Road Onneley – Back Lane; School Lane and Station Road Newcastle – Beresford Crescent; Church Lane; Deans Lane; Gordon Street; High Street; Hill Street; Jason Street; Lancaster Road; Marsh Avenue; Nelson Street; North Street; Oldcastle Avenue; Peake Street; Priory Road; Somerville Avenue; Southlands Avenue and The Avenue Madeley – Izaac Walton Way and Moss Lane Madeley Park – Manor Road and Radswoodlast_img read more

Rep Barrett meets with local veteran to discuss service dogs

first_img Categories: Barrett News,News Marine shares experiences with lawmaker State Rep. Tom Barrett recently met with a U.S. Marine combat veteran to discuss upcoming legislation to regulate service dogs that are used by former service members.Rep. Barrett, R-Potterville, spent time with Jerome “Smitty” Smith of Bellevue, a Marine veteran who was deployed to Iraq three times from 2003 to 2006. Smith and the lawmaker discussed the issues veterans face when requesting and obtaining a properly trained service dog.“I am working on legislation with Sen. Dave Knezek to make sure that the veterans who utilize service dogs have animals that have been properly trained and are readily accepted by businesses and airlines as service animals,” said Rep. Barrett, an Army veteran  of the Iraq War himself and who currently serves in the National Guard. “We want to set standards so veterans can be assured that their canine companions are legitimately trained by professionals while also reassuring the business community that service dogs entering their doors are trained to handle the diverse environments in which they must operate.”Rep. Barrett said Smith obtained his dog, JoJo, from a woman who operates a legitimate non-profit organization to train dogs for veterans. She also runs a for-profit training program for rescue dogs, drug dogs and cadaver dogs.“There is such a high demand for trained service dogs for veterans that there is a one-year waiting list on average,” Rep. Barrett said. “That opens the opportunity for someone to put an untrained animal with a veteran, which causes many problems. Our legislation will address these issues.”Barrett said he and Knezek, D-Dearborn Heights – both veterans of the Iraq War – hope to have the legislation ready for introduction in the next few weeks.#####center_img 10Mar Rep. Barrett meets with local veteran to discuss service dogslast_img read more

Rep García bill to expand emergency loan limits for schools approved by

first_img23Apr Rep. García bill to expand emergency loan limits for schools approved by House Categories: Garcia News Multi-bill package establishes early warning program to better aid distressed schoolsSchool districts could more swiftly obtain the funds needed to overcome debilitating financial challenges under Rep. Daniela García’s House Bill 4332, which removes emergency loan limits. It is part of a bill package that establishes an early warning program to help schools in financial distress approved by the Michigan House today.“We want to help our communities before it’s too late,” said Rep. García, R-Holland. “Working with schools early on to identify budget issues and create deficit elimination plans will preempt unmanageable situations that leave our students without the opportunities they deserve.”The eight-bill package combines financial reporting, deficit elimination guidelines and emergency loan options to establish an early warning system, for public schools, with Department of Treasury oversight.“The goal of this package of bills is to address systemic challenges faced by local school districts with persistent financial concerns,” Rep. García said. “School districts that are in this position need to recognize that significant changes must be made in order to better serve the students and families in Michigan.”García’s bill accompanies HB 4331, which amends the Emergency Municipal Loan Act to increase the amount of loans and revise eligibility criteria for those schools and non-school municipalities in need. HBs 4325-4330 help schools identify budget issues sooner rather than later with the help of financial experts.“Treasury will have the role of assessing the finances of schools and providing the tools to revive them,” Rep. García said. “Keeping these experts close at hand will help them determine which path to recovery will best suit each community.”The entire early warning package will be considered further in the Senate.last_img read more

CBS Corporation has bought the remaining 50 of TV

first_imgCBS Corporation has bought the remaining 50% of TV Guide Digital that it didn’t already own from Lionsgate – in a deal that includes the and TV Guide Mobile properties.The assets will become part of CBS Interactive’s technology, games and lifestyle group, which also operates social media TV site, as well as sites like CNET, GameSpot, and Metacritic.“TV Guide is one of the most-enduring and iconic brands in the world of television and video, and we’re proud to welcome TV Guide Digital to the CBS Interactive family,” said CBS Interactive president Jim Lanzone.The firm added that together,, TV Guide Mobile and “will give fans the most-comprehensive information about the programming they love.”TV Guide Digital offers TV listings, as well as an entertainment discovery feature called watchlist. The site claims to attract 16.5 million monthly unique visitors, while TV Guide’s mobile apps have been downloaded more than 9 million times and attract more than 2.5 million average monthly visitors.Under the deal, which was agreed for undisclosed terms, US cable network TVGN will continue to run as joint venture Between CBS corporation and Lionsgate.last_img read more