Beach Handball EURO 2011 started in Croatia

European Championship in Beach Handball in Umag – Croatia, officialy started at Monday. Schedule overviewMonday 04 July 2011: Opening Ceremony, Preliminary Round MatchesTuesday 05 July 2011: Preliminary Round MatchesWednesday 06 July 2011: Preliminary Round MatchesThursday 07 July 2011: Main Round Matches, Consolation Round MatchesFriday 08 July 2011: Main Round Matches, Consolation Round MatchesSaturday 09 July 2011: Placement Matches, Finals, Awarding Ceremony, Closing PartyGroup Distribution2011 Women’s European Beach Handball ChampionshipGroup AITACROESPSUIPOLMKDSRBGroup BNORUKRHUNDENTURCYPGRE2011 Men’s European Beach Handball ChampionshipGroup ARUSNORTURSRBGREGroup BCROESPPOLSWECYPGroup CHUNDENUKRSUIMKDRESULTS ← Previous Story Brasilian girls the best in Pan America Next Story → Davor Dominikovic in US Ivry Beach handball read more

SEHA Gazprom Final 4 – The best regional sports event in 2016

The final tournament of the SEHA Gazprom League, Final 4 received on Wednesday, 8th of February at the RSVP Festival, the award for the best regional sports event in 2016. SEHA Gazprom League Final 4 took the first place among some of the best sports event such as Porec Major or Tour of Croatia. RSVP Festival gathers experts from the event industry from the region and the Croatian Ministry of Tourism sponsors it.The 2016 edition of SEHA Gazprom League Final 4 took place in Varazdin Arena with more than 20 thousand spectators, which attended both semi-final matches as well as the bronze medal match and the final match. More than 160 journalists were applied for the event, which was held from 1st to 3rd April.Source: SEHA GAZPROM league seha gazprom league ← Previous Story VIDEO: What a goal – 30 meters bomb! Next Story → English handball with strong Goverment support! read more

No point flying to Perpignan if Munster cant win at Thomond Penney

first_imgWhat will give the Munster squad a little added confidence of achieving that dual target is the knowledge that, since that mauling in Murrayfield, they have bounced back. Not only were Gloucester dealt with the following week, but all five games presented to them have ended in victory, leaving Penney’s side as league leaders in the Pro12.A look closer to satisfaction crosses Penney’s face as the streak is mentioned, but quickly points out that further improvements must be made.“We’d be first to criticise our own performances at a time when we’re not playing that well, but we’re getting results.Destiny“It by no means masks the frailties in our game. We’re working hard to rectify those and be more competent in every area of the game. It’s taken time, but there’s a bit of resolve and fortitude being shown from the guys who hadn’t had a lot of experience last year.”Collective and individual improvement is all the head coach is calling for. From here on in, ‘could have been better’ won’t cut it. No wonder, then, that Penney would offer important counterweights either side of his neutralist assessment in the season so far:“We’re masters of our own destiny.”“We’re still in the hunt.”Painful defeats parked as O’Mahony gears up for make or break week MUNSTER COACH ROB Penney pretty much summed up his season so far with one clipped sentence.“It could have been better, it could have been worse.”If Munster are to be judged on their Heineken Cup displays, then he’s spot on. Going into week three Munster are a 50% team: one win, one loss. Fortunately, their three rivals in Pool six are in the same boat and a losing bonus point has landed the province in second place.The problem for Penney and his squad is where that losing bonus point came from. In pre-season he might just have taken off his one-game-at-a-time hat and considered taking at least eight points into this weekend’s round three meeting with Perpignan at Thomond Park. Instead, he was left with five, and under fire for publicly criticising his players in public after a dismal opening day display in Edinburgh.The coming 10 days could shape his second season in Ireland. With his two-year contract ticking down, every Heineken Cup game is now do or die.“We’ve got to do the job at home, otherwise there is no point in jumping on the plane to Perpignan.” Penney said in Limerick yesterday.“Sunday at Thomond Park we hope will bring a great performance, and hopefully on the back of that, a great result.”last_img read more

Castleknock killing was over a game of chess

first_imgA MAN IN his 30s was killed after a disagreement over the movement of a chess piece, gardaí believe.A 34-year-old man is being held in Blanchardstown in connection with the killing, which occured at around 2am this morning.Garda sources say that the pair were playing chess when one of the men attempted to move his king. That led to a dispute over the movement of the piece. The victim was then bludgeoned with a dumbell, before being stabbed.It is believed that the man then called gardaí himself and waited to be arrested, before giving a statement to gardaí.A full examination of the scene is underway and the Office of the State Pathologist has been informed.The man arrested is currently being held at Blanchardstown Garda Station under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.Read: Man arrested in relation to the death of man in Castleknock overnightlast_img read more

Bono is having dinner with the Taoiseach and Finance Minister tonight

first_imgHaving international stars like Bono around to promote Ireland as a location for investment helps us greatly.He added that IDA Ireland is using the summit to target companies who have not already invested in Ireland, and to remind those who have of the benefits.They will also hold a number of investor meetings with the aim of attracting more companies into the country.Thousands of business executives, political leaders, and academics are attending the conference in Switzerland, and continues until the 25th of this month.Read: Enda Kenny and 6 other Irish people are attending the World Economic Forum >More: Facebook boss Sheryl Sandberg is now one of the world’s youngest billionaires > AS PART OF continuing efforts to attract further investment into Ireland, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for Finance Michael Noonan will be dining with 25 company executives this evening in Davos — oh, and Bono is popping in as well to help woo the investors.The U2 frontman will be paying a visit to the World Economic Forum, and is expected to make a speech this evening at the dinner, hosted by IDA Ireland.CEO Barry O’Leary welcomed this year’s guest, saying that “selling Ireland is a team effort”.last_img read more

Chubby Checker sues HP over penismeasuring app

first_imgA LAWYER ACTING for Chubby Checker – the musical legend behind “The Twist” – has announced a lawsuit against tech-giant Hewlett-Packard for using the singer’s name for a penis-measuring app.In a statement this week, attorney Willie Gary said the suit named HP and its subsidiary Palm, for marketing the software application without permission.The suit filed a Florida federal court seeks $500 million in damages.According to Gary, it alleges the app “adversely affects Chubby Checker’s brand and value… and will tarnish his image that he has worked to maintain over the last 50 years.”“This lawsuit is about preserving the integrity and legacy of a man who has spent years working hard at his musical craft and has earned the position of one of the greatest musical entertainers of all time,” said Gary.“We cannot sit idly and watch as technology giants or anyone else exploits the name or likeness of an innocent person with the goal of making millions of dollars,” he added.“The defendants have marketed Chubby Checker’s name on their product to gain a profit and this just isn’t right.”The “Chubby Checker” app, which appears on websites for Palm devices, claims to allow a person to determine a man’s penis size by using his shoe size.Checker, 71, is best known for his 1960 hit “The Twist” which spawned a dance craze during the decade that followed.Let’s remember what Chubby should really be known for…Uploaded by GNRSlashLover- © AFP, 2013last_img read more

Lisa McInerney Senators frape gaffe signals that panic not reason rules social

first_imgI’M THE SECOND eldest grandchild in a large family.As such I’ve got a Facebook newsfeed inundated with the kind of things I find tiresome, but my younger relatives find gut-bustingly entertaining.Like Victor Meldrew at a Lil Wayne concert, my Facebook visits tend to be characterised by bewilderment and only occasionally restrained rage.The ‘frape’ is, of course, a near permanent feature. They’re not usually hard to spot, these would-be-wily impersonations. A sudden announcement of complete disregard for personal hygiene. An endorsement of deviant sexual practises. Something to do with farts. Even if old age hadn’t brutally done away with my sense of humour, I’d think them tedious: familiarity breeds contempt.The thing is, you don’t have to be a digital native to know what ‘fraping’ is. Hey, you don’t even have to have a Facebook account; all you have to do – if you’ve heard this confusing portmanteau and want to know what it means – is ask someone. Any teenager will be able to tell you. Or you could google it; the Urban Dictionary pops right up.The first reaction one might reasonably have on watching Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames wildly misinterpret the word ‘frape’ (and, for that matter, the word ‘rape’) is that perhaps Fidelma Healy-Eames is not a digital native, or even a digital day-tripper, and perhaps we should take her slip-up as an example of the middle-aged confusion that defines many Irish parents’ relationship with social media.That Healy-Eames got the term so wrong – and made it sound much more sinister than the practical joke it is – could be interpreted as an opportunity to educate those not yet adept at using social media, just another kink that needs to be ironed out so we can return this commotion to the mouth of The Simpsons’ Helen Lovejoy, who’s no doubt wondering who swiped her soundbites.“Ill-prepared nonsense”But that would be rather generous. Fidelma Healy-Eames isn’t simply an out-of-touch Irish Mammy confounded by technical lexicon that hints at crimes far greater than mere vulgarity. Fidelma Healy-Eames is a senator, a well-paid, well-resourced public servant who was tasked with preparing a coherent statement about cyberbullying in Ireland.The ‘frape’ mistranslation was only one gaffe in a five minute speech made up almost entirely of ill-prepared nonsense. “I heard…” she confided at one stage, “… that [sexting] is a criminal offence”. One would have thought that senators making presentations about a matter they’re telling us is of the utmost importance might have brought more to the table than vague recollections of issues of hazy portent.Making his statement on the same day of the committee hearing, and faring just as atrociously, was Eamonn Coghlan, who wondered if passport numbers, IP addresses and credit card details couldn’t be all sewn together so that people who wished to make derogatory statements online would have to pay for the privilege.What exactly were the senators’ orders here? Were they invited to address the committee only ten minutes before, plucked from the hall outside and thrust blinking into the spotlight without so much as a snappy brief on which to prop their ignorance, because surely that would be the only excuse for this kind of embarrassing performance. Such dithering speeches confirm nothing but contempt for their remit; this was an important task, and it deserved research and clarity of delivery. Instead, we got ludicrous schemes and half-remembered gossip.“Cyberbullying issue deserves thoughtful debate”This is supposed to be about the welfare of our own people, with special significance given to the welfare of kids and teenagers who are wide to social media, but not yet wide to the motivations of those using it.Cyberbullying is a problem, one most of us don’t wish to play down. It deserves thoughtful debate. The internet isn’t just a helpful tool; it’s a majorconstituent of modern life. In fact, much of the problem with bullying behaviour online can be attributed to the same ignorance as displayed by both senators: people believe that the internet is lawless, repercussion-free, and that online access equates to a licence to act with anonymity and impunity, pitching missiles at the faceless because what your conscience don’t know can’t hurt it.Much bullying behaviour is linked to this brand of immense stupidity; how many Irish fourteen-year-olds have sent death threats to tweeters who don’t share their love of petulant moppet Justin Bieber?Imposing sanctions on the use of the internet might seem like the quickest, easiest way to stop online harassment, but Canute himself would have better luck. And one would wonder if Coghlan and Healy-Eames aren’t just reacting with blind panic at the thought of this rampaging digital behemoth chewing up our children, if it wasn’t so obvious that even blind panic would constitute more effort than their recent discharge of hogwash. Is this how we’re intending to safeguard the welfare of our citizens? Lock down communication rather than tackling the desire to harm others or the inability to battle through it?“Lack of desire to engage”Is locking down communication the intent, because silencing dissent is far more pleasant to those in power than working with the plebeians to end their grousing? Is this lack of desire to engage with the issue a symptom of something far more worrying than digital naivety? Is this debate not so much about online safety as it is about buffering our political class from the bitter disappointment and anger that characterises their people?As Healy-Eames and Coghlan were entertaining the committee with their meanderings, their party colleague Senator Catherine Noone was speaking in Brussels on the topic of a responsible internet, and summed up her thoughts with the statement that “individual education and empowerment will always be a far more effective tool than centralised policing”.What a pity that this more sensible view wasn’t shared by her counterparts. What a pity that they hadn’t conferred with her beforehand, seeing as they were all focused on the same core issue. There is such a large difference between ignorance and wilful ignorance. The first can be remedied. The second points to bigger problems.Read previous columns on by Lisa McInerney >last_img read more

Aspects of Ireland job would suit family life says flattered Joe Schmidt

first_imgLEINSTER COACH JOE Schmidt today underlined his interest in becoming the next Ireland coach.On Sunday, the IRFU confirmed that they had approached Schmidt as a candidate to fill the post vacated by Declan Kidney and the Kiwi will meet with the union’s representatives either tomorrow or Thursday.Speaking ahead of Leinster’s trip to face Zebre in the Pro12 this weekend, Schmidt made no attempt to distance himself from the role.The Ireland squad, Schmidt says, “are a group that would be really challenging and exciting to take up. There are other aspects of it that would probably suit family life a little bit more than the 24/7 that I spend thinking about rugby – if not doing it and analysing it.“Whoever gets the opportunity (to coach Ireland) it will be a massive challenge and an exciting one and I think anyone would be energised by that.”Previously it has seemed that family commitments would entice the north islander home, but the approached from the IRFU has made him consider the flexibility an international coaching role would offer.Asked directly if he would take the job, Schmidt understandably replied: “That’s an impossible question to ask.”But he added: “I am flattered. I don’t see or do too much outside of rugby, so for people to consider me as worthy of a post of that nature is flattering. “At the same time, family-wise, it might fit okay because there is more flexibility. I live by this job and we’ve got a young fella who struggles a little bit with illness so it’d be a great opportunity to maybe be a little bit more flexible with my time.“The post itself is obviously an attractive one, but the flexibility around the post would also be something attractive, but the pressure of the post wouldn’t be top of my list of things that would be attractive.”The timing of his meeting with the union is yet to be finalised, but Schmidt is evidently keen to open a dialogue.“By Friday, at least I’ll have spoken to them and we’ll both be a little bit clearer on where we both stand.”France v Ireland will be the final game of next year’s 6 NationsGo Jonny, go go! Wilkinson signs on for another year with Toulonlast_img read more

Cyclist in his 80s dies after being struck by car

first_imgUpdated, 19:24A MAN IN his 80s has died following a road traffic accident in Kildare.The man was cycling along the Dublin Road in Clane when he was struck by a car at around 2pm this afternoon.He was declared dead at the scene and removed to Naas General Hospital for a post-mortem examination.The driver of the car, a man in his 20s, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink-driving but has since been released without charge.A file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.The road was closed for some time to allow forensic examinations but has since re-opened.Anyone who may have witnessed the incident is asked to contact Gardaí in Naas at (045) 884300, the Garda Confidential hotline at 1800 666 111, or any Garda station.last_img read more

Heres why you cant search for yellow duck on a Chinese website

first_imgThe ‘Tank Man’ image which has been altered to replace the tanks with large yellow ducks (Vincent Yu/AP).A POPULAR CHINESE microblogging service banned searches for “yellow duck” after users circulated a mocked-up image of a famous 1989 Tiananmen square tank protest with the military vehicles replaced by plastic ducks, results today showed.The picture, a parody of the iconic “Tank Man” photograph of a civilian staring down a long row of tanks, circulated yesterday, the 24th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests’ suppression.A large yellow duck artwork is currently on display in Hong Kong, and imitations have been put up in several mainland cities.The fake image that has been making the rounds on Weibo (Image: Sina Weibo).Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging site, blocked searches for “yellow duck”, with attempts to do so returning a message reading: “Due to relevant laws and regulations… the search result is not displayed.”Other search terms banned by the service include “1989″ and numerical formulae such as “63 + 1″, used to refer to the date of the crackdown – “6.4″ in US-style date order, which is also blocked.Discussion of the Tiananmen crackdown, in which at least several hundred people died, is strictly controlled by China’s ruling Communist party, which is wary of challenges to its authority.Reports say that Sina, the company which runs Sina Weibo, employs teams of censors to delete posts, generally exercising self-censorship rather than receiving direct instructions from the Party.- © AFP 2013.Read: Locked doors a sign of China work-safety failings>Read: No charges for mother of Chinese toilet pipe baby>last_img read more

Latest poll shows Labour support continues to fall as Sinn Féin sees

first_imgTHERE ARE MORE gains for Sinn Féin with the latest Sunday Business Post/ Red C poll showing their popularity has jumped four points to 22 per cent.While the poll shows gains for Sinn Féin, there were is a drop in support for Labour, which is down four points to 7 per cent.Election The poll found that if there was an election tomorrow, 25 per cent of voters would give their first preference vote to Fine Gael.This is the same outcome as the last poll.Fianna Fáil have also seen a drop of four points, with support at 18 per cent. Support for Independents is up to 28 percent, an increase of three points.Read: A TD used a Dáil question to ask if a water meter protester would have their dole cut>Read: The government wants to sort out its Seanad problem before the summer holidays>last_img read more

FBI investigating how vials of contagious smallpox were left in lab

first_imgFEDERAL INVESTIGATORS ARE probing how vials of smallpox made their way into a storage room at a Food and Drug Administration lab near the US capital.Smallpox is a highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease that is estimated to have killed some 300 million people in the 20th century alone.Vials found in boxThough there is no treatment for smallpox, it has been eradicated after a worldwide vaccination program. The last US case was in 1949; the last global case was in 1977 in Somalia.The vials were labeled “variola,” another name for smallpox, and appear to date from the 1950s, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.They were found in an unused portion of a storeroom in an FDA laboratory, located on the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland.There is no evidence that the vials had been opened, and “onsite biosafety personnel have not identified any infectious exposure risk to lab workers or the public,” the CDC said.The vials have been moved to a high-security lab at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.Initial tests came back positive for smallpox, and further testing will be done to determine if it is viable, or able to grow in tissue culture.“This testing could take up to two weeks. After completion of this testing, the samples will be destroyed,” the CDC said.Will be destroyed“If viable smallpox is present, the World Health Organisation will be invited to witness the destruction of these smallpox materials, as has been the precedent for other cases where smallpox samples have been found outside of the two official repositories.”According to international agreements, only two places in the world are authorised to keep samples of smallpox: the CDC in Atlanta and the State Research Centre of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR) in Novosibirsk, Russia.Global stockpiles of smallpox still exist so that researchers can study them for vaccines and potential drug treatments in case another outbreak were to occur.The CDC has warned of “heightened concern that the variola virus might be used as an agent of bioterrorism,” particularly in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.In its statement today, the CDC said it was notified by the NIH of the discovery on July 1, when workers were preparing to move the FDA lab from the NIH to the FDA’s main campus.The CDC Division of Select Agents and Toxins (DSAT) and the FBI are investigating how the vials got there.A White House official said that officials in the administration, including in the National Security Council, had been briefed on the incident.Discovery of the smallpox vials came just weeks after the CDC in Atlanta announced that 80 or more workers may have been accidentally exposed to anthrax.- © AFP, 2014Read: Forgotten smallpox vials discovered in US research centre>last_img read more

UN Ireland must take action to decriminalise abortion

first_img(b) Swiftly adopt the Guidance Document to clarify what constitutes a “real and substantive risk” to the life of the pregnant woman; and AbortionThe Committee reiterates its earlier criticisms of the “highly restrictive” circumstances in which a woman can lawfully have an abortion in Ireland.Last year’s Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, introduced in the wake of the controversy surrounding the death of Savita Halappanavar, also comes in for particular focus.The panel says it has particular concern over: (v) The strict restrictions on the channels via which information on crisis pregnancy options may be provided to women and the imposition of criminal sanctions on healthcare providers who refer women to abortion services outside the State party under the Regulation of Information (Services outside the state for the Termination of Pregnancies) Act of 1995. (vi) The severe mental suffering caused by the denial of abortion services to women seeking abortions due to rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormality or serious risks to health. The State party should proceed with the timely adoption of the General Scheme of the Garda Síochána (Amendment) Bill 2014 to strengthen the independence and effectiveness of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission. (c) Consider making more information on crisis pregnancy options available through a variety of channels, and ensure that healthcare providers who provide information on safe abortion services abroad are not subject to criminal sanctions. (ii) The lack of legal and procedural clarity concerning what constitutes “real and substantive risk” to the life, as opposed to the health, of the pregnant women. Symphysiotomy The Committee also criticises the slow pace in modifying the use of language in the Constitution, regarding “the role of women in the home“.And it says that despite the adoption of the Electoral (Amendment) Political Funding Act 2012, which encourages political parties to establish a quota for female candidates, “women continue to be underrepresented in both public and private sectors, particularly in decision-making positions”.Policing and prisonsGSOC — the Garda watchdog body — also comes in for criticism in today’s list of observations.The Committee expresses concern at the ability of the body ”to function independently and effectively, including the requirement of an approval from the Minister of Justice to examine police practices, policies and procedures, and the length of time taken to complete investigations due to lack of cooperation” by gardaí.And it recommends The State party should take further legislative as well as policy measures to ensure that all women, particularly women from vulnerable and marginalized groups, have equal access to protection against perpetrators of violence.It should also establish a systematic data collection system to inform current and future policies and priorities, and provide, in its next periodic report, disaggregated statistics on complaints, prosecutions and sentences regarding violence against women. IRELAND’S LAWS IN the area of abortion have come in for severe criticism in the latest observations from the UN Human Rights Committee.The international body has today released a hard-hitting, eight-page document of “concluding observations” which also criticise Ireland’s handling of the symphysiotomy controversy and lack of progress investigating the institutional abuse of women and children in mother-and-baby homes.It follows Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald’s appearance in Geneva to defend Ireland’s human rights record earlier this month. The recommendations were welcomed by support group TFMR which said:The time for change in this area is well beyond overdue. TFMR Ireland continue to be contacted weekly by distraught women who find themselves in this horrendous and heart-breaking situation. (iv) The discriminatory impact of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act on women who are unable to travel abroad to seek abortions. The government is acutely aware of the issue, and of its impact on women and their families, and it is their job as legislators to resolve this barrier to services which women urgently require. (a) Revise its legislation on abortion, including its Constitution, to provide for additional exceptions in cases of rape, incest, serious risks to the health of the mother, or fatal foetal abnormality. And it says the State should: Source: PA Wire/Press Association ImagesThe panel also expresses concern over “the lack of prompt, independent, thorough and effective investigations into all allegations of abuse, mistreatment or neglect of women and children in the Magdalene Laundries, children’s institutions, and mother-and-baby homes”.It particularly highlights the failure to identify all of the the perpetrators of abuse, the low number of prosecutions and “the failure to provide full and effective remedies to victims”.It recommends:The State party should conduct prompt, independent and thorough investigation into all allegations of abuse in Magdalene Laundries, children’s institutions and mother and baby homes, prosecute and punish the perpetrators with penalties commensurate with the gravity of the offence, and ensure that all victims obtain an effective remedy, including appropriate compensation, restitution, rehabilitation and measures of satisfaction.Violence against womenDomestic and sexual abuse of women remains a “serious problem” in Ireland, according to the Committee.It says there are are a number of “administrative and financial obstacles” for marginalised women in particular to access support services, particularly “women whose immigration status is dependent on her spouse or partner”.The recommendations: (i) The criminalisation of abortion under section 22 of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, including in cases of rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormality and serious risks to the health of the mother, which may lead to up to 14 years of imprisonment, except in cases that constitutes a “real and substantive risk” to the life of a pregnant women. Source: Sinead O’Carroll/Twitter Regarding the Prison Service, the panel says that while it welcomes measures taken to improve conditions of detention, it remains concerned over lack of in-cell sanitation and the lack of segregation between convicted criminals and people who are remanded in custody in advance of a trial.According to the Committee:The State party should step up its efforts to improve the living conditions and treatment of detainees and address overcrowding and the practice of “slopping out” as a matter of urgency in line with the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (U.N. Doc. E/5988 (1977)). It should establish a concrete timeline for the achievement of complete separation of remand and sentenced prisoners, juvenile and adult prisoners and detained immigrants and sentenced prisoners. It should also implement the new complaints model for all categories of complaints without further delay and ensure its independent functioning.Additionally, the Committee expresses concern at “the number of persons being imprisoned for failure to pay fines”.Travellers and the Roma communityLast year’s removal of two Roma children from their families in Dublin and Athlone comes in for particular criticism from the UN committee.While it also points to “the lack of progress in implementing its previous recommendations to recognize Travellers as an ethnic minority”.Its recommendations in the area:The State party should take concrete steps to recognise Travellers as an ethnic minority group, and amend the Housing Act of 2002 to meet the specific accommodation requirements of Traveller families.In light of the abolishment of the National Action Plan Against Racism, the State party should adopt an effective policy and action plan, developed in consultation with Traveller and Roma communities, to redress situations of inequality.You can find the full list of observations made by the committee here.Ireland at the UN: We have ‘no solution’ for women who can’t afford to travel for an abortionUN told symphysiotomy patients were ‘operated upon wide awake and often screaming’ UN tells Ireland to allow symphysiotomy survivors take legal challenges against sums offered under ex-gratia scheme— Sinead O’Carroll (@SineadOCarroll) July 24, 2014 Ireland should open a “prompt, independent and thorough investigation” into cases of symphysiotomy, the panel recommended.The Committee said it was concerned at the State’s failure to initiate a comprehensive probe into the matter.And it said Ireland should also identify, prosecute and punish – where still possible – the perpetrators for performing a symphysiotomy without a patient’s consent.Read: More detail on the UN’s recommendations regarding symphysiotomy >Institutional Abuse (iii) The requirement of an excessive degree of scrutiny by medical professionals for pregnant and suicidal women leading to further mental distress It should also ensure that the proposed establishment of the Garda Síochána Authority does not encroach upon or undermine the work of GSOC, but rather complement and support it. There is absolutely no excuse to continue to compound the suffering of a woman facing the loss of a much wanted baby.last_img read more

Meteor mobile customer Be aware of this text scam

first_imgWe have been made aware of text messages advising that “someone has sent special flowers to you” and encouraging MyMeteor customers to follow a link, using your MyMeteor to login to receive them. The link included in the text message is and is not an official MyMeteor site. Please be careful with any suspicious texts and offers, and never provide any account details on sites you do not trust. The number begins with 085 and the link within it is – the real link for the Meteor online account site is said: METEOR CUSTOMERS ARE being warned about a text scam that re-directs people to a different commercial website.The issue was brought to light by a top user on the Meteor forum, who calls himself JimmyIreland.On his blog, he explained that the scam text involves a redirect to the Meteor Mobile site, which in turn redirects you to an online flower store.The scam begins when you get a text saying you have been sent flowers, with a link for you to click on.center_img Have you received this text?Read: Is getting phone insurance even worth it?>last_img read more

Levis Debits Reduced Water Jeans

first_imgDid you know that the process that gives jeans their nice blue look utilizes a great deal of water? Well, obviously the people at Levi’s do, so they’ve decided to make a change by introducing the new WaterAccording to the company, the traditional route of “finishing” jeans involves washing and drying them numerous times. This process can use anywhere up to 42 liters of water per pair. The new process will reduce this water usage by between 28 and 96 percent, saving an estimated 16 million liters of water per year.AdChoices广告“We challenged ourselves to operate at the intersection of style and sustainability. These Water Less jeans have great styles and finishes, but are made with a lot less water,” Erik Joule, Levi’s Senior VP of Merchandising and Design, said. “We’re excited about the results we’ve achieved so far, and we know we can make an even bigger impact by applying this innovative thinking to other aspects of our production process.”The Water Less jeans will be making their debut this Fall.Via Inhabitatlast_img read more

Batman Arkham City will not feature multiplayer

first_imgIf you’ve been eagerly anticipating Rocksteady’s upcoming sequel to 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum because you hope to multiplay Robin the Boy Wonder alongside your friend’s Batman, prepare to be disappointed.Rockstar has just confirmed that Batman: Arkham City won’t have multiplayer or co-operative play, contrary to rumors.Why? It’s all about making sure the single player game is as excellent as it can be.“There have been a number of rumours circulating about a multiplayer mode in Batman: Arkham City so let me start by saying, once and for all, that Batman: Arkham City is a ‘single-player only’ experience,” he told IGN.“Our thought process behind this was fairly simple: when we investigated adding multiplayer we asked, ‘If we use all of the energy that is required to create multiplayer and instead focus this on the single player, would that deliver a better overall game?’“With the game now coming to the final stages, I can honestly say it would not have been possible to deliver Arkham City the way we wanted to if we’d have added multiplayer.“So it might not be the fashionable choice, it might not get us an extra tick on the box, but we are convinced, and we hope that gamers will agree when they get to play the finished game, that we have made the right decision.”That’s fair enough. While multiplayer would not go afoul, it’s pretty clear that Rocksteady’s game design is strongly single-player focused. Perhaps Arkham Asylum 3 can finally bring multiplayer into the mix, but for right now, we’ll all just have to wait to play Nightwing or Azrael.Read more at IGNlast_img read more

Make Windows 7 look like Mac OS X 107 Lion

first_imgSo you’re perfectly happy with the way Windows 7 functions, but you’re finding the trademark Apple soft, gray sexiness from OS X 10.7 Lion irresistible? Fear not, oh yeah of multi-OS affinities! A new transformation pack makes skinning Windows 7 to like OS X Lion an absolute breeze. You’ll find it over at DeviantArt from user hameddanger. Before you get started, make sure to create a System Restore point just in case anything should go wrong during the installation process. The theme pack will patch certain system files, so there’s always a chance something could go awry — but it worked just fine on both my Windows 7 systems, on running 32-bit and one 64-bit.This particular theme is neatly packaged as a no-fuss installer. Just download, double-click, and keep clicking next until you reach the end of the process. After a reboot several new apps will appear in your system tray, each one imparting a bit of the Lion look and feel — including Leftsider to move the maximize/minimize/restore buttons, UberIcon to add the bounce effect to your desktop icons, RocketDock, and Y’s Shadow.AdChoices广告The finished look is very nice, though it’s not without glitches. The top portion of a Firefox 4+ window, for example, looks a bit odd with no borders. Another irk is that drop shadows behind application windows are blurred by Windows 7’s Aero Glass functionality. Disabling transparency in your personalization won’t really help — you’ll be left with non-transparent shadows which look even less attractive. I’d also like to see an Expose impersonator added to the pack, like dexpose2 (though it’s certainly easy enough to download and install separately) to complete the look.More at Into Windowslast_img read more

NFC Technology Gets Angry With Rovios Birds

first_imgAngry Birds developer Rovio, along with Nokia, have created an intriguing new application for NFC technology.NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, lets users hover their mobile phone or other device over a compatible receiver to access content or complete a transaction. It’s been used for years with keycard door access and contactless credit card machines.Where this is making the most headway right now is with mobile payments – in the near future, you’ll be able to place your phone over a credit card terminal to pay for a purchase without ever taking out your wallet.However, a new game called Angry Birds Magic, available from Nokia, takes NFC into the social world. When two users swipe their phones next to each other, they unlock new levels in the game.We expect NFC to become one of the defining features of the smartphone market later this year and into 2012.Via Gotta Be MobileMark Raby, Bloggerlast_img read more